Mirror iPhone To Firestick

For Free


Method1 To Screen Mirror iPhone to Firestick or Fire TV


1. On the home screen, you can notice a magnifying glass located on the top left corner; tap on it. 2. Type in APower Mirror in the search bar and click on the icon once displayed. 3. Now press the OK button on your remote control to download it. 4. Once the downloading completes, it’ll automatically install the app.

Method2:  To Screen Mirror iPhone to Firestick Using Video 


1. Open Amazon Store on your Firestick, search for Video & TV Cast Fire TV, and hit the search button. 2. Once the result displays, click on the “Download” button. 3. It may take a few seconds to install; once the installing steps are complete, you can notice the app has been added in the app section of the Firestick Home.

Bonus Tip

The story of Mirror iPhone to Firestick or FireTV doesn’t just end in video playing, but you can do more than that with this process. If you want to cast any wedding photos or videos, this app also allows you to do so...