How To Cancel Twitch Prime Subscription


Subscribed a lot of premium services, but hardly use them? It is time to cancel them to save you some bucks at the end of the month. The video games market is growing rapidly and gamers love to stream on various streaming platforms, and Twitch is one of them. If you have taken Twitch Prime Subscription and for some reason are searching for How To Cancel Twitch Prime Subscription, then in this article, you’ll get all your queries solved. 

This article is mainly related to the Twitch Prime part, Twitch pros, and cons, Twitch alternatives.

You’ll get complete information about How To Cancel Twitch Prime Subscription and a 30-days free trial subscription. 

I’ve good news for iPhone users.

Note: iPhone users don’t need to worry about canceling the twitch subscription they will have to renew after the subscription expires, hence if you’re an iPhone customer nothing to worry about, just have coffee and sit relax. 

But if you’ve subscribed to Twitch using your Android phone, then you will need to access the same device you have subscribed to. 

Fortunately, all the canceling procedures are quite immensely easy and fairly straightforward. simply visit the channels you subscribed to, and you can see a “Subscribe” button, simply tap on it to How To Cancel Twitch subscription.

I believe the basics are clear for you, isn’t it?

Okay, let’s move to the main topic and find the steps that you need to apply for How To Cancel Twitch Subscription.

Cancel Unnecessary Subscription To Save You Some Bucks At The End Of The Month

How To Cancel Twitch Prime Subscription

About Twitch

Twitch Prime is a kind of platform that enables you for video game streaming features. Twitch is a part of Amazon Prime, but it isn’t necessary that you’ve to be a part of Amazon Prime. 

You can opt for it directly through Amazon, or Twitch. Currently, Twitch has more than 2.9 million viewers, and 9.5 million active streamers, who are using their platform for streaming. 

Twitch made it easy for the gamers to stream their game in front of the world effortlessly, or users can watch gamer’s gameplay on this platform. 

Not only this, users can interact with their favorite players in real-time, cheer them on. Twitch prime subscription enables you to support your favorite gamer on the internet, and this is the only way to show your love and support. 

Twitch prime subscription costs you $4.99, and at some point in your life if you think that paying $4.99 is burning your bank balance, therefore if you want to pull your support from that person, or for various reasons. 

This detailed post will cover up everything related to the canceled twitch prime subscription, so consider staying tuned at the end.

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How To Cancel Twitch Prime Subscription:

There are multiple ways available to Cancel Twitch Prime Subscription, don’t worry, I’ll cover every possible method below. You can follow the methods that suit your requirements. 

Way to Cancel Twitch Prime from Amazon:

You can cancel Twitch Subscription from your amazon account, and this is one of the easiest methods for the same. Follow the given steps below.

  • Begin with logging into your “Amazon Account” with your credentials.
  • Now navigate to the “Settings” and find “Manage Prime Membership”
  • Here you can see your subscribed prime membership. 
  • Choose “Twitch to Cancel Twitch Prime Subscription”
  • Once you follow the above steps, you can cancel your twitch prime subscription. 

Way to Cancel Twitch Prime Subscription from Website/App

If you’re one of those who operate the account on an Android device, website, or any other source. Follow the below-given guide for that. 

  • To start with, login into your Twitch account, on the app, or website. 
  • Search for the “Subscription Management Page” on your profile’s home page. 
  • On the top right corner, you can see a “Gear” icon, tap on it. 
  • Under this “Gear” icon choose “Do Not Renew Subscription”
  • It may ask you to confirm your action, tap on the “confirm button”
  • And, Boom !!! you are done with it.

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Way To Cancel Twitch Prime 30 Days Free Trial?

If you’re using the Twitch free 30 days trial and have not changed for the services, then you have the option to cancel the free trial. Following steps can be applied to cancel your twitch free trial account, and these steps can be performed in the mobile app as well. 

  • First of all, log in to your Amazon account with your login details. 
  • On the top side, you can see “Main Menu” tap on it and choose “Account” from the display list. 
  • Now select “Twitch Account Settings” from the drop-down.
  • Hit on the “Manage Prime Membership”.
  • Here you can see all your prime services, choose the “Twitch” and click on “End Trial and benefits”
  • Now, here it will ask you again to continue, click on “Do Not Continue”
  • Once you’re done with the above steps, it’s time to follow on-screen instructions to complete the cancel twitch prime subscription.
  • Yoohoo !!! You’ve successfully canceled your twitch subscription.

Way To Cancel Twitch Prime Subscription To Streamer:

The best thing about Twitch Prime Subscription is, it expires every month, and you have to renew if you wish. In case, if you are a streamer on twitch or just want to support your favorite gamer then re-subscribe it.

During a certain period, you have the option to delete it, if you wish to. So if you are looking forward to canceling your twitch prime subscription then apply the given instructions below.

  • Login to your amazon account using ID & Password. 
  • The right bottom corner finds “accounts and lists” and tap on it. 
  • Under “Account and List” you can find your Twitch “Settings”.
  • tap on the “Unlink This Twitch Account”
  • Done, your Twitch Account has been removed successfully.

Twitch Prime Subscription Pros and Cons:


  • Twitch Prime is a gaming platform, so it can kill your free time easily. 
  • Enables you to connect with your favorite games, and interact with them in real-time. 
  • Wide range of game’s available. 
  • Widely popular platform around the globe, and majorly focus on gaming content.
  • You can connect with new people around the world. 


  • It’s not free for streaming content. 
  • If you’re not familiar with Twitch, then it may take time to understand the platform completely.

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What Are The Top Streaming Sites like Twitch (Twitch Alternatives 2021):

Well, if you are not comfortable with Twitch, then check out the Top Twitch Alternatives Site, which works in the same manner, and is globally popular. 


YouTube is one of the most popular platforms around the globe, and many popular gamers use this platform to stream their games. Be a creator on YouTube, complete their monetization criteria and apply for AdSense. 

Facebook Watch:

Facebook is not just a social site, you can make a good amount of money from it by streaming your gaming videos. If you are good at any game, you have the option to broadcast your game to the world. Apart from that, they also provide you monetization features by completing their criteria. The popularity of Facebook makes it a great alternative to Twitch. 


The InstaGib claims for Low latency video game streaming that enables you to stream your gaming videos to the world for free. It is capturing the market and offers you great flexibility. 

Daily Motion:

Daily Motion has all the features and polarity that make it the top alternative to Twitch. This platform can be a great option for you if you are a gamer and looking for twitch alternatives.


Vimeo works similar to Daily Motion, and if we talk about features and functionality then, users get the dedicated analytics dashboard on it to understand their audiences. This platform comes with all the basic to advanced features like super chat, shoutout, and others. All these features make this platform a true alternative to Twitch

Frequently Asked Questions:

#1. Is Twitch Prime Free With AMAZON PRIME?

Yes, users can get free Twitch Prime with Amazon prime. The service enables you to use the Twitch platform as long as you’re using the Amazon Prime service. Amazon Prime allows users to access the Twitch prime as well, however, you need to connect your Twitch account with the Amazon account. If you are not a member of Amazon prime then you can easily sign for Twitch prime as well.

#2. Can You Cancel Twitch Prime At Any time?

Yes, Twitch enables you for this, you have the option to cancel twitch prime at any time you wish to. Simply log in to the account, visit your subscription page, and choose Twitch and cancel it. For more details scroll up and read the step-by-step process of Can Twitch Prime Service.

#3. How Do I Cancel My 7 Day Free Trial On Twitch?

Log in to your Amazon account, go to “Main Menu”, click on “Manage Prime Membership”, click “Twitch” and hit on the “End Trials & Benefits”

Wrapping It Up:

Twitch enables you to stream your game in front of millions of people around the globe, apart from that, you can watch streaming of your favorite gamers. 

Twitch is a premium service that links to Amazon. This detailed post, shared with you various methods for How To Cancel Twitch Prime Subscription. 

If you also want to give yourself a break from twitch and are looking to cancel your twitch prime membership, then I’ve shared numerous ways to cancel twitch prime subscriptions. 

I hope this article has provided you enough information about delta your twitch prime subscription account. 

If you still have any questions or suggestions regarding How To Cancel Twitch Prime Subscription, you can leave me a comment below.

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