How To Delete Game Pigeon App On iPhone [April 2023]

How To Delete Game Pigeon On iPhone: Have you been addicted to Game Pigeon, or you just want a break from this game? Reasons can vary from users to users. But after going through this post, you’ll learn How To Delete Game Pigeons from your iOS device.

Don’t go away because this article will explain everything about uninstall Game Pigeon App from iPhone.

Apart from that, I’ll also show you the process of hiding the Game Pigeon instead of deleting it and reinstalling it from the iMessages app. 

Well, Game Pigeon is the best way to kill your free time; you know iPhone’s iMessages app is the hub of the games, enabling you to play multiple games with your friends & family through iMessage. 

During interacting with your friends and family, you can give a try to Game Pigeon. GamePigeon is a game basically developed for iOS devices only, which includes more than 20 games. 

This detailed post is about How To Delete Game Pigeon from your iOS device effortlessly. Apply the below-mentioned steps to hide / delete Game Pigeon from your device. So let’s start the topic. 

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What Is The GamePigeon & How To Delete Game Pigeon App On iPhone?

GamePigeon is a gaming app for iOS devices, which works in the iMessage app and enables you to play various types of mini-games with your friends, as it is a multiple player game. 

GamePigeon comes with a bunch of games (More than 25 games) in the iMessage app. This game was developed by Vitalii Zlotskii on September 13, 2016, at the same time the iOS 10 updates came into the market, enabling users to play GamePigeon within the Messages App. 

As GamePigeon works in the iMessage app, you can play with friends or with anyone you’re conversing with. 

As mentioned above, this game enables you to access multiple mini-games, including (8 Ball, Paintball, Word Hunt, Crazy 8, Reversi, Shuffleboard, Four In A Row, Basketball, 20 Questions, Knockout, 20 Questions, and more).

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How to Install Game Pigeon?

Steps to install Game Pigeon App is not as hard as deleting it, for installing this incredible app, all you require to have iOS 10 or above, because GamePigeon isn’t compatible with below this, so make sure you’re running at least version of iOS 10.

I assume you’ve iOS 10 or above, now launch the App Store on your device, and search for Game Pigeon by typing. Once the logo appears tap on the Get button. During this process the App Store may ask you for a couple of permissions simply confirm, and the game gets installed in iMessage App.

How To Play iMessage Games

Download the game; however, if you’re stuck to download, go through this post Why Can’t I Download Game Pigeon? Once the game has been downloaded on your iPhone, follow the given steps below to play iMessage Games or how to start a game on game pigeon.

  • Open the iMessages app on your iPhone, and choose the contact you want to play with. 
  • Right under the “Typing” bar, you can notice the “GamePigeon” icon; tap on it. 
  • Once you tap on the icon, it will ask you with whom you want to play? Or tap on the “Send” button to invite your friend. 
  • Once you send a request for playing, the same contact will also notify the game. 
  • If they accept, you are in the game.

Note: If you hate to lose against your friends, then you should definitely try Game Pigeon Hacks to win every game you play with your friends and family.

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How To Delete Game Pigeon From Apps Section On iMessages

If you have played enough GamePigeon, or played all the games to the end and want to give some break to yourself from this distracting game. Then the first option is to hide it from the iMessage section so that you won’t be able to find it anymore in the iMessage app. Hiding the game pigeon instead of eradicating it helps you to get it back anytime you want. The game will be on your iOS device. However, it will just prevent appearing in the Messages app. Follow the given steps below for How To Delete Game Pigeon. 

  • To begin with, launch the “Messages App” on your iPhone and “navigate” to any conversation. (Don’t panic, as the hiding process of GamePigeon remains the same in all conversations).
  • I speculate you’ve opened a conversation on your Messages app. At the bottom of the screen, you can notice a number of apps appearing. 
  • These are the apps you can access in the Messages App. “GamePigeon” is one of them.
  • Now slide the display bar to your “left side” until you get the “More” option; tap on it.
  • On the next screen, you can find an “Edit” button at the top left corner; tap on it.
  • You can see a list of apps on this page, simply scroll down and find “GamePigeon”, tap on the toggle to “Off” for hiding the Game Pigeon from your iPhone device. (By default, it is set to “On” position).
  • Once the toggle is set to the “Off” position, you won’t be able to see the Game Pigeon icon on your Messages app when you’ll interact with some of your friends, family, or anyone. 

Note: The steps as mentioned above enable you to hide any display apps from the Messages Apps; all you have to do is follow the mentioned steps above.

How to Uninstall GamePigeon From iMessages

The above steps won’t delete GamePigeon from your iOS device; instead, it will hide, and you won’t be able to access it until your “turn on” toggle again. But if you are really looking to get rid of GamePigeon, then the below steps will help you to How To Delete Game Pigeon from your iPhone.

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  • The process begins with the Messages App, so launch the app and open anyone’s conversation.
  • At the bottom of the conversation screen, you can see an available apps row, slide the apps raw to the left and find the “More” button, which is located at the end of the top right side.
  • The next screen will display all the apps; find the GamePigeon app from the display list.
  • Now swipe left on the GamePigeon to bring out the “Delete” option.
  • Not tap on the “Delete” option, and within a second, GamePigeon will be deleted / uninstalled from your iPhone. 

Note: Follow the same steps while removing the other apps from the Messages App.

How to Reinstall GamePigeon on your iPhone:

How about if you want to reinstall the app? Well, GamePigeon can be reinstalled from the App Store, but we will see the method to How To Reinstall GamePigeon on your iPhone from Messages app. believe me, reinstalling the GamePigeon is too straight and easy, compared to Delete GamePigeon. Simply follow the given steps below to reinstall the Game Pigeon from Messages apps directly. 

  • Launch the iMessages app on your iPhone, and navigate to any conversation or open a new conversation. 
  • At the bottom, you can see the app raw (the one below the text box); find the “App Store” icon and tap on it.
  • And the App Store will open for the iMessages app. 
  • Now go to the search bar and type “GamePigeon”, or you can scroll down to the “Top Free Section”.
  • Now click on the “Download” button.
  • The download button name maybe “Get” if you download the GamePigeon for the first time.

FAQs About How To Delete Game Pigeon:

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Conclusion of How To Uninstall Game Pigeon:

Well, in this guide, I discussed How To Delete Game Pigeon on iPhone; the process is pretty straightforward. Along with deleting GamePigeon, I also discussed reinstalling the app, hiding the GamePigeon from iMessages Apps. 

Basically, Game Pigeon apps come in the iMessages app, which includes more than 20 games. These games are available for iOS 10 or above. 

I hope this article was helpful for you and provided you enough information about How To Delete Game Pigeon App On iPhone. 

If you still have any questions or suggestions regarding deleting Game Pigeon, you can leave me a comment below. Don’t forget to let me know if the uninstall game pigeon method worked for you or not?

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