T Mobile App Keeps Stopping | How To Fix Your T-Mobile App When It keeps Stopping In 2022

Why does T Mobile keeps stopping pop up? What can be more destructive than your T mobile app keeps stopping on your Android or iPhone smartphone? Many T mobile users reported that while using the T Mobile app it kept stopping on their iPhone or Android device. 

First, we’ll investigate the potential causes of T-Mobile App Keep Stopping and other issues, then learn the process to fix it. So let’s get started.

T mobile apps enable you to manage diverse types of services and manage your account using your Android or iPhone smartphone

However, before moving further, you should remember; to avail all these benefits you’ll need a T mobile branded phone and account. Furthermore, your Android device must have Android 6.0 or above, and the iPhone must have OS 10 or above

T mobile users are complaining that T mobile apps are leading errors such as T-mobile has stopped, the app keep crashing, app getting slow, T Mobile service not working, and many others. To fix these errors, stay tuned till the end. 

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What Does The T-Mobile App Do?

T-Mobile is a remarkable app that lets you control various types of services and enable you to pay your bill, manage lines, and more. Utilizing this app you can schedule your bills to avoid unnecessary charges. Along with that, it also permits you to see your plan’s benefits, manage devices, track data usage, and more. T-Mobile is easily accessible for iPhone and Android.

Why Does The T Mobile App Keep Stopping?

Below-mentioned are the possible causes, and culprits behind T mobile App Keep Stopping and crashing intermittently.

  • If there is stored or gathered plenty of junk data.
  • If you haven’t updated the T mobile app.
  • There can be a virus issue.
  • Your Android device isn’t up to date.
  • Lack of internal storage space on your Android device.
  • Maybe the original files of the T mobile app are corrupted.
  • If you’re using the T mobile app with the Easy mode enabled on your Android Device, you may encounter this problem.
  • It was also found that connecting the T mobile app with the VPN also creates a problem.

How To Fix T-Mobile Keeps Stopping Message On Android

As we’ve learned the reason and possible causes that can bring the T Mobile App Keeps Stopping on your Android smartphone. Now, I’m sharing the troubleshoots to fix the error. Ensure to apply all the troubleshoots in the sequence as given.

Easy Mode:

Intentionally or unintentionally if you’ve enabled the Easy Mode on your Android device ensure to turn it off. Easy mode basically allows users to display a specific app on the device’s home screen in the form of a large icon. 

If it was found and T mobile users have also complained that enabling the Easy mode lead this T mobile app keeps stopping errors regularly. To confirm, turn off the Easy Mode on your Android smartphone then, recheck if the problem has been fixed? To turn it off or on, apply the following steps;

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  1. Travel to the Settings page.
  2. Scroll down and find the Display option under the Settings menu.
  3. Choose Easy Mode, and this will take you to the dedicated Easy Mode settings page.
  4. Click on the slider adjacent to Easy Mode and then click on the Activate button.

Disable Background Data Usage:

One of the major reasons behind this issue is background data usage. Many of my friends said that when they enable the background data usage they often come across a T Mobile app stopping error. 

The simple theory behind background data usage is that if the option is enabled, your device will keep searching for new information, degrade your device’s performance, and consume a lot of battery and other hardware.

To avoid such conditions you can disable it, and it should fix the error. Turning off the T mobile background data is pretty straightforward. Apply the following steps.

On Android:

  • Access the Settings page on your Android Smartphone.
  • Under the Settings page choose Sim Card & Mobile Data.
  • Now click on the Data Usage, and then Mobile Data Usage.
  • Here you can notice all the apps list you’re using, scroll down and find T Mobile.
  • Now simply click on the Toggle to turn it off.
  • Once it’s done, again go to the Data Usage and choose Wi-Fi data usage.
  • Again choose the T Mobile app and just turn off the Background Data.

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On iPhone:

  • Go to the General Menu which is located on the Settings page.
  • Find and click on Background App Refresh.
  • Tap on the toggle to turn it off, or choose individually turn off Wi-Fi or Cellular & WiFi data options.

T Mobile App Cache

Not only T mobile but every app we use on your smartphone stores a lot of files which decreases the device performance, once the file becomes overloaded it leads to T mobile app keeps stopping problem. To eliminate this issue you need to clear the app cache from your Smartphone. The following steps will clean up cache files.

On Android:

  • Access the Settings on your Smartphone.
  • Navigate to the App management, and you’ll notice all the installed apps here.
  • Scroll down and find the T mobile app.
  • Under the T mobile find and click on Storage usage, and then Clear Data and Clear Cache.
  • That’s all you’ve clear cache file, now check if the T mobile app keeps stopping problems fixed or still a priest. 

On iPhone:

  • Travel to the Settings and select General.
  • Click on the Storage option, and you’ll see all the installed apps, simply find and click on the T mobile app, and tap on the Offload App.
  • That’s it.

Update T Mobile App:

Outdated apps also lead the T Mobile App to keep stopping problems for Android and iOS users. You can check it by traveling to your app store. If any update is available tap on it and your app would be up to date. 

Change Your Device:

If the above-mentioned methods didn’t fix the T Mobile App Keeps Stopping error in your case, here is the ultimate way to eliminate it by installing the app on your other device and checking. 

This way you can check if it’s your device that is the culprit or the T mobile app having a problem. Android is a widely popular Android OS but sometimes brings the Unfortunately, T-Mobile Has Stopped error. In both scenarios, you can replace your handset and download a T Mobile app on it. This should fix the issue.

Frequently Asked Question:

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#3. Why does the T mobile app keep crashing?

Wrapping Up:

In this guide, I provided you with all the possible reasons which bring the T mobile app keeps stopping, and their solutions. These are the possible ways that most Android and iOS device users face. If the problem doesn’t fix in your case, you can lastly change the device. I believe this article was informative and helped you to fix the T Mobile app crashing error. If you’ve more doubts or questions feel free to drop a comment below.

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