Xfinity Remote Not Working: How To Fix [Updated 2022] | Tips To Fix Xfinity Remote

Is your Xfinity Remote Not Working? Don’t need to panic, I’ve workarounds that you should try before you order a new one. Doesn’t matter if it’s for your Roku For Xfinity, or Set-Top Box but the remote is an essential component to playing your favorite programs on TV. 

If the remote stops working, then you’re done. You can’t watch anything on TV or pair it properly. Anything related to technology can stop working at any time. But there is no need to worry if your Xfinity remote has stopped working

There could be various reasons why Xfinity Remote is not working.

It sounds weird, but most of us do this unintentionally as our first hack to see if the remote works or not. 

By Hitting the remote on your palm a few times and check again if it started working or not. 

That will just cause some other problem and be of no use, so try not to do so. Here we’ve some tricks that can be handy to check or fix your Xfinity Remote Not Working issue effortlessly.

So, let’s move deeper and understand all possible reasons and their solutions. You can find the list below with troubleshooting and solutions of Xfinity remote not controlling volume and channel change features. 

How To Fix Xfinity Remote Not Working With Box

You can begin with resetting and programming the Xfinity remote to fix the Xfinity remote not working red light issue. In case if that doesn’t solve the issue, then find out the other solutions and tips to fix it.

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Dead Remote Control Batteries

In case if your remote battery is not working or dead then also you may come across this issue. To fix dead Xfinity remote control batteries apply the following steps.


  • Press any button on the remote and monitor the LED.
  • If there is no light, it means the batteries have stopped working and are completely dead.

Solutions To Fix Xfinity Remote Not Working

  • Replace the batteries and check again. If it is working fine, then continue watching your program. If not, then move to the next solution. 

Inadequate Remote Control Batteries

Inadequate Remote Control Batteries can also lead to this issue, to fix Xfinity remote not working, the following steps can be handy.


  • Press any button on the remote and monitor the LED.
  • If the light blinks five times, it means the batteries are weak and not able to execute the instructions.

Solutions To Fix Xfinity Remote Not Working

  • Replace the batteries and try again. If it is working fine, then continue watching your favorite program. If not, then move to the next point.

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The Xfinity Remote Is Not Paired With TV Box

If there is any pairing issue between remote and TV Box if you face remote not working. Because remotes work on IR signals to transmit instructions that work according to your instructions. Let’s find out how to check and fix it.


If you have changed batteries and the TV and TV box are switched on and the remote buttons are unresponsive, then it might not be paired with the TV box. Different models of Xfinity remote are there, having different remote layouts and descriptions.


Xfinity Remote Not Working on XR11, XR5, and XR2

  • Hold on to the setup button until the red light at the top of the remote turns green.
  • Then press 9 and then 8 and then 1.
  • If you see the green light blinking twice, it means that the remote has been reset successfully.

The above procedure of resetting will disconnect your remote from the TV box, so pair your Xfinity remote with your TV box again.

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Incorrectly Programmed Remote

Every remote has its own code and IR signals to transmit the input you gave which can be anything from changing the volume to changing the channel. If you haven’t programmed your Xfinity remote correctly, then your TV won’t understand the command and won’t respond to you sending instructions. 


If the remote is not programmed correctly, then the TV box will not receive signals from your remote. To fix this issue apply the below steps.

  • Press the Xfinity and Info buttons simultaneously for five seconds. 
  • Once the remote light changes color from red to green, follow instructions by entering an on-screen three-digit pairing code. 
  • After entering the code, your TV box will be successfully paired with the Xfinity remote.

The code you enter will be determined by the TV brand with which you are attempting to connect the remote. Here is a list of codes provided by Xfinity to enter while programming:

  1. LG-10178, 11265.
  2. Panasonic-10051, 10250.
  3. 10060, Samsung-10812.
  4. Sanyo-10154, 10159.
  5. Sony-1000, 11100.
  6. Sharp-10093, 10165.
  7. Toshiba—10156, 11156.
  8. 11758, 11756 Vizio

If none of the above solutions work, then this is the time to reset your TV box.

Reset TV Box

Press power and hold the button located on the front of the TV box at the same time for at least 10 seconds. The TV box will restart automatically.

Other Possible Causes of the Xfinity remote not working function

  • It could be possible that the hardware of your remote is damaged somehow. It may have fallen somewhere or hit something hard, which became the reason for not working.
  • If you are using a remote that is not paired with the TV box you are trying to control, This mistake can happen if you have multiple TV boxes.

Xfinity Remote Not Working on XR15

This model doesn’t have a setup button. You’ll find two buttons, i.e., D (Diamond) and A (Triangle). Press both buttons simultaneously for at least 3 seconds until the light at the top of the remote changes from red to green.

After you see the green light, press 9, then 8, and then 1. If you see the blue light blinking thrice, this means your remote has been reset successfully.

This whole procedure will disconnect your remote from your TV box. You will need to pair your Xfinity remote with the TV box again. If after pairing Xfinity remote, you’re still not able to command your remote, then the last step is to Factory Reset the Xfinity XR15 Remote. Follow the steps.

How To Factory Reset The Xfinity XR15 Remote Without A Setup Button

Xfinity XR15 remote doesn’t present you with a Setup button to reset it, but nothing to panic about, because, below steps will enable you to factory reset Xfinity XR15 remote without a setup button with a user-friendly guide.

  • Simply press the Diamond and Triangle button simultaneously for at least 3 seconds.
  • You’ll notice that the color of the LED will turn from green to red.
  • At the same time when the color changes of the LED to green, press the key number 9-8-1, and this will flash LED blue three times.
  • Woohoo!! You’ve successfully reset your XR15 remote.

Attention: When you’re done with this process, all you need to do is, pair your remote with your Set-top box again to work smoothly. As we’ve performed a factory reset so all your settings have vanished.

Xfinity Remote Not Working on X1

Press and hold the Xfinity and info buttons for 5 seconds. Wait for the voice remote to change from red to green. Follow the instructions through getting into the three-digit, on-display pairing code. Once the on-display pairing code is efficiently entered, your voice remote is paired with the TV box.

What To Do If Xfinity Remote App Not Working?

Xfinity Remote App enables Xfinity users to control their TV with Xfinity Remote App, it is voice Remote functionality for X1 and provides you all the features and functionality. If your Xfinity remote app is not working there could be several issues. Let’s find out.

Stable Internet Connection:

Xfinity Remote App requires stable Internet connectivity to perform well. So in case, if you’re facing difficulty using this app, ensure you’ve a proper internet connection, or you can check it by switching Internet.


The other thing you need to care about is the compatibility between the TV Box and the Xfinity Remote App. Ensure your TV Box is fully compatible with the Remote app and TV Control.

Update App:

If you haven’t updated your app then also it may not sync and work, so check it by traveling to the Play Store or App Store. If any update is available then download and install.

Reinstall The App:

If the above steps don’t work for you, uninstall the app from your device then re-download and install. 

Frequent Questions and Answers

#1. Where is the setup button on Xfinity remotes?

#2. How can I reset my Xfinity remote?

#3. What are the codes for the Xfinity Remote? From where can I get codes?

Wrapping Up:

We’ve provided all solutions to your Xfinity remote not working, whether it is new or old. Common problems could be low or dead batteries, physical damage to hardware, not being paired with the correct TV box, or missing or wrong programming setup. 

Check and follow all steps carefully to find the actual reason why your Xfinity remote is not working. We hope this article resolved your Xfinity remote issue, and it started working again. 

In addition, We also provided you with the Xfinity remote codes that will be useful while reprogramming the equipment. If you still have any questions or suggestions you can leave me a comment below.

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