5 Effective Methods to Boost Gaming Experience – On A Computer

This guide explained the top 5 effective methods to Boost Gaming Experience on a Computer. There are couple of things you’ll need to identify. Video games can be a lot of fun if you are looking to relax and take some time off from your regular days.

It is no surprise to see that more and more people are giving the pastime a go, even if they do not necessarily fall into the demographic we associate with gamers.

Having said that, it does not mean that just because you want to have a good time playing video games, you can expect that to happen. Most notably because you have a relatively old computer.

There are ways to improve the gaming experience on your device. If the frame drops become too much to handle or a video game starts crashing randomly, the suggestions below should come in quite handy.

Lower Graphics Quality

Let’s start with video game settings. Most video games have the graphics tab in settings. This tab exists to allow players to adjust the graphics. Naturally, if you can choose from low settings to ultra settings, it makes sense to leave the freedom of choice. While some computers will have no problems running a game on the highest graphic settings, others cannot do the same, which means that players have to stick to medium or low settings.

Of course, it helps a lot when some games do not have strict requirements and run pretty well regardless of the device. Notable examples of this case are indie games. The likes of Hades and Cuphead are great, even though they might not have outstanding visuals.

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So, the takeaway from this method is that you should lower the graphics quality when possible. Also, give indie games a try because they often offer an excellent gaming experience despite what first impressions might leave you with.

Take Care of Malware

Even if you are careful around various websites online and other stuff, do not underestimate the probability of getting malware on the computer.

As a rule of thumb, it is crucial to have reliable antivirus software, one that runs in the background all the time, detecting and eliminating potential threats before they manifest and cause significant issues.

Be it small or significant cybersecurity threats; each can affect the device’s performance. And since video games consume a lot of system resources, it is natural that your device will have performance issues while you are trying to play video games.

A drop in performance should call for a custom system scan. Use antivirus software to scan all the files on the computer. And if any of the files are corrupted, remove them from the computer permanently.

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Free Up Drive Storage To Boost Gaming Experience

Video games, particularly if we are talking about AAA titles, consume a lot of drive space. As such, players have little storage on the computer to work with. Add the fact that you need to keep files other than computer games on the computer, and the problem becomes quite challenging.

If you were to look at recommended amounts of free storage on computer drives, the minimum amount mentioned is around 15-20 percent, but even that is not necessarily enough.

For starters, you want to focus on deleting video games you no longer play because it is likely that these are taking up the most amount of space on the computer.

Next, check if there are media files that you can consume on streaming platforms. For music, you have Spotify and YouTube, while Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and other streaming services are great for movies and TV shows.

In case you have a lot of files that you cannot delete permanently, consider transferring to another location. Be it cloud storage or an external HDD and a USB flash stick; the options are fine to solve storage issues.

Finally, check the computer for useless junk, such as old downloads, cache, extensions, and localization files. Also, do not forget about duplicates that might have ended on your computer without you realizing it. You can read more here if you want to learn about finding duplicate data.

Check Background Processes

As already mentioned, video games are quite demanding resource-wise, which means that you want to free up as much memory and other resources for video games.

Resource hogs are inevitable when the computer is turned on, but you can still take a few steps to limit those resource hogs.

Focus on background processes. If you are on macOS, use Activity Monitor. For MS Windows, there is the Task Manager.

You can open the tool and sort each active process by different resource consumption, including memory, CPU, GPU, etc.

If a process is redundant, do not hesitate and quit it, particularly if you plan to play video games.

Pro Tip: the odds are that a few redundant background processes are the result of too many startup items that you forget to quit after booting the computer. Taking care of this problem should help you with resource management on the computer, which will also improve the overall performance when you are playing video games.

Upgrade Hardware To Boost Gaming Experience

Hardware upgrades can seem like an expensive investment, but it is hard to come up with a more effective way to boost the gaming experience on a computer that struggles to perform.

Sure, if you are on a laptop rather than a custom-built desktop computer, your options to upgrade are pretty limited. Besides a few accessories and an external GPU, you might not be able to do much else because the hardware is integrated and cannot be modified.

On the other hand, if the device is flexible in terms of hardware modification, then playing video games will be more enjoyable if you manage to improve the device’s hardware.

For starters, you can replace an outdated hard drive with a brand-new SSD. Adding extra RAM is also a worthwhile consideration. Lastly, if your budget allows for it, upgrade the graphics processing unit to a more recent model.

Note, though, that hardware upgrades can be quite expensive and add up to a hefty price. In some cases, it might even be better to consider getting a new computer or even switching to a gaming console.

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