Game Pigeon Not Working On iPhone Device? Here Are Steps to FIX [Updated 2023]

What is wrong with Game Pigeon? Why Does Game Pigeon Not Working? Why Cant I Download Game Pigeon? All these questions are enough to spoil your day if you don’t find the ways to fix iMessage app games not working. You should keep your worries away, and go through this post, because you will get all your queries solved within this post related to GamePigeon Not Working and will enable you to play this game again.

Game Pigeon comes with a bunch of games and is available for free for iOS users but sometimes it creates problems like Game Pigeon Not Working with Screen Time & why is game pigeon not downloading are one of them.

To be honest, my younger sister is a big fan of this game and she used to play it regularly on her iPhone. But a few days back she faced an error while playing the Game Pigeon, she came across an error displaying the images only.

She came to me and asked innocently why is my game pigeon not working brother?

That’s not the only error Game Pigeon presents you sometimes, in your case, you can be different. This detailed post will try to explain the possible causes for the Game Pigeon Not Working On iOS & Android devices. 

But if you’re experiencing other issues, the same troubleshooting will fix them too. 

Before I take you to the troubleshoots of imessage games not working, I must share a brief introduction about Game Pigeon, so that you can understand the game properly.

What Is an iMessage GamePigeon App & Why Game Pigeon Not Working on iOS?

Game Pigeon was designed by the company called Vitalii Zlotskii in September 2016. 

This is mainly launched for iOS devices only (iOS 10 or above) although non-iOS users can also enjoy the GamePigeon on Android.

Game Pigeon offers you several games including 8 Ball Pool, Mini-Golf, Mancala, 9 Ball Pool, and many more. 

You can get the Game Pigeon using the iMessage App or iTunes

If you’re 8 ball pool lover and hate to lose just like my sister, you should definitely try these proven GamePigeon Hacks to win every game you play. 

I believe you’ve understood the history of Game Pigeon, now let’s move to the errors and possible solutions that can fix game pigeon not working on iOS and Android.

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Why Won’t Game Pigeon Not Working iOS 14 & iOS 15

You’re not alone if you’re wondering Why is game pigeon not working, several players have already complained about this, including my sister. I stepped forward and tried to figure out the reasons behind this issue. I reached the conclusion that there is no particular cause but several that can be the culprit for why game pigeon not working on your device. Here are some of the common causes that lead to this problem.

  1. Common iOS Glitch.
  2. If your iOS version is outdated.
  3. iMessage inconsistency.

These three are the common causes which can mostly lead to the problem. Let’s understand all of them in detail. 

Common iOS Glitch:

iOS Glitch occurs when you run high powered apps on your device, or the apps that are too heavy to handle for your device’s GPU, also glitch can happen due to low-percentage of battery. To eliminate this issue, you can reboot your device and glitches will be fixed. 

If Your iOS Version Is Outdated:

Every app and device needs the latest version of the software for smooth performance, so if you haven’t updated your device’s iOS it can be the main reason game pigeon is not working. Updating the iOS version can fix this problem and run your game pigeon smoothly.

iMessage Inconsistency:

If Game Pigeon is inconsistent with iMessage which the game is heavily reliant on you may face this issue on Game Pigeon. Check it by disabling and re-activating iMessage.

These are the common issues for this error, if these three don’t resolve the problem, jump to the advanced troubleshoots given-below.

Reason Behind Game Pigeon Not Working On Your Device. 

There can be multiple reasons for not working a game pigeon app on your device, which we will talk about later in this article. 

Ensure that you’ve downloaded the app using the iMessage app, or iTunes

If your device is enabled with the app and still getting the error to follow the below-mentioned workarounds to fix game pigeon not working.

Before you apply the below-given workarounds make sure you have a proper internet connection on your phone.

Game Pigeon Not Working

Best Way To Fix Game Pigeon Not Working On iOS & Android:

There are multiple steps you need to follow to get rid of this, simply follow each step to fix the game pigeon errors, if one doesn’t help you, move to the next method.

#1 Restart Your Device:

Close all the running apps, and try to reboot your device. You can simply press the power button for a couple of seconds and then press the “Reboot” button. Once your device is rebooted successfully try to access the game again. If not working, move to the next step.

#2. Log Out Of Your Apple ID:

Simply follow the given steps to log out of your Apple ID.

  • Navigate to the “Settings” tab, and find iTunes from the display option, under iTunes find “App Store.”
  • Under the App Store find and click on “Apple ID.”
  • Tap on the “Sign Out” button. Once you logged out successfully, log in again.

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#3. Try To Reset Your Phone’s Network Settings:

Network settings can be the culprit behind this error. Let’s reset them by following the below-mentioned guide.

  • Find and open the “Settings” icon and choose “Network”, under the network find Wi-Fi.
  • On the “Wi-Fi” tab, click on the info button and at the end choose “Renew.”

Note: You need to ensure if the internet connectivity is working perfectly.

#4. Check Date & Time:

If your device date and time are incorrect, it may also prevent running the Game Pigeon smoothly, so ensure to recheck them.

  • Launch the “Settings” and search for “General”, under the general tab, choose “Date & Time.”
  • If the date and time are inaccurate then fix it manually, or simply choose “SET AUTOMATICALLY.”
  • Now game pigeon isnt working problem should be fixed.

#5. Restore The Device:

If the above steps don’t help you at all it means you need to restore your iOS device. Follow the given steps.

  • You need to access “General Settings” by navigating “Settings”, under the General click on the “Reset Your Network” option.

#6. Factory Reset Your iPhone:

If you applied all the five given methods and are still facing the Game Pigeon Not Working error, then the last option is Factory Reset Your Device. This is a tricky one but surely will help you to come over with this problem.

  • Launch the “Settings” under the settings tab, click on the “Name” on the top.
  • Scroll down a bit and turn off the “Find My” option using “Apple ID & Password.”
  • Now under the main settings scroll down and navigate to “General.”
  • Under the General page, scroll down to the bottom and click on “Reset.”
  • As soon as you click on the “Reset” button, you come across several options.
  • Simply choose “Erase All Content and Settings” as you are willing to factory reset your iPhone.
  • Type your device’s passcode, and a warning pop-up display on the screen, simply click on the “Erase iPhone.”
  • It will take a movement and your device will reboot a couple of times. The same process will work on all iPhones.
  • So that’s how you completely wipe it, we’ll wait for this to reboot.
  • Once the entire process is done, you will see that it’s back at the setup screen.

Note: You need to turn off “FIND MY” before proceeding. It will require an Apple ID & Password.

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I suggest you backup all your important data before proceeding, else you may lose them including your email because this process will bring your device into brand new conditions meaning it will be just like it was when you took it out of the box for the first time.

GamePigeon Not Working

These steps will surely help you to get rid of these issues, apart from that I’m adding a couple of common problems and solutions that can be handy for you.

How To Fix Game Pigeon Not Downloading

If you’re unable to download the GamePigeon then the reason could be multiplied. Here are some of the common causes behind this issue.

Check Internet:

If your Internet connection is slow or unstable you won’t be able to download the game. To fix it, check your Internet connection and speed. In addition, you can switch the connection.

Pause Other Downloads:

If you’re like my sister who downloads multiple files at a time, then check by pausing the other downloads. It’ll give the full bandwidth to GamePigeon.

Log Out Of Apple ID:

You should consider logging out of your Apple ID and re-sign in. Sometimes glitches on your sign-in account restrict you to download the app. To log out navigate to the Settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID then click on the Sign Out.

Cache Files:

Clear the cache file from your device should allow you to download the game.


If your device is full and not enough space is available on it then it won’t let you download the GamePigeon on it. Here is how to check storage on iPhone/iPad, go to Settings > General > About. If you notice low storage there, simply free up some space by removing the unwanted apps, videos, and images.

Reboot The Device:

Sometimes the iOS device itself also creates the problem, to ensure reboot your device and check.

How To Fix Game Pigeon Shows Only Pictures on iMessages?

Another heartbreaking error Game Pigeon players come across is Game Pigeon displays the images only while sending or receiving messages. To fix this issue follow the below instructions.

  • Open “Settings” then scroll down and find the “Messages” option.
  • Under the “Messages” option find the toggle “Send As SMS”, if it’s turned off, tap on it to turn it on.
  • If it’s already turned on, make sure to turn it off and then turn it on again. 
  • Apart from that, you should also ensure the iMessage toggle stays turned on mode.

Note: Applying above given settings will fix the Game Pigeon show only images on iMessages error. If in your case the problem still persists, close the game completely (Also from background) and reboot your device and check.

How To Fix GamePigeon Apps Won’t Connect?

If your GamePigeon has a connection issue, it means your device is not properly connected with the Internet, or there could be some network errors. Let’s fix it.

Renew your Lease:

  • Open the “Settings” from the home screen, go to the “Wi-Fi sections.”
  • Tap on the “Info” icon and then click on “Renew Lease.”

Reset Network Settings:

  • Open “Settings”, navigate to “General” then “Reset.”
  • Click on the “Reset Network” button.
  • Once the network is reset successfully, try to connect with the Internet and approach again.

Note: Game Pigeon App Connecting issue occurs because of Network. The above two methods should fix it.

Solution of Game pigeon App Downloaded But Unable To Install?

This is also a common problem iOS users face while installing the Game Pigeon after successfully downloading the game. Apply the below steps to fix it.

  • Simply uninstall the earlier downloaded app from your device.
  • Once it’s done, you need to restart/reboot your device.
  • Download the Game Pigeon app again from the iMessage or App Store.

This happens because existing downloaded files have some issue running properly or your device’s OS is outdated so ensure to update your device with the latest one.

GamePigeon Not Working

Solution Of Game Pigeon App Downloaded But Unable To Play?

That’s the last most common error Game Pigeon users face, they get the app on their iOS device but are not able to play. Nothing to panic, just execute the below steps.

  • Launch the iMessage app, and open any message thread.
  • At the bottom of the phone screen, you can see 4 dots, simply tap on it.
  • The next screen will show you the game, choose the game and an invite will be sent to your contact.
  • If you’re unable to send an invite or receive an invite then scroll a bit and find a solution.

Game Pigeon Says Game Is Full?

GamePigeon says the game is full error is not the common error, but in some cases, it also creates problems for the users. There are no serious issues with this error, it is a glitch. Simply follow the below-given steps. 

  1. Restart your device.
  2. Delete Game Pigeon and reinstall.
  3. Check your internet connection.
  4. Update your device’s operating system, if any are available.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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#2. Why is game pigeon sending as a picture?

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Wrap Up:

GamePigeon Not Working is a common issue for iOS users, even my sister also faced this issue. I researched and ultimately found the solution to fix it.

In this detailed post, I have provided you with almost every possible solutions of why isn’t my game pigeon working on iOS device. All these workarounds you should apply on your iOS and Android device, and I believe surely help you to run your game again. 

I hope this article provided your ultimate guide, if you still have any questions or suggestions regarding the same, you can leave me a comment below.

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