How To Change Name Of iPhone, Bluetooth, iTunes & AirDrop [Updated 2022]

A detailed guide for Change Name Of iPhone: The iPhone is a great phone that completely works on an Ecosystem

When you purchase a new iPhone, you’re given the opportunity to name it as your wish, such as Tom’s Awesome iPhone 12, Jhon’s iPhone Max, or anything you can think of.

While setting up the iPhone, you’ve complete control to name it as you desire. Once the Name is given to your new iPhone, it remains the same until you replace it or change it. 

The name you’ve assigned your iPhone displays when you connect it with other devices. 

Although, you can change the Name of the iPhone anytime. 

However, the question is: How to change Name of Your iPhone? 

In this detailed article, we’ll learn a couple of things, such as how to change Name of iPhone and why you may need to change the name of your iPhone. So, let’s begin the topic.

Why Do You Change The Name Of Your iPhone?

While setting up your device, whatever Name you choose for your iPhone may seem private, but actually, it’s not. The assigned name can be revealed to the public whenever you connect your device via Bluetooth, to smart TV, AirDrop, iCloud backups, or any car stereo.

If you want to screen mirroring your iPhone to Sony TV, read here complete guide.

Therefore, intentionally, or unintentionally if you’ve assigned your iPhone with an inappropriate name, then sometimes it might embarrass you. 

To avoid such cases, you want to change your earlier Name with something new; here are the steps for how to change the Name of your iPhone effortlessly.

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How To Rename iPhone | Steps To Change Name Of iPhone

Here is the step-by-step guide to rename iPhone.

  • Let’s begin the journey of change iPhone name; first of all, access the Settings option to change the name of your iPhone, get it by swiping down on the middle of your iPhone screen to bring up your iPhone’s search function, once the search option appears, type Settings in the display search bar, or find it on the home screen.
  • When you’re in the Settings tab, scroll down and see the General labeled tab.
  • Find and click on the About labeled tab under the General tab, located on the top of the screen. After clicking on the About tab, it will display a bunch of options like the serial number of your iPhone, Software version, model number, Name of your iPhone, and others.
  • Tap once on the Name section in order to change Name of iPhone.
  • After clicking on the Name tab, it’ll present you with the on-screen keyboard; enter your new Name here using the on-screen keyboard.
  • Now choose to save changes by pressing the Done button.
  • Woohoo !! iPhone name changed. You’ve successfully done it.
  • The journey to change the Name of iPhone ends here.

Steps To Change The Name In Finder On Mac:

These are the following steps to change the Name in Finder on Mac.

  • You’ll need to connect your device with your Mac using a USB Cable.
  • Now launch the Finder and tap on your device’s name, which is located under locations in the sidebar. 
  • Here you’ll find the present Name of your device, tap on it, enter the desired Name and smash on the Return on your keyboard.

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How To Change Airdrop Name On iPhone

AirDrop is Apple‘s feature that allows you to transfer files, documents, images across the devices seamlessly without losing the original quality. Using the AirDrop for file transferring has many advantages, such as it’s quicker, and can do tasks in a few clicks

For transferring files, the sender has to choose the Name on their screen from a list of potential nearby devices. 

In case if your device name is not something easy to remember, it can make the process compliant. You can change your AirDrop name from the iPhone’s settings menu to avoid such a thing. The following steps will do the task.

Attention: Changing the AirDrop name on your iPhone is not as difficult as it seems; you can switch it with any name you can think of, though note, changing the Name of your AirDrop also changes how your iPhone will appear on Wi-Fi networks.

  • Travel to the Setting from the Home Screen and then navigate to the General option.
  • Under the General tab, you’ll find the About section; click on it.
  • The next screen will display your current Name; click on the current Name.
  • It’ll open the on-screen keyboard, type any name you want to assign, and click on the Done button to save change effects.
  • You’ve Airdrop name changed.

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What Happens If I Change The Name Of My iPhone?

After purchasing a new iPhone, the first thing you need to perform is set up the iPhone, Right? During that time, the iPhone asks you to give your iPhone a name that defines your device’s identity. 

Whenever you connect your device with other devices, you can quickly identify the assigned Name. 

Changing the iPhone name doesn’t leave any harmful impact on the device’s performance, but you can immediately notice the name change effects on iCloud Backup and AirDrop

The only thing that happens is it displays a different name—the changes you made with your iPhone name change comes into effect as soon as you click on the Save button.

The best part is you can give any name you wish to.

How To Change Name Of iPhone On Bluetooth

If you’ve paired multiple Bluetooth devices with your iPhone, so it’s hard to memorize them; luckily, you can change Name on iPhone Bluetooth. The following steps will change the name of a Bluetooth device on the iPhone.

Attention: The actively connected device can be renamed only. 

  • To start with, connect your targeted Bluetooth device with your iPhone.
  • Now go to the Settings from the home screen, or swipe down from the middle of the iPhone screen and type Settings in the search bar.
  • Click on Bluetooth.
  • Here you can see the list of all the connected devices; choose the target one.
  • On the right side of the screen, you can notice an “i” button; click on it.
  • And then click on the Name button.
  • Enter the new name you want to give, and click on the Done button to save the changes.
  • You’ve successfully renamed your Bluetooth device’ Name.

What To Do If I Don’t See Rename The Device Option:

If you’re not getting the rename option as the above guide instructed, there can be a couple of reasons; let’s find out.

  • Ensure if the manufacturer of your Bluetooth device enables you to do so; in some brands, the manufacturer doesn’t allow users to change names. If so, you’ll have to keep the default name.
  • Make sure the Bluetooth device is turned on and connected to your iPhone.
  • Check if the device is working correctly, you can take help by connecting it with another device.
  • If it is still not working, try to unpair it and repair it.
  • These are the possible reasons that can restrict you from changing the Bluetooth name on your iPhone.

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Wrapping Up:

The iPhone is a widely popular phone; the thing which makes it popular is its ECOSystem. While setting up your device, you need to assign it with a name, and this Name appears every time you connect your iPhone with another device

In this detailed guide, I’ve shown you the way to change Name of an iPhone with a step-by-step guide. The steps to change Name of iPhone are straightforward. 

I hope this article was helpful for you. If you’ve any questions or suggestions regarding how to rename your iPhone, you can leave me a comment below.

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