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If you are looking for How To Delete History On An iPhone then you are on the right post. You know anything you search on the internet, browsers keep tracking your activities and record the history on your every search query and clicks, and users want to know How To Delete History On An iPhone. Right? 

Sometimes you have to give your phone to someone, so you have to delete your browsing history in that case. In this post, I will tell you to step by step How To Delete Your History On iPhone or you can delete the history of a particular one day.

What Is History & How To Delete History On An iPhone?

Well, In easy words whenever you search for anything on the Internet on your iPhone or iPad, like you visited some websites, or you searched any queries on browsers it is saved on a particular folder of your browsers. This is known as a History tab. 

The process of deleting history on the iPhone is pretty simple, below find the step-by-step guide of How to clear search history iPhone.

How To Delete History On An iPhone:

With the help of this process, you can easily erase the entire search history from your iPhone or you can delete selected items as well. Simply follow the given instructions below. 

How To Delete History On iPhone Safari?

  • Tap on the Setting On your Home Screen. 
  • Tap on the “Safari” tab from the listed items. 
  • In the blue fonts, you can see “Clear History And Website Data” tap on it. 
  • The next option will be “History and Data” Tap on it and it will remove all the history. 
  • Once the history is removed the color of the button “Clear History and Website Data” will be changed. 

Alert: Following this process will delete the entire history, cookies, everything from your device, and the rest of the devices that are synced with the same iCloud or Apple ID.

How To Remove History On iOS Device?

The earlier process was to delete the entire history on iPhone safari and this is all about How To Delete History On iPhone? This process will let you allow to delete particular website history from your iOS device. Follow the instructions below. 

  • On your device open the Safari Browser.
  • On the bottom of the screen, you can see a blue book icon, which is “Bookmarks” tap on it. 
  • Click on the history tab located in the right corner of the top site. 
  • You can see all the websites you have visited there in the past. 
  • Any website you want to delete from the history, simply swipe left on the targeted website and a delete option will appear on the screen. 
  • Tap the delete button to a particular website link from the list.
  • And that history will be removed from the iPhone / iPad. 

Alert: This process will delete the selected websites from your iPhone history and won’t be accessible again from the history tab. 

Process of Clearing History on Chrome in Your iPhone

As we talking about How Do I Clear History On My iPhone so this is also important to know How To Clear History on Chrome In Your iPhone because Google keeps tracking your activities for the last 90 days. So for clearing chrome history in iPhone follow the given steps.

  • Open the Chrome browser or Chrome App. 
  • (Right corner on the top) you can see a three-dot in vertical lines. 
  • Find the “History tab” from the display list. 
  • Tap on “Clear Browsing Data” On the top left side.
  • Tap on “Clear browsing Data”
  • Click on Confirm to proceed.

Alert: These steps will erase your entire history of Chrome from your iPhone and also from the synced device with the same iCloud ID. 

Process Of Deleting History From iPhone YouTube?

Some of you may be thinking about the solutions of How To Delete History On iPhone YouTube?We have covered clearing the history from iPhone but how about How to clear youtube history on iPhone? Because deleting youtube history is also an important and tricky thing for users, therefore, I added this topic also. Follow the given steps to know How to delete youtube history on iPhone?

  • On iPhone open YouTube App.
  • On the right corner on the top side Click on the “Profile Icon”. 
  • Choose settings from the display list. 
  • Now scroll down till the last. 
  • You will have two options there. (1. Clear Watch History. 2. Clear Search History.)
  • As we are deleting YouTube history so choose option number 2. ( Tap on Clear Search History) 
  • But the process is the same for both. 
  • A popup will come up on the screen will ask you to confirm for deleting. Tap on it. 
  • Boom !! Searching history has been cleared. 

Erase History On iPhone Maps:

Are you looking for How To Erase History On iPhone Maps. You Know where ever you go with your iPhone google map keep tracks you and keep your recent locations so some of us want to delete the Maps history but no idea how to do it. So below I will share step by step process of deleting Google Maps history on iPhone.

Now, let’s take a deep breath and jump into the topic of How To Delete History On iPhone Maps. The process is simple for it but you should know every steps else you won’t be able to do it properly. 

  • Simply open Google Maps.
  • Click on the “Profile Picture Icon” from the top right corner. 
  • Go to the setting tab.
  • Simply scroll down till you find “Map History”
  • Tap on it and it may take a few seconds to load. 
  • You can see date-wise history. So it is possible to delete the selected date history also. 
  • On the top section, you can see the option “Auto Delete Older Than” tap on it. This is to delete the entire history. 
  • You can select the time time period and click on next.
  • Now click on “Confirm” 
  • If you have selected the time period then Map History Automatic will be deleted. 

I tried to cover everything on this post related to how do you delete history on an iPhone. Still, if something left out, then I kept FAQs for that so you can find some common questions that people are looking for. Find out in the FAQs section:


#1. Does Erasing History Really Erase It?

The honest answer is NO. If you erase history then it will be removed from your devices but the ISP provider and the company itself still be able to access it. 

#2. Can Someone See Your Search History If You Delete It?

If you have deleted the history then neither you nor any of your friends will be able to access the history but as I said above question, the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and google can see it. Google keeps the records to their server for every search you made.

#3. Can Parents See Your History If You Delete It?

The short answer is NO. Once you delete the history it will be completely removed from your device. 

#4. Can Someone On The Same WiFi See Your History?

If any user connected to the same WiFi you are connected then they can’t see your history. But keep in mind that your ISP provider can be able to access it. You can any good VPN service for hiding history from the ISP provide as well. 

Conclusion of How To Delete History On An iPhone:

Everything saved on history, whatever you search on the Internet on your iPhone. Some of the users don’t know the process of deleting it therefore, In this post, I shared with you step by step process about How To Delete History On iPhone.

Not only this but also I describe the process of deleting Map history from iPhone and YouTube History too. The process is very simple and the best thing is that you don’t require to download any third-party app for this.

If you like this article you can share this with your loved ones. And if you have any questions or suggestions regarding How To Delete History On An iPhone you can leave me a comment below.

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