How To Install LG Smart TV Apps

Recently brought up a brand new LG Smart TV? But not satisfied with the pre-installed apps, or you want to explore more LG Smart TV Apps which are not installed on LG Smart TV such as HBO Max, ESPN+ and others?

Most of the new LG Smart TV users get confused about what Apps they should try out. When user purchase a new LG Smart TV they get confused in deciding which apps should be installed in their new LG Smart TV.

So in this post, I’ll talk about which app you can download and watch on LG Smart TV, that can increase your overall experience of watching TV.

The thing should be remembered that different devices use different operating systems (OS). LG Smart TV works on WebOS and it’s completely different from iOS, Android, Windows.

As LG Smart TV offers you more than 200 apps already installed. Which will be found in the TV Apps Store. But the best thing is you can download anything other than that too. 

Before you start downloading every app you come across, sit relax and check out my recommendation. Here is the list of best LG Smart TV Apps you should definitely try out.

In this guide you’ll learn how to add different apps to your LG Smart TV, Update old apps, and along with that, I’ll break down a list of the most downloaded LG Smart TV apps, so you can determine which apps you should add to your LG Smart TV.

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How to Add Apps to an LG Smart TV [WebOS]

As I mentioned above LG Smart TV offers you more than 200 pre-installed apps on TV and you access them through the LG Content Store. But if you’re looking for How To Download Apps On LG Smart TV? then the process of downloading the app is something different.

Follow the Steps to Add Apps to an LG TV:

  • Turn on the TV, grab the remote and hit the Home button on it.
  • Using the arrow button on remote, access the LG Content Store and hit OK button on Remote.
  • On the top of the screen find and click on the “Featured.
  • Travel to the Apps using the right arrow on your remote.
  • You can see different categories there like. Games, Life, Entertainment, Education, News & Info.
  • You can go to the categories to choose specific apps, or choose all to find all apps together. That is well alphabetically organized.
  • You can simply click on the app to install and then it will ask you to lunch the app.
  • Tap on the “Launch” button to run the app.

Note: If your LG Smart TV runs on Netcast Operating System then ignore the above steps and follow this.

How to Add Apps to an LG Smart TV [NetCast]

  • Turn on your TV and hit the Home button on your remote.
  • Now press the Up arrow on your directional pad which will take you to the More box.
  • Under More option search for the app you want to add on your TV, once the logo appears on the desired app, hit the Install button.
  • It will ask you to enter your login credentials, simply enter the details and sign in into your account. 
  • And the app will begin downloading on your LG TV. 

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The Best LG Smart TV Apps:

Tired of watching Cable TV Channels only on LG Smart TV? Don’t worry LG has the solution for it. There are a lot of apps available to download on the LG Smart TV. You can find some of the Best LG Smart TV Apps and choose most popular apps from that. 

  • YouTube TV, Netflix, Twitch, Amazon Prime, Voot, Accuweather, Hulu, Google Play Movies & TV, Vudu, YuppTV, Hotstar, Tennis TV, Eros Now, UFC, Apple TV, Disney, ESPN, Spotify, BritBox, Funimation and many more in the list.

Steps To Add HBO Max App On LG TV

If you’re planning to add a particular app such as HBO Max to LG TV here is the step guide to download app on LG Smart TV.

  • I assume you’ve turned on your LG TV (Lol), press the Home button on the directional pad.
  • Access the LG Content Store using the Right Arrow.
  • Now hit the Ok button and choose the Up arrow, then the Right arrow that will reach you to the Apps section. 
  • Now press the Right arrow once again and it’ll display you magnifying glass on the top right corner. 
  • Type HBO Max in the search bar using the directional pad, and then press the OK button.
  • You can notice a Install button highlighted press on it to install HBO Max on LG TV.
  • It’ll install HBO Max and you can access it from here or from the home screen.

Steps To Add Disney Plus On LG TV

Here is the guide to add Disney Plus on LG Smart TV, follow as instructed.

  • Press the Home button on the left side of your Directional pad.
  • Access the LG Content Store by using the Right arrow key.
  • Now hit the Ok button on your directional pad and then Up arrow.
  • Press the Right Arrow to travel to the Apps section.
  • A Magnifying glass button will highlight on the screen, click on it and type Disney Plus using the directional pad.
  • Once the Disney Plus logo appears click on Install button. 
  • Wait until it is installed on your LG TV. 
  • That’s all you’re all set to stream Disney movies on your LG Smart TV.

Steps To Add Paramount+ App On LG Smart TV

The steps to add the Paramount Plus app on LG TV is not different from the above guide; here you can do it.

  • Access the Home screen by using the Home button on the directional pad.
  • Now navigate to the LG Content Store by using the Right arrow button.
  • Hit the Ok button and then press the Up arrow key, it’ll highlight the magnifying glass on the top of the screen. 
  • Type Paramount+ with the help of a directional pad, and once the Install button appears, tap on it. 
  • It’ll start installing on your TV. 
  • Once the Paramount Plus app is installed on your LG TV you can access it from the app section.

Note: The same steps should be applying to add LG Smart TV apps

How To Update LG TV Apps

Before I start telling you about updating LG TV apps, you need to know that If you want to update apps in LG Smart TV, then you must confirm whether the firmware of your TV is updated or not.

You can update only those apps which are already installed on the TV. The reason behind giving the update for any app is, either some new features have been added to that app, or maybe an earlier version of the app had some bugs which have been removed from it. Then let’s know How To Update LG Smart TV Apps:

Note: If the firmware of your TV is already updated you can skip this process and directly jump to “How To Update LG Smart TV Apps”

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How To Update Firmware:

The process Of LG TV Firmware Update is given blow.

  • Turn on the TV
  • Click on the setting icon on the remote. 
  • Now tap on the “Setting Icon” on the TV.
  • In Settings, you will have an option called “General Setting” tap on it. 
  • Now go all down and find “About This TV” and tap on it. 
  • In “About This TV” you can see the software version. 
  • Right below the software version, there is an option “Allow Automatic Update”
  • Which is turn off by default. You can click on it to turn it on. (Means once any update will be available for your TV, your TV will automatically update it.)
  • For manually update leave to default. 
  • Click on “Check For Update” (TV Must be connected to Internet Connection for downloading the update)
  •  It will start downloading updates If any available.

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How To Update Apps

The Process of How To Update LG Smart TV Apps is given below.

  • Turn on the TV and tap on the “Home Button” on the TV remote.
  • All of these apps come with a popup. 
  • Keep Pressing the “Right Arrow” of your TV remote and keep on moving all the way down.
  • Click on “LG Content Store”
  • Now choose “My Apps” and tap on it with the remote. 
  • You can see apps are available for update. 
  • You can update apps individually by clicking the app, or you can click on the “Update All” option right on side of the TV Screen. Which will update all the available app in one click.
  • If you want to update an individual app then click on the app. 
  • The update button will be highlighted on the screen. Tap on “Update”
  • A pop-up will show on the screen “A New Version Of The App Is Available Launch Current Version Of App or Update To Latest Version. Launch, Update, Close. Tap on Update.
  • You can see downloading progress on the screen. Once it’s done. The app will be updated.

Smart Tv Apps Not Working:

If you are having a problem with Smart Tv Apps Not Working. Don’t worry there are few things you should try.

Follow the given steps if you are having an issue with App on TV. 


Check if the app needs an update. If the update is available then first update the app. The process has given above.

Uninstall the app:

You can give a try to uninstall the app and then reinstall it again. It may solve the problem up to 70%


If the above step doesn’t work then you can try to update your firmware. The process has given above.

Clear Cache:
  • Turn on the TV. 
  • On the Home screen, you can see App Icon, tap on it.
  • Go to settings and then in the device section go to Application Manager.
  • Select the app, that is not working. 
  • On the upper right side, the Menu button will appear tap on it. 
  • Click on Show System then tap on Storage. 
  • Click on the “Clear Cache”

Wrapping Up:

LG Smart TV offers you more than 200 apps preinstalled on the tv, you can easily access them by going to the “App” tab on the home screen. I mentioned some of the top Apps for LG Smart TV above. But don’t worry You can download the other LG Smart TV apps too.

In this post, I covered almost everything related to LG Smart TV Apps. So I hope this article was helpful for you if so you can share this with your friends and family. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this post you can simply leave me a comment below in the comment section.

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