Does Walmart Accept Google Pay Samsung Pay & Apple Pay In 2022

Are you a frequent buyer at Walmart and wondering Does Walmart Accept Google Pay In 2022? Shopping has gone to the next level, and shoppers love to pay their bills utilizing the phone wallets like Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay.

Unfortunately, Walmart doesn’t accept google pay and other payment methods (such as Samsung Pay and Apple Pay).

Walmart enables its consumers to use their official app named Walmart Pay for payment, and in return, it offers additional benefits, which we will go through later in this article.

Walmart Pay app is easily accessible and downloadable from Google Play Store for Android devices and App Store for iOS devices.

There is a separate benefit of utilizing Walmart Pay for paying bills in Walmart is, it unlocks attractive offers for you that other Payment apps fail to deliver.

So let’s begin the topic and understand: Do Walmart Take Google Pay or any other Payment methods?

Online Shopping Has Gone To The Sky, People Love To Buy Online And Pay Using Their Pocket Wallet.

Do Walmart Accept Google Pay In 2022

Does Walmart Accept Google Pay In 2022? | Does Walmart Have Google Pay?

Before moving to the main topic let’s understand can you use Google Pay at Walmart?Google Pay is a globally popular digital payment wallet therefore, it’s pretty obvious to think can you use google pay at Walmart? Well, Walmart enables you for multiple payment options, including PayPal, Amex Debit & Credit Cards, Visa Card, and MasterCard, however, when it comes to Google Pay and Samsung Pay Walmart doesn’t take payment from Google Pay and Samsung Pay and the worst part is these terms apply for both Online and in-store.

Nothing to panic, because Walmart got the solution for the consumers and enabled them to install Walmart Pay on Android and iOS smartphones to pay at self-checkout aisles and registers. 

Walmart Pay is one of the convenient options for the customers to pay and track all their spending, make returns, and other benefits.

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What is Walmart Pay & How Does Walmart Pay Work?

In simple terms, Walmart Pay is Walmart’s official mobile payment gateway (Digital Payment) that can be downloaded into your Android, or iOS smartphones. 

You can consider Walmart Pay into the same category as Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other popular payment wallets.

However the biggest difference between Walmart Pay and other mobile wallets is, Walmart pay is applicable for Walmart stores only, and the rest of them can be used on a variety of stores, gas stations, and other platforms.

You can easily link your debit, credit, and gift cards with Walmart Pay and can be used as a payment option for your next shopping. Let’s learn does Walmart take google pay in 2022?

Why Doesn’t Walmart Have Google Pay Or Samsung Pay?

You can consider it business strategies because once a user downloads the Walmart Pay app on their phone, Walmart can deliver and offer other products and services to the consumers such as reward points, deal notifications, e-gift cards, and others, which can’t be done in other mobile wallet apps. 

Apart from that, Walmart also wants to capture and store their consumer’s data for further use. If you make payment from other wallet apps then Walmart doesn’t have enough access to capture data and use it for the future. 

The best thing which I personally like about Walmart Pay is their developer team has done an impressive task and developed the Walmart Pay app in such a way so that anyone who is carrying old phones can also make payment. 

Their app Walmart Pay not containing NFC technology for smartphone transactions, they’ve instead opted for a QR code system. 

Because of not including NFC technology removes the barricades for the older smartphones to pay.

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Does Walmart Pay Similar To Samsung Pay and Google Pay?

Well, let’s be honest on this, all the payment gateway apps work in a similar way, however, the technology creates the differences. 

If we talk about Walmart then it works based on a QR code system and developed without using NFC technology that enables consumers to pay without transmitted financial information while transactions. 

Google Pay uses Near-Field communication, which is quite secure to make transactions.

How Walmart Pay Works

Walmart Pay App works in the same manner as other digital payment apps work. All you need to do is install the Walmart Pay app on your device and attach your credit or debit card or gift card. Save the card for further use. The first added card will be the primary card so the payment will be deducted from this card only unless you opt for another card. Here are the detailed steps to use Walmart Pay Online and In-store.


  • Save all your card in the app will surely save your time at the checkout point. While making the payment at the checkout section, choose Use MyCard or Walmart Pay option to release the payment.


The procedure to use Walmart Pay at In-Store is slightly different from online. Let’s break down the steps.

  • Once you’re done with buying products, travel to the final checkout.
  • Either self-scan or take the help of a Walmart Colleague.
  • A secret QR code will appear on the NFC reader machine.
  • Launch the Walmart Pay app and click on the QR Scan button.
  • Scan the displayed QR code on the NFC reader machine for a couple of seconds, and you’ll be notified with a beep means the transaction has been finalized.
  • Before leaving the counter, don’t forget to receive an e-receipt for payment proof.

Reasons To Use Walmart Pay In Walmart Stores?

There are plenty of reasons which attract customers to use Walmart Pay. Let’s find out some of them. 

  • Enables you to link your Gift cards, credit and debit cards effortlessly. 
  • Works on a QR-based system which is more convenient for older smartphones.
  • Offers you attractive cash backs, gift cards, and others.
  • User-friendly app interface.
  • Automatic saves receipts in the Walmart app.
  • Easily downloadable for Android and iOS devices.

How To Download Walmart Pay and Add A Card?

The entire process of downloading Walmart and adding a card to it is pretty simple. In fact, it hardly takes a couple of minutes. 

All you require to have is a Walmart account, if you haven’t already you can easily create it from 

Android users can get the Walmart App from Google Play Store, and iOS users should use App Store to get the app into the phone.

Note: Before you proceed, it is important for you to understand that the Walmart app allows you to link Gift Cards, Credit, or Debit Cards effortlessly, however not allow you to directly link a bank account.

Walmart Pay App Downlaod

Follow the given steps below to add a card to your Walmart App.

  • Launch the Walmart App once it is downloaded from the App store. 
  • On the home screen, you can find “Services” under the features list. (Generally, located bottom of the screen).
  • Under the list find and click on the “Walmart Pay”.
  • Simply click on the “Get Started” button. 
  • The next screen will ask you to login into your account, if you haven’t any account you can create a new one from here. 
  • Now login into your account with the help of login credentials. 
  • Now you will have the option to click on a debit card & credit card.
  • You can enter the card details manually or use your camera to capture the image and submit it to Walmart. 
  • Now Click on “Type Card Info Instead”.
  • Fill in the basic information and click on the continue button to reflect the changes.
  • Walmart app will ask you to create a “Four-Digit PIN” or “Fingerprint” for your account. This security feature will be used whenever you make any payment. 
  • Boom !!! you are done with adding the card to Walmart App.

What Types Of Payment Does Walmart Accept and Do Not Accept?

Walmart is a big giant around the planet, so they come up with multiple payment options and allow users to make payments by following methods at their in-store locations.

Note: These are the payment methods that can be used to make transactions at Walmart.

Can I Split Payment On Walmart Online?

Yes, you can. Walmart enables you to split your payment on Walmart Online. However, let’s under the categories they have divided for users. 

  • Walmart doesn’t allow users to mix the payment type with Pay in Cash or PayPal.
  • Walmart does not provide you the facilities to use two or more prepaid cards/debit or credit cards simultaneously.
  • Users have the option to use a maximum of 6 cards (1 debit/ credit card and up to 5 gift cards).
  • You can not buy other gift cards using the gift cards.

How Much Does Walmart Pay 16 Year Olds?

This is a tough question that has been asked, as the salary of every job role is different. 

Still, I try my best to explain the salary structure of Walmart, see, the way a cashier got a different salary, customer services provided, and the stock manager has a different salary scale. You can find the basic salary structure below that 16 years old can get.

Cashier16+$10 – $14
Sales Associate16+$10 – $15
Stocker16+$10 – $15
Retail Sales Associate16+$10 – $17
Pharmacy Technician16+$12 – $19

Note: This is an average salary you can get at Walmart, however, you will be discussed once you go through the interview on Walmart.

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Wrapping Up Of Does Walmart Accept Google Pay:

This article describes to you in-depth that Walmart doesn’t accept payment from Google Pay and Samsung Pay, but nothing to worry about because they have introduced their payment wallet called Walmart Pay. 

You can simply download the app for your iOS and Android device from the application store. All you have to do is login into the app using your user id and password and add your cards and start taking the benefits of Walmart services. 

I hope this article regarding does Walmart take Gpay provided you enough information about Does Walmart Accept Google Pay 2022. If you still have any questions or suggestions regarding the same, you can leave me a comment below.

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