How Old is My iPhone – 5 Simple Ways to Find Out! [Updated July 2022]

If you want to sell or exchange your old iPhone it’s incredibly crucial to know How Old Is My iPhone to get the best value out of it.

No hesitation in committing that iOS phone indeed performs better than Android. Any standard iPhone such as iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone SE, or any model performs smoothly for 5 to 7 years, or even more.

Although every phone has an age including iPhones. So, it’s a common question among iOS phone users is How Old is My iPhone?

Even if you don’t want to sell it or aren’t having issues with your phone, knowing the answer could help you make an informed decision concerning which new model you should buy!

Furthermore, knowing how old your iOS phone is can be interesting in and of itself.

What happens if your phone starts functioning weirdly and you are completely unaware about iPhone’s age?

This article will show you how to figure out the age of your phone so you can keep it running smoothly and protect yourself from the possibility of something going wrong or damaging your phone through normal wear and tear.

Below given methods will unlock everything about your iPhone and disclose much stuff like iPhone name, Serial Number, Age of phone, iPhone IMEI number, and others.

So without any further delay let’s move and unlock the process.

Methods to Find How Old is Your iPhone | When Did I Get My iPhone

There are a couple of ways to find age of iPhone, below given methods enables you to find your iPhone age;

  1. Using Apple’s Check Coverage
  2. Apple Support App
  3. Chipmunk Klantenservice.
  4. Alternative Method
  5. Bonus Tip.

Attention: Before we deep down into the topic, you must have your iPhone’s serial number. If you’re unaware of how to find an Apple’s serial number, here are the quick steps.

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How to Find the Serial Number of your iPhone

Here is how to check iPhone serial number;

  1. Turn on your phone and travel to the Settings page.
  2. Under the Settings, find and click on the General tab.
  3. Scroll down or up and find the About section, (Depends on models).
  4. On this screen, you can see your iPhone’s serial number.
  5. Note down it.

Quick Guide- Travel to the Settings > Choose General > Go to About > Serial Number.

Important: iOS phone’s serial number comes in the form of AABCCDDDEEF, which can be read as given above. 

Method1#. How To Check iPhone Age using Apple’s Check Coverage

Make sure you’ve got the serial number which you noted by following earlier steps.

  • Launch the available browser on your PC or Phone, and travel to [Apple Check Coverage]
  • Once the website opens, type the iPhone’s serial number and then enter the display code (Captcha) and hit on the Continue button.
  • The next screen will display several details of your phone. The Repairs and Service Coverage will disclose the Estimated Expiration Date. On the flip side, if your device is older than a year then you won’t be able to find the Expiration Date. 

Attention: Don’t worry, if your device is older than a year, in such a case, you can check Phone age by moving to the Chipmunk Klantenservice methods.

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Method2#. Find The Real Age Of Apple Phone using Chipmunk Klantenservice [ONLINE TOOL]

Chipmunk iPhone age checker is a third-party tool that enables you to find the age of your iPhone using the serial number. Follow the below-given steps to check iPhone age within a minute.

  • Launch the browser on PC or Apple phone, and navigate to Chipmunk Website.
  • The Home Screen of Chipmunk asks you to enter the serial number, as you can see in the image below.
  • Type Serial Number and smash on the Show The Information button.
  • Scroll down and here you’ll get all the details about your apple phone.

Note: On this method, you won’t get the specific date, but the Production year and Production week, using that you can calculate the age of your Apple Phone.

Method#3. How To Find iPhone Age Using Apple Support App

In order to do iPhone age check this method is one of the most authentic and reliable. In this method, you don’t need to provide your iPhone’s serial number to a third-party tool but have to download the official iOS app named Apple Support

This app lets you connect with Apple customer executives and offers you many facilities such as repairing your device, enquiring about any bugs, checking out your purchases and subscription, and other features. 

Furthermore, using this app you can also check when the device warranty expires and you can get the details of when you purchased your phone. Let’s jump to the steps to find out how old is iPhone? 

  • Travel to the App Store on your device.
  • Download the app on your device and launch it.
  • Now click on the Device Details option under the device image.
  • Here you can see the warranty expiration date right under the Coverage Info tab (If your device is less than a year old).
  • Once you’ve got the expiration date, now you can easily calculate the age of your iPhone.

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Alternative Method To Find How Old Is Your Device

If nothing worked for you, the ultimate way to check your email. Because during purchasing, you not only get a hardcopy of the receipt but also a softcopy in your email that contains the complete details, so from there you can also know the age of your Apple Device. 

Bonus Tips:

All the given methods require an Internet connection, but what if, if you’re not connected to the Internet? In such a case, you won’t be able to find out your iPhone’s age, Right? 

Nothing to worry about, TechBeholder provides you with an alternate method, which works perfectly offline. And using this method you can find your iPhone’s age within a second. 

This method is connected to the serial number, and by following the trick you can identify easily. As you know, the iPhone’s serial number is a combination of 12 characters long, and out of them note the 4th character carefully but this trick doesn’t work for iPhones that were launched after 2021. 

Let’s find out how to find when my Apple phone was made and activated.

K2013First Half
L2013Second Half
M2014First Half
N2014Second Half
P2015First Half
Q2015Second Half
R2016First Half
S2016Second Half
T2017First Half
V2017Second Half
W2018First Half
X2018Second Half
Y2019First Half
X2019First Half
D2020Second Half

FAQs Of How To Check How Old Your iPhone Is:

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#2. How old is my iPhone 11?

#3. How to check the battery age of an iPhone?

Wrapping Up:

It’s tricky to find out How Old Is My iPhone if you don’t know the procedure, but once you apply the methods shared in this post will enable you to check the manufacturing date, your iPhone’s age, warranty, and many others easily. 

I’ve personally used all these methods to check the exact age of my iPhone. I hope this article was informative and provided you with point-to-point information. 

If I’ve missed out on something, don’t forget to let me know in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share your honest opinion about this guide.

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