How to Change Password on HBO Max?

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How to Change Password on HBO Max?: What’s up, guys? Are you ready to stream HBO Max on your device? 


You are now the proud owner of an HBO Max subscription but the problem is you’ve just been told you have to change your HBO Max password because it’s no longer secure enough! 

You need to get started right away, but you don’t know where to start and how to change HBO Max Password. 

Relax, my friend! 

I’m here to teach you the steps to change and reset your HBO Max password if you have forgotten your password easily, fast, and free! 

Just follow these simple and easy steps and you are done! So what are you waiting for? 

Let’s get started, shall we?

Before we touch on the topic, it’s essential to overview the HBO Max platform.

Note: The best thing about changing the HBO Max password is there are a couple of methods available so you can choose according to your convenience.

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What Is HBO Max & How To Change Password On HBO Max

HBO Max is an OTT video streaming platform so once you subscribe to their premium subscription you unlock HBO Max features and services. 

HBO Max offers you a wide range of video content including Original Of HBO Max, Movies, Shows, and Series for all generations of people at a pocket-friendly price. 

The inception of HBO Max was May 27, 2020, in America which is owned by WarnerMedia. 

Furthermore, you must also know that HBO Max is not only a platform, in fact, but also a combination of HBO Now, and HBO Go. Using HBO Max you also get video content from third-party platforms.

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How to Change HBO Max Password?

There are a couple of ways to enable you to change the HBO Max Password. I’ll break them down below.

Method#1: Change HBO Max Password Using App

To change the HBO Max password using the HBO Max App is one of the popular and convenient ways, but make sure your device is connected with a stable Internet connection. Now apply the below-given instruction.

  • Launch the HBO Max App on your device, tap on the Profile Icon (On the top right corner).
  • Now choose the Settings icon.
  • Choose your account from the display list, and smash on the Edit button.
  • The next page will ask you to type your Current Password, type, and hit on the Ok button.
  • Now affix the new desired password in the respective field.
  • In the end, tap on the Save button to save all your changes.

That’s all, your HBO Max Password has changed successfully. Now you’ll require a new password to sign in.

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Method#2: Change HBO Max Password Using Browser?

For some reason, if you fail to use the HBO Max app, here is another method, because HBO Max also allows you to change the password using your browser. Simply do follow the given instructions.

  • Connect your devices with a proper Internet connection and launch any available browser. 
  • Navigate to and travel to the Sign In Page. 
  • Now login into your HBO Max account with the associated User ID and Password (Current Password).
  • Once you enter your account, click on the Profile icon.
  • Choose your account, and click on the Edit button.
  • This page will ask you to type your password, so append your current password and click on the Ok button.
  • The next screen will ask you to type a new password and click on the Save button.

You’ve successfully changed HBO Max Password using the browsers. Next time you log in you’ll need to enter a new password.

Attention: If your HBO Max login details are the login details of the TV provider, then reset or change the HBO Max account password through the TV provider.

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How to Reset HBO Max Password When Logged In?

If you’ve forgotten your HBO Max Password when you’re logged in, here are the steps to reset HBO Max Password.

  • Go to your HBO Max app and click on the Profile icon then travel to the Settings page.
  • Select your HBO Max account and tap on the Edit button. 
  • This page will ask you to type your Current Password, but as we’re learning here steps to change the reset HBO Max password, choose Forgot Password?
  • After clicking on Forgot your password option, it will ask you to enter your registered email address with the HBO Max account.
  • Enter your email address, choose the Submit option.
  • HBO Max will send an email regarding resetting the HBO Max password.
  • Access your registered email and open the mail you got.
  • On the mail, you’ll get a link to Reset Password, tap on it and apply the on-screen instruction.
  • Type a new password, click on the Save button, and now the HBO Max password is reset successfully.

How to Reset HBO Max Password When Logged Out?

On the flip side, if you’re not logged in to your HBO Max account, and want to change your password on HBO Max, here are the instructions you need to follow.

Note: The process of Logged out and Logged in is similar.

  • Go to the HBO Max sign-in option and don’t sign in.
  • Now tap on the Forgot Password?
  • It’ll ask you to submit your registered email id with HBO Max.
  • Type and then click on the Submit button. 
  • You’ll receive a mail for resetting the HBO Max password on the given email address.
  • Open the received email, and you’ll notice a Reset Password link in the mail, click on it.
  • Submit the required details regarding your HBO Max account, and follow on-screen instructions.
  • Lastly, click on the Save button, and here you go. HBO Max Password is reset successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Why will not HBO Max let me reset my password?

Generally, the process to reset the HBO Max password is pretty straightforward, as we’ve discussed in this guide. But if you’re not able to reset the password then it may be due to you not providing them your associated email id when you were asked after clicking on the Forgot Password? 

#2. How do I change my email for HBO Max?

If you want to change your associated email id in HBO Max then simply travel to the and sign to your account, tap on the Profile icon, and then select Edit Profile, type old email id and then type new one which you want to assign with HBO, at last click on Save button.

#3. HBO Max password reset not working?

Ensure you’ve got a stable internet connection, and the email id you’re providing is registered with HBO Max.

#4. HBO Max password reset email not sending?

If you’ve submitted the associated email id then HBO Max won’t be able to send you a password reset link, however, if you’ve provided them with the original email id then check your Spam folder, or click on Resend button.

Wrapping Up:

HBO Max is one of the incredible platforms that offers you a vast range of content such as movies, shows, and series but to avail of the benefits of HBO Max, you need to buy their premium subscription.

If you want to stream free content through HBO then subscribe to HBO Pay-TV for free streaming. To change the password of HBO Max you’ll need to follow a few steps which are discussed in this guide.

In addition, I’ve also shared the steps to reset the HBO Max password. I believe this guide was informative, but if I’ve missed out on something, don’t forget to let me know in the comment section.

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