How To Connect Firestick To Wi-Fi Without Remote

Have you lost your Firestick Remote and looking for How To Connect Firestick To Wi-Fi Without Remote? Ok let’s begin with a story.

A few days back, I was traveling to Canada, and there was a doubt in my mind if the hotel room would provide me a smart TV or not, and I planned to carry Fire TV Stick along with me.

But the bad doesn’t things leaves us alone, and the same happened with me. I left my Firestick remote at home. 

The firestick device automatically connects to the last connected network. If this device comes across to the new network, you’ve to connect it using the remote manually, but earlier I said I left the remote at home. 

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I was unable to connect it with the TV because of the absence of the remote. I knew buying a universal remote would resolve the problem, but I wasn’t in the mood to burn my money, so I refused to buy a new one. 

At the same time, I researched how to connect Firestick to Wi-Fi without a remote and tried several methods. 

A few of them worked, and I’m listing them in this article. There are high chances you’ll connect Fire TV stick to Wi-Fi even if you do not have a compatible remote. So let’s get start the topic.

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Why Do You Need to Connect Firestick Without a Remote?

Connecting Firestick to Wi-Fi without remote is pretty straightforward, and the reason to connect Firestick to Wi-Fi without remote can vary from person to person. 

If you’ve lost the Firestick remote, and you’ve changed the connected Wi-Fi password, moving to some other location, or you are traveling. 

All the above cases will require to connect Firestick with Wi-Fi to work smoothly. However, Firestick’s behave is to connect automatically with the last connected Wi-Fi only, so all given scenario has changed the Wi-Fi, and you’ve missed the remote already. 

Assume you’re going through any of the cases presented above; you’ll need to connect Firestick to Wi-Fi, but you’re missing remote, Right? 

No need to fret, as there are a couple of ways available for the same, which I’ll disclose all of them below. 

Let’s understand how to connect Firestick to new Wi-Fi without remote with step by step guide.

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Use an HDMI-CEC Remote:

One of the best ways For how to connect my Firestick to Wi-Fi without a remote is to use HDMI-CES Remote. 

Using this way, you can control Firestick without remote. These CES remotes are basically known as a universal remote of the sort. 

The best thing about CEC remote is they are compatible with the majority of the HDMI-supported devices, and luckily Firestick is one of them. 

If you’re a Fire TV stick user, you know it connects to the TV with the help of an HDMI port so that the CEC can be the handy way for this issue. 

To perform this method, you should’ve already enabled CEC support on your Firestick device. If you haven’t, leave this method and move to the below one. 

Let’s understand how you can enable HDMI CES on your Firestick device.

  • Launch your Fire Stick device’s home screen and navigate to the “Settings” page.
  • Under the settings, find and launch the “Display & Sounds” section.
  • Choose the menu bar and scroll down and find “HDMI CEC Device Control,” press the “Ok” button to 
  • Ensure the option is enabled.
  • And finally, press the “YES” when it asks for confirmation.

Note: HDMI CEC remotes are cheaper, and the best thing about these remotes is you can get them everywhere (consumer electronic shops).

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Using Fire TV App on Another Mobile

In case if you’re not able to get HDMI CEC remote, and lost fire stick remote, then don’t go away; I’ve got you another one. 

In this method, you’ll need to download the Fire TV App to connect Firestick to Wi-Fi without remote; also, remember this process will require two devices that can be either your smartphones or tablets. 

To Connect Firestick To Wi-Fi without Remote, apply the given methods below.

  • Use the App Store to download Fire TV app on both devices.
  • Now set up a hotspot on the other device, using the same password and SSID which you were using earlier.
  • Once done, connect your Firestick device with the hotspot.
  • Also, make sure the Fire TV app is associated with the same hotspot.
  • When you’re done with the above five steps, your Fire TV app is ready to control the Firestick
  • Under the settings of the Fire TV app, you can connect the device with the new available Wi-Fi.
  • You can deactivate the hotspot when the app is associated with the new Wi-Fi network.

Connect Firestick to Wi-Fi Using Echo or Echo Do:

Another best way to connect Firestick to Wi-Fi without remote is using the Echo Dot or Echo. These Echo Dot or Echo can be used as a replacement for your second smartphone. 

Echo Dot or Echo’s voice command can be used to connect with the newly available network. When you’re connected to the new Wi-Fi, your voice is familiar to the Echo Dot, or Echo can stream the content. 

By using this method, you can control Firestick without remote effortlessly. 

Universal Remotes:

If the above methods don’t go your way, then it’s time to bring a new one at home, known as a universal remote. 

This remote is available in all consumer electronics stores, also not expensive to buy. The best thing about these remotes comes with voice commands and better functionality. 

Connecting Firestick to Wi-Fi without remote is pretty straightforward. Even a newbie also can do it. That’s all for connecting fire tv stick to Wi-Fi without remote, and all are working methods.

Wrapping Up:

This detailed guide explained how to connect Firestick to Wi-Fi without a remote. In this post, I have shared a couple of ways to do so if you choose any given according to your convenience. 

I checked all the methods to tell you what will perform for you. The universal remote is the best way to connect Firestick to Wi-Fi without a remote. 

If you’ve any questions or suggestions regarding How To Connect Firestick To Wi-Fi without remote, you can leave me a comment below.

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