How to Install Spectrum TV App on Firestick 2023? [Complete Guide]

Are you struggling to install Spectrum TV App On Firestick? Keep your worries away because one of my friends (Candy) had the same problem, she owns a Firestick and Candy loves to stream TV on her Firestick device. 

One day she came to me and asked, I can’t find the Spectrum TV App on Firestick, please, tell me how to install Spectrum TV App On Firestick.

Well, the answer is a little disappointing for Firestick users, because you can not download the Spectrum TV app on Firestick through the Amazon App Store due to geo-restriction.

If you’re located in the USA, you can get a Spectrum app for Firestick easily from the App Store, others can follow the guide to get it.

Because in this guide I’m going to teach you the exact steps I told Candy to install the Spectrum TV App on Firestick 4K.

Before you jump to the step, make sure not to apply these steps on frozen Firestick, you can fix it in a minute.

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The Spectrum TV App is a FREE mobile app that enables Spectrum TV consumers to watch On-Demand content, more than 85000 TV Shows, and over 125 Live TV Channels on various devices such as Roku, Apple TV, Xbox One, Chromecast, Smart TVs, and others. 

The App is directly accessed on all the leading OTT devices, but unfortunately, Firestick is not included in the list. Below we will unlock the steps to get Spectrum TV App on Amazon Firestick without any hassle.

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Is the Spectrum TV app on Fire Stick?

Firestick users have a common question: is the Spectrum TV app available on Firestick? People from the USA have the option to download the Spectrum TV app for Firestick using the App Store. 

But outside of the USA Firestick users can’t get the Spectrum App on Fire Stick through the Amazon App Store. But don’t worry, you can still watch Spectrum app content on Firestick by following this guide.

Why is the Spectrum App Not on Fire Stick?

Spectrum TV App is not available on Amazon App Store just because of the incompatibility between Firestick and Spectrum App. However, some workarounds allow you to access the app on Firestick easily. All you need to do is, download the Spectrum TV App on a compatible device and then create a account.

How to Install Spectrum TV App on FireStick 2023?

Below we will discuss the methods to get Spectrum App on Fire Stick. Actually, we are going to explain four methods, so that you can choose the one according to your preference. These are the 4 methods for Spectrum TV App download.

  1. How to Watch Spectrum TV using Silk Browser (Outside the US)
  2. How to Watch Spectrum TV using Apk Method
  3. How to Watch Spectrum TV using Amazon App Store (for US only)
  4. How to Cast Spectrum from iPhone or Android to Fire Stick

Note: You must use a reputed VPN to access the Spectrum TV App on Amazon Fire Stick.

How to Watch Spectrum TV Using a Internet Browser

In this method, we are going to use the Internet browser to visit the Live Streaming Website. You can use Amazon Silk or Firefox.


Launch the browser, and accept the Terms.


Type into the URL section, and hit Go.


You will land on this page.

Spectrum TV App on FireStick


Simply enter your credentials, then click on I’m not a robot, and Sign In.


Successful Sign In will allow you to stream Spectrum TV App on Firestick effortlessly.

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How to Download Spectrum TV App on FireStick using Apk Method [Third Party App]

As we have discussed above the Spectrum TV App is not available on Amazon App Store, so in such case, we will sideload the Spectrum App using the Downloader App. Let’s learn how to get Spectrum TV App on Firestick

Step 1: 

Turn on your Firestick and access Settings from the Home Screen.

Get the Spectrum TV App On Fire Stick

Step 2:

Now select the My Fire TV option.

Step 3:

Find and click the Developer Options and then select Apps From Unknown Sources to enable it by clicking on the Turn On button.

Step 4:

Once it’s enabled, navigate to the home screen of your Firestick, and select the Find option.


You can see a Search Bar click on it.

Step 6:

Here you will have to type Downloader, and it will automatically start suggesting you the app.

Step 7:

Choose Downloader Icon from the Apps & Games Section and then click Download or Get button.

Step 8:

Now wait, until the app gets installed on your Firestick device.

Step 9: 

Once done, Open Downloader App on Firestick.

Step 10:

If any prompt appears, click Ok or I Accept.

Step 11:

Now the Downloader app will ask you for permission to access your Photos, Files, and Media, simply click Allow.

Step 12:

On the Downloader App home screen, you can notice an Address Bar / URL Bar where you will have to enter the URL of the Spectrum TV app.

Step 13:

Now use your remote and type

if the Firestick remote not working, let’s fix it in 60 seconds.

Step 14:

On this screen, you can see all the versions of the Spectrum TV App, select the latest one, and click Install Spectrum TV App.

Step 15:

It may take a few seconds to install the Spectrum App on your Firestick, but once done, click Open.

Step 16:

Now Sign In to your Spectrum account by entering the Spectrum TV Credentials provided by the Spectrum App Subscription.

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How to Cast Spectrum from iPhone or Android to Fire Stick

If the above methods are not working for you, or you aren’t able to install the Spectrum TV app on your Fire Stick. Here is the alternate method to watch its content wirelessly by casting the app.

For this method, you will require an Android or iOS device. Let’s find out the steps to cast Spectrum TV to your Fire Stick device using the Casting feature.

Step 1:

Start with connecting your Firestick and your Android or iOS device with the same WiFi network. If you’re unable to connect, go through this guide to connect Firestick to Wi-Fi Without Remote

Step 2:

The next thing, you need to download the Spectrum TV App on your iOS or Android device.

Step 3:

When the Spectrum App is installed on your device, enter the Spectrum TV Credentials into the app to access the content.

On iOS

Step 1:

Open Control Center on your iPhone.

Step 2:

Tap on Screen Mirroring.

Step 3:

Now your iPhone will start searching for wireless displays. Also remember, this method only works only if your Firestick has support for Apple AirPlay so ensure to check it first.

Step 4:

Once it finds Firestick, simply click on Screen Mirroring the Spectrum TV App on your Firestick.

Step 5:

This is how to Mirror iPhone to Firestick

On Android:

Step 1:

Access the Cast or Screen Mirroring option on your Android device. You can get it by swiping down from the home screen.

Step 2:

It will look for Wireless displays.

Step 3:

When you see Fire Stick, tap on it, and now you can stream the Spectrum TV App on Fire Stick streaming device by using the Screen Mirroring feature and Watch TV shows and live TV..

How to Watch Spectrum TV using Amazon App Store (For US Only)

If you belong to the USA then you can directly download the Spectrum TV App on your Firestick streaming device from Amazon App Store without jailbreaking Firestick. Here are the steps:

Step 1:

Go to your Firestick home screen and tap on the Find tab.

Step 2:

Now click on the Search option and type Spectrum.

Step 3:

Once the Spectrum App logo appears, click on it.

Step 4:

Now click the Download or Get button and wait for a few minutes until the Spectrum TV APP gets downloaded and Installed.

Step 5:

Once downloading and installing the app completes, launch the app.

Step 6:

Now you’ll have to enter the login credentials of your Spectrum app.

Step 7:

After a successful login, you can stream Spectrum TV App content on your Firestick easily.

What Devices Are Compatible With Spectrum TV App? What are the Compatible Devices With the Spectrum TV App?

Spectrum TV App supports all the leading devices in the market. You can find the list of supporting devices by Spectrum App below.

  • Amazon: Kindle Fire HDX, and Kindle Fire [except first-generation]
  • Apple: iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, and iPod Touch [Running iOS 12 or higher]
  • Google Chromecast: [Support All Chromecast]
  • All models of Xbox
  • Samsung Smart TV [Model 2012 or higher]
  • Android Tablets, and Phones [Android version 5.0 or above]
  • Almost all Roku including Roku Express, Roku Express +, Roku Premiere and Premiere +, Roku 1, 2, 3, and 4 streaming players, Roku Ultra Streaming Players, and Stick. But if you’ve Roku first and second-generation Roku Device, then you won’t be able to use the Spectrum TV App on it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

#1: Is the Spectrum TV app available in every region?

Honestly, NO. users outside of the USA can’t directly download the Spectrum App but sideload is the process that makes you enable it. You can use any VPN and connect it to the USA server.

#2: Can you get the Spectrum TV app on Fire Stick?

Yes, if you’re from the USA you can get Spectrum TV App on Amazon Firestick from the Amazon App Store. People outside of the USA need to sideload the app and for this, they will need a VPN.

#3: Why is the Spectrum TV App on Firestick says unavailable?

It is because you’re trying to access the Spectrum TV App on your Fire Stick from outside of the USA. Spectrum TV App comes with geo-restriction so accessing it from outside of the USA requires you to sideload it.

#4: Where to download the Spectrum TV app?

To download Spectrum TV App on Android or iOS you should go to Google Play Store or App Store and then use the magnifying glass to search the app. Tap Install when the Spectrum logo appears.

Wrapping Up:

Installing the Spectrum TV App on FireStick is an easy process if you’re from the USA, else you have to sideload the app. Spectrum TV App is an amazing way to stream movies, and TV Shows at a very low cost of just $44.99/month

The best part about the Spectrum TV App is it’s compatible with almost all the leading streaming devices. But Spectrum App comes under the Geo-Restriction which means only USA users can download the app from Amazon App Store, but others have to sideload it. In this detailed guide, we have shared with you a step guide on how to install Spectrum TV App on Firestick.

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