How to Install and Watch Paramount Plus on Xbox? [Updated 2023]

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If you’ve enabled yourself with Xbox and wondering what other things Xbox can do other than playing games such as to stream Paramount Plus on Xbox. Well, Xbox is more than a gaming console, it can play various types of streaming apps on it such as Paramount+

So, in short paramount plus Xbox is the perfect combination.

This detailed guide will teach you how you can enjoy the extensive library of games and limitless live streaming services at the same time by signing up paramount plus on Xbox.

Paramount+ is a subscription-based OTT platform that enables you to stream a vast range of video content on different types of devices such as PS 5 and Xbox. 

Also, Paramount Plus works on PS5, however you will need to follow the steps. Paramount Plus platform is owned and operated by a division of ViacomCBS.

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What is Paramount Plus?

Paramount plus is a premium online streaming platform that unlocks your streaming problem at one place. This platform is owned and operated by a division of ViacomCBS Digital.

Using this OTT streaming platform, you unlock to the content on almost every streaming device, including a few gaming consoles.

There are several contents available for streaming on Paramount Plus & Paramount+ enables you to access movies, TV shows, Episodes, Series, kids’s content Original Content, entertainment and other.

Subscribing Paramount Plus allows you to access contents like Laguna Beach, Tulsa King, Star Trek: Discovery, SpongeBob SquarePants, and many others.

Apart from these exciting contents it also enables streaming on up to 3 devices simultaneously, a parent control feature, and a 7-day free trial option. 

The reason behind Paramount+ to success is the pricing, they offer you subscriptions at an affordable price. Basically, Paramount plus offer you two types of tiers (Basic and Premium).

  • Basic – $4.99/month and $49.99/annually.
  • Premium – $9.99/month and $99.99/annually.

But how about to Install and Watch Paramount Plus on Xbox? Well, stay tuned, I’ll break down the steps into pieces.

Is Paramount Plus on Xbox One?

If you’re from USA get Paramount Plus on Xbox using the built-in Microsoft app store of Xbox. People outside of USA can’t find paramount plus on Xbox’s App store. Users outside of USA must use VPN to get it on Xbox. We highly recommend using ExpressVPN, because not only its cheap but provides you dozens of servers to connect with.

Paramount + is available on all the latest launched Xbox, and users can get is easily. Below we’ll learn the steps.

Can I Get Paramount Plus App On Xbox?

Can you get paramount plus on xbox one is the question users looking for? Paramount plus is a live streaming service that can be used to watch on-demand content. It has several components; one of the broad appealing features is a 24/7 live feed on local CBS stations with premium plans. 

You can say it’s a rebranding of CBS All Access, nothing much more than a name change. 

Microsoft Xbox has recently added new support for gamers so they can enjoy games plus live streaming of their favorite shows at the same time. 

Certainly by signing up for paramount plus on Xbox one can enjoy his favorite shows, sports highlights, recording of matches, versatility in games, live news, and much more in other words paramount plus is your one-stop destination.

Compatibility of Paramount Plus on Xbox Console?

If you have Xbox 360, Unfortunately, you can’t get the Paramount app on it because this app is not compatible with Xbox 360. However, we’ve tips, using that you can still watch Paramount Plus on Xbox 360 console.

Supported Models And Versions:

  1. Xbox one S and Xbox One X.
  2. Xbox Series S 
  3. XboxSeries X 

Only these Xbox series are capable of streaming content from Paramount+. But the question that arises is how you can get and stream Paramount+ content on your supportable Xbox device? Before we find the HOW, let’s find out features of Paramount +.

Paramount Plus Features:

As we discussed above Paramount+ app has attractive feature that makes this app so popular around the users. Here are some of the significant features of the Paramount Plus app.

  • Pocket-friendly subscription. 
  • Update the Library with new content.
  • Huge content library that fits all ranges of audience.
  • One solution for all your streaming issues.
  • Support a vast range of devices.
  • Enable you to stream your content on the go using your Smartphone or Tablet.

How to Watch Paramount Plus on Xbox?

Two methods enable you for this, once you’ve completed your sign-up steps.

  1. Stream by TV
  2. Stream by Paramount Plus

Depends on your choice of which method you want to adopt to stream on your Xbox.

Streaming by TV

  1. Go to Setting then Sign In
  2. Select on TV option
  3. Enter the credentials that you used to Sign Up for a subscription.
  4. Click on sign in and you can stream now.

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Streaming by Paramount Plus

You can sign up without using your credentials and a hassle-free instant activation of paramount plus on the Xbox console easily. By getting along with these steps you can simply get a paramount plus subscription.

  • Download the app at your Xbox.
  • Launch the App and Click Sign up
  • An automatic Code will appear on your Screen
  • Browse paramount plus/Xbox on your computer or mobile web browser.
    • Enter your code Press “Activate
  • Choose a subscription plan and continue it
  • Sign in if you’ve already created an account. otherwise, sign up for new account creation
  • Your Xbox screen will automatically refresh and you may stream your favorites of paramount+ on Xbox

How To Install & Watch Paramount Plus on Xbox?

You can’t find paramount plus on Xbox but have to install it on your Xbox there are primarily three methods through which you can install paramount plus on Xbox depending on your need and devices choose one that fits according to your devices.

  1. Download direct Paramount Plus on Xbox Console.
  2. Miracast Paramount Plus on Xbox by iOS devices
  3. Mirror cast paramount plus on Xbox by Android devices

Direct Download Paramount+

If you want to install Paramount+ directly on your Xbox go through these steps it takes only 5 minutes to complete it

  • Turn on your Xbox console device and pair it up with your smart TV either by HDMI cable or internet server.
  • Go to the Home Screen of your Xbox
  • Select My Games & Apps to click on the Apps section
  • Launch the Microsoft Store app on Xbox console Tap on the Search tab.
  • Type Paramount Plus in the search box and tap on the search button.
  • Once the Paramount Plus App icon is displayed Click on the Install button.
  • When you installed Paramount Plus on Xbox, Sign In for Paramount Plus by using your subscription credentials 

Now you can stream Everest of Entrainment by Paramount Plus on Xbox console devices.

Miracast Paramount Plus on Xbox by iOS Devices

Recently Wi-Fi Alliances launched a new technology of Miracast (wireless display on large screens) and the latest version of Xbox consoles supports this feature, let’s go through the steps by which you can Screen Mirror paramount+ on Xbox with the help of iPad/iPhone effortlessly.

  • Swipe up your iPhone/iPad and open the App Store
  • Click on the Search field and Type Paramount Plus on the Search tab 
  • Find Paramount Plus from the search list and click on Install Option
  • After installation of the app on your iPhone/iPad, log in to your Paramount subscription account.
  • Turn on your Xbox console and connect it to the same Wi-Fi server as your iOS devices are connected.
  • Swipe up your iPhone and go to the Control Center and click on the Screen Mirroring option.
  • Your PramountPlus app will begin to scan any nearby available devices.
  • Select your Xbox console from the given list.
  • Your Xbox is connected by your iPhone or iPad.
  • Now whatever you play on your iPhone/iPad, it will mirror the Xbox.
  • You can use your phone to operate Paramount Plus on Xbox in this way.

Mirror Cast Paramount Plus on Xbox by Android Devices:

The below steps will enable you to stream your Paramount content on your Xbox using the Cast feature.

  • Unlock your Android Phone and travel to the Play Store.
  • Type Paramount Plus in the search field of your Play Store home screen.
  • Once you see the app icon, click on the Install button and wait patiently. 
  • When the Paramount plus app is installed on your Android phone, launch the app, and log in with your Paramount plus account details.
  • Once paramount plus is to log in to your mobile, Connect Xbox with the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Click on the Cast icon your app and it’ll ask for a connection to a nearby Xbox console
  • Choose your Xbox from the scan list and your Xbox is ready to stream through your Android phone.

Pay Attention: If in your case Paramount Plus Xbox not working, Paramount plus lagging, or the App closing itself, updating the apps or reinstalling app with latest version should fix the problem.

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Tricks To Enjoy Paramount+ App On Your Xbox 360

To enjoy this app on your Xbox 360 you’ll have to access the Xbox App on your iPhone/iPad to watch Paramount+ on your Xbox 360 console, and Install the AllCast App on your Android device from Google Play Store, and stream content. 

Attention: Before you try this method, ensure to turn on your connected device feature from console settings.

How To Get Paramount+ For Free On Xbox?

Paramount Plus app doesn’t offer free access to the app, although here is the trick to avail Paramount plus Xbox app.

  • When a new user signs up in Paramount+ they have the option to get a free trial for up to 7 days. 
  • In these 7 days users get full control over the content. This free trial period doesn’t cost you anything.
  • Once the 7-day trial is up, the amount will be deducted from your account based on the subscription you choosed initially. 
  • However, if you don’t want to spend money then remember to cancel it within 7 days to avoid unnecessary charges.
  • Follow the below steps to cancel Paramount Plus subscription.

What Types Of Devices does Paramount Plus Support?

Paramount plus is a popular platform to stream content and it supports dozens of devices. Here is a couple of them that you can use to watch the content of Paramount Plus.

XboxPlayStation 4 and 5
Android Tablet & PhoneComputer
Apple TViPhone and iPad
ChromecastFire TV
Samsung TVLG TV
Android TVVizio TV
Xfinity deviceRoku

Is Paramount Plus free with Xbox Live?

Users who have the Xbox Game Pass can avail a free month of Paramount Plus via the Perk Gallery. Other than that, there is no other way available to get Paramount Plus.

How to Watch Paramount Plus in Australia?

People from outside of the USA can’t get the Paramount Plus app from Microsoft App Store, which means to watch Paramount plus in Australia will be required to install a VPN and connecting it to the USA server. Once you’re connected you can get the app on your device.

How to Cancel Paramount Plus on Xbox?

To cancel Paramount plus on your Xbox, all your need to follow below steps;

  • Navigate to / [PARAMOUNT PLUS COM XBOX] and on the top right corner you can notice a user icon, tap on it.
  • Now travel to the account section, and scroll down and find “Cancel Subscription.”
  • Tap confirm when asked, and you’ve canceled it.

Note: In case you chose another platform to subscribe Paramount+ such as Google Play Store, Amazon, App Store, or Roku, then skip these steps and move the that platform and cancel subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Can you get Paramount Plus on Xbox Australia?

#2. Is Paramount+ free with Amazon Prime?

#3. Can not get Paramount Plus on Xbox One?

Wrapping Up:

Paramount Plus app has a vast library of millions of episodes, various original programs, great collections of movies, and kids’ entertainment content. In short, audiences of all ages can get entertainment. It can be used on up to 3 devices simultaneously and allows streaming of 40k HDR with Premium sound. 

The best feature of Paramount+ on Xbox is parental control. Parents can allow only those category programs that suit their child’s age and ids are not able to change its setting on their own. 

After reading this post you’ll be pretty much familiar with how to install Paramount Plus on Xbox without any hassle. I hope these steps may help you to install and watch Paramount+ on Xbox still if you have doubts you can count on us at any time. Thanks for the sparkling moments in this article.

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