What Is Setup Wizard on Android? | Complete Guide of Setup Wizard for Android Phone [Updated 2023]

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Are you confused about using the Setup Wizard for Android Phone, or you do not know What Setup Wizard on An Android Phone Is? Nothing to panic about because this article will solve all your setup wizard on android queries.

In this post, you will get a step-by-step guide for Set up Wizard For Android; additionally, I’ll share the using method as well. 

If you’re new to this topic, it becomes more important for you to understand What Is Set Up Wizard, Right? 

Before we jump into the subject, let’s understand what the setup wizard for android phones is, what does setup wizard mean and the use of the Wizard setup.

Definition of Setup Wizard for Android Device

Setup Wizard is the tool that is installed on your Android phone and allows you to manage your apps from one station. Furthermore, you can also change font color on Android, but for that, you’ll require a few third-party apps.

Overview of Setup Wizard for Android

Setup Wizard is a platform that comes with various features, but its major function enables users to restore their previous apps on a new device (phone). 

Using the set up wizard on your android phone also allows you to install a custom ROM on your phone.

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What Is Setup Wizard & Benefits of Setup Wizard for Android?

What is Android setup wizard and what’s benefits of using it? Set up Wizard is an excellent platform for your android phone and removes the barricades in many ways. However, some stunning features on it make it so popular for android devices. I’ve short-listed some of the characteristic features, and you can find them below.

Features Of Setup Wizard:

  • Setup Wizard improves user experience by enabling users with below given features.
  • It allows users to restore previous apps on new android phones. (Available in premium version)
  • Using this tool, you can install a custom ROM on your Android device. (Available in premium version).
  • It allows you to access one profile on multiple devices. (Available in premium version).
  • Easy Device Configuration is also important factor.
  • Category your installed apps into categories and manage them. 
  • Wizard setup on android enables you to go through the initialization of the android device.
  • Also provide security features.

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How To Install Setup Wizard on Android?

Not just to install a custom ROM on your Android device and enable the user to restore previous apps on a brand-new phone, another benefit of Android Setup Wizard is it provides multiple profiles for users with several other Android devices for premium users.

How to Run Android Setup Wizard?

Now you may wonder How to run setup wizards on my phone, right? You’ll need to follow some procedures to run Setup Wizard on your Android Phone. Follow the following steps to run the android set up wizard:

  • To begin with, to set up the default language to run the android setup wizard. you have option to change it by clicking on the icon “Changing the default language.” Once you click on this option, you have the option to change the default language by yourself.
  • The next thing that needs to be changed is hearing and vision; from here, you have the option to change the font as well, but it is not mandatory. 
  • Go to “Accessibility” under “Settings.” From here, users can modify, review settings, such as font size and all.
  • Once users have done with the above two steps, the next thing, on the accessibility screen, tap on the “Start” and then “Next” for other settings.
  • It’s time to connect with the “Network,” but make sure you come with a stable network. If you have a stable network, choose the desired network, type the network password, and tap on the “Connect button” then next.
  • After entering the network password, you’ll come across (EULA) “End User License Agreement,” read the agreement. I know it is one of the monotonous tasks to do, but you should go through it to better understand, now “Tick” on the box saying “I Understand.”
  • Another thing is to read is Consent to get the Diagnostic and Usage Data Information. After going through this, you can press on either “Yes” or “No Thanks.” Hit the next button to get access to “Android Services and Apps”, here you will be required to have a Gmail or Google account. If you haven’t any Gmail account, create a new one by clicking on the “Get An Account.” 
  • After login with your Gmail account, click on the “Checkboxes” to set Google location preference, then tap next.
  • Now, this screen will come with a message saying, “This phone belongs to….” to personalize your phone, type your name, and click on the display arrow for further steps.
  • If you’re using a Samsung Android device, you need to have a Samsung account and a few Samsung apps. If you haven’t any Samsung account, nothing to panic about, you can always create a new one by clicking on the “Create an account,” however, if you already have, tap on the “sign-in” and enter login credentials.
  • You’ll get an option on your screen to edit your name; that name can be used to identify your phone.
  • Apart from the name editor, you can also enable “Easy Mode” to make your phone’s user interface even easier, simpler, and quicker.
  • The last option is to hit on the “Finish” button. 

Note: Above mentioned android wizard perform in maximum android phones; however, a few phones out there may occur some additional dialogue boxes, options while Setup Wizard configuration. Follow the on-screen instructions and prompts.

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How to Skip the Google Setup Wizards?

As Android Operating systems are a part of Google, users usually cannot skip this; however, if you have made your decision to skip this, then Honeywell Provisioner can be helpful.

Using Honeywell enables you to skip the Google Setup Wizard. But this method works only on a few devices.

If your Android phones are enabled with mobility hardware of 75e Android, CT60 Android, CT50 Android, CN51 Android, CN75, EDA50, CK75, and Android 4.x, Android 6.x, Android 7.x Operating systems, then only you can apply the following steps to skip the Google setup wizard.

  • Open “DeviceConfig.xml” on PC by using EZConfig after retrieving from the device.
  • Here you need to set the parameters at “0”. Once you’re done, you have the option to print the configuration barcode or download it from File 1. 
  • After a factory reset of your device, Google Setup Wizard will display on the screen. 
  • On this screen, scan the given barcode to save “Deviceconfig.xml” in IPSM/Honeywell/persist to activate the settings.
  • After saving the file, your phone will display “Desktop.”
  • Once “Deviceconfig.xml” is saved in IPSM/Honeywell/persist factory reset will enable you to skip Google Setup Wizard. [ENSURE ERASE IPSM IS NOT TICKED.]

Note: Once you’re done with all the above steps, you need to set up your device, and during this period, you’ll have to answer a few questions one-by-one as given below.

  1. Go to the language screen and press “Start.”
  2. Now go to the Wi-Fi screen and hit “SKIP” or “SKIP Anyway.”
  3. Navigate to the Google & Location option, then tap on the “Right Arrow.” 
  4. Tap on the “Date & Time” and press “Right Arrow.” 
  5. Now tap on the “Right Arrow” to highlight “This Device Belongs To.”
  6. Then click on “Right Arrow” to finish the “Google Services.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

No, not at all. Setup Wizard Android is the type of platform or tool that can be handy in many ways. Using this, you can install custom ROM on your device; apart from that, it manages all your apps. It also allows you to restore all your apps from old android phones to new ones.

It is pretty easy to delete the setup wizard from your android phone; press the left corner icon on the home screen, choose the page you want to get rid of, and then ok to confirm it.

It is not a big deal, and the entire setup has already been shared above this post. Scroll up and find the answer. 

The process may seems tricky but this guide has explained it from scratch. You can scroll up and get all the steps for how to get to setup wizard on android.

Wrapping Up:

Setup wizard android studio enables you to manage all your apps in one place; using the setup wizard android helps you install ROM on your phone with ease; however, you need a license for that. 

This detailed article explained everything about what is wizard setup & what is setup wizard on android phone? I hope this article was helpful for you and provided enough information about the wizard setup. 

If you still have any questions or suggestions regarding Setup Wizard For Android, you can leave me a comment below. 

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