Spotify Not Playing Songs? | How to Fix Spotify Not Playing Songs? – Solved 2022

I can relate with those Spotify users who experience errors while playing songs and wonder why is my Spotify not working in 2022? No worries, I also had the same problem, but after spending hours on researching on it, I’ve fixed Spotify Not Playing Songs or Spotify Not Working 2022 issues.

Here is the quick tips to fix Spotify Stops Playing error with a user-friendly guide. A few days back, I was in the mood to jam out to some of my favourite music on Spotify; I played, then came across one of the horrible errors; Spotify Not Playing Songs, you won’t believe it, but it ruined my entire day.

I tried several methods to fix Spotify not playing songs in order in 2022 error and eventually FIXED IT. 

No doubt, Spotify is remarkable music app, and has millions of subscribers around the world, so due to this, you can’t eliminate errors. Sometimes it occurs many errors such as Spotify Can’t Play This Right Now, Spotify downloaded songs not playing, Spotify Keep Pausing, and Spotify not playing songs after 10 seconds.

Let’s suppose you’re listening to your favourite song on Spotify, but suddenly the music stops playing, and you’re greeted with silence. You try another song in the playlist, but it doesn’t play either

At this point, you may be wondering if Spotify is not playing songs due to some technical issue. Or if it’s because of an error on your computers, such as with your Flash player, sound card, or software drivers, or due to a subscription issue, corrupted files, or application malfunction.

However, there are also several other causalities why Spotify might not be playing songs when you click the play button on a track or playlist. Let’s investigate why Spotify does not play songs and how to fix it.

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Why Is Spotify Not Playing Songs? | Fixing Spotify Not Playing Songs 

Can’t Play Current Song on Spotify is a common problem, and it’s not only you who is undergoing this issue?. It’s one of the most frustrating problems users facing today, and anyone can say is it’s Spotify’s fault

But it isn’t really Spotify’s fault. It’s probably not even your fault if you want to be honest with yourself. 

In this article, we’ll break down how Spotify works, why Spotify won’t play songs, and what can you do about it when you would come across this problem in the future or facing this issue right now.

Here are some steps you can take to ensure that you get the best possible Spotify experience from your device, wherever you happen to be! You can try these fixes in sequence and find out which one works best for you.

Troubleshoots to Fix Spotify Not Play Songs Issue

Below given method helped me to fix Spotify is not playing my playlist problem within a minute; you should also try them in sequence. 

#1. Restart Spotify To Fix Spotify Can’t Play Songs

The first way to check more about Spotify not playing songs issue is by restarting your Spotify app. Sometimes running Spotify for a more extended time can lead to a glitch or crash, bringing several types of error. 

You can check it by restarting your Spotify app, and it is a simple but effective way to fix this issue altogether. To restart the app, simply close it and relaunch it on your mobile. The exact process will apply with Spotify Web Player. Now check if the Spotify error problem has been resolved or not? If not, move to the second process.

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#2. Restart Your Device To Fix Spotify Not Playing Songs

If you’re having issues with your Spotify app, restarting your device could be just what you need to get it up and running again. Force-closing applications that aren’t responding is also a common fix for problems like freezing or crashing apps. 

To force-close an app on Android: Hold down your phone’s Power button until a message pops up asking if you want to Shut Down, Restart, or Reboot (Advanced). Choose Restart or Reboot (Advanced). The screen will go black, and then after a few seconds, you should see your home screen again. And check if the Spotify is not playing songs issue fixed or not. If not, move to the next.

#3. Check The Internet Connection or Switch It.

Spotify music streaming app is a top-rated app, and so it attracts a lot of attention from internet users. It can also be a big hit on data usage, which may be spotty at times in your location. 

If you’re having trouble getting your favourite songs to play and your Spotify not playing songs on your device, then the Internet can be the culprit. Try to reset it, or switch the Internet-connect, or call your ISP and see if they have any fixes for you. 

No luck? 

It could just be your connection or bandwidth usage that’s causing problems—or maybe Spotify isn’t working on your phone! Tell us in the comment section if the problem has been fixed.

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#4. Change The Subscription Level:

A few cases found that changing the subscription level fix this error. Many Spotify complaints once they quit Premium subscription of Spotify and shift to Freemium. You can try to change Spotify Settings to check Spotify not playing music error remains the same or fixed after applying the below instructions.

  • Log in to your Spotify account, and travel to the “Settings” located on the top-right corner.
  • Navigate to the “Music Quality” and replace it Lower to Very High (Available for Premium Spotify Users Only)

Note: Spotify is so clever in terms of reading consumers’ minds; if you take their prime subscription then downgrade to the free version, they will restrict you to access many features like freemium users can’t download songs to listen to them offline. So if this is the case, you won’t be able and face Spotify unable to play songs on your device.

#5. Not Enough Space:

If you’ve taken premium membership of Spotify and you just keep downloading the songs and playing them offline, and your device running out of space, it can be responsible for Spotify Not Play Songs on your Smartphone.

According to technical experts, it is recommended to keep at least 500MB to 1GB of free space on your Smartphone to run Spotify smoothly. You can follow the given steps to check and remove the unwanted files on your Spotify.

  • Launch the Spotify app on your Smartphone and log in to your account.
  • Navigate to the Settings tab, and choose Local Files. Turn Off Show Local Files.
  • Close the app and reopen it.
  • Play any music on Spotify and check if the issue of not playing music on Spotify has gone.

#6. Molestation With Crossfading

To remove playback problems in Spotify, you may need to molestation with crossfading because Crossfading feature is responsible for smooth transitions between music on Spotify.

If these features stop working for some reason, then it can bring the Spotify not playing music error on your device. You can reset this option by following the below steps.

  • Launch the Spotify app and log in with credentials. 
  • Go to Settings and choose Advanced Settings.
  • Click on the Playback option and click on the Turn On/Off the Crossfade Songs option. 
  • The default transition time is 5 seconds.
  • You can change it to “0” for a smoother and quicker transition between playing songs.
  • And check if you’ve eliminated Spotify not playing songs on iPhone, Android, or PC. If not, jump to another troubleshoots.

#7. Resync Spotify

If you’re like me, who download hundreds of songs to listen offline, but what if Spotify songs not playing? Wait, there may be a syncing problem. Resync Spotify may help you get rid of Spotify not playing songs error effortlessly because Spotify wants users to connect the app to the Internet once in 30 days to avoid syncing issues. 

Let’s suppose if you’ve downloaded pieces of music to listen offline and not connected the app to the Internet, it may lead to a syncing problem, and Spotify won’t play downloaded songs. You’ll need to connect the app with the Internet and Resync Spotify in such conditions. (Every 30 days).

#8. To Fix Spotify Not Playing Songs Close All Unnecessary Apps

If you’re still having problems with Spotify not playing songs on PC, or Smartphone, then it could be that something is using your internet connection—which is making it impossible for Spotify to stream. 

The first thing you can do is check if other people are experiencing issues with Spotify. If you’re on a PC, open Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) and check under Processes; on a Mac, open Activity Monitor (press Option + Command + 8). 

If one of these processes shows up, right-click or control-click on it and select Quit; you may have to restart your computer in order for Spotify to work again.

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#9. Reinstall Spotify To Fix Spotify Not Playing Songs:

If you’ve tried out all the troubleshoots to fix the issue. Still, nothing helped you, and wondering why does my Spotify keep stopping; then, the ultimate way to eliminate this issue is to uninstall the Spotify app from your device

Wait, I’m not saying don’t use this app anymore…

All you need to do is remove the app from your device entirely and reinstall it. It was noticed that any corrupted file might raise the Spotify not playing songs problem. Just uninstall it from your device and fresh install it. This should fix the error for sure.

#10. Your Device’s Software Needs To Be Updated

You need to make sure that your device’s software is up-to-date. This process should be seamless in most cases, but there are some instances where you might need to go into your settings and manually update things

First, try unplugging your device from power for about 30 seconds, plug it back in, and give it time to boot back up. From there, check for updates by going into your settings menu. 

If an update is available, download it immediately—this will clear up any issues that are preventing Spotify from playing songs.

#11. Make Sure Spotify Is in Online Mode

Intentionally or unintentionally, if you kept your Spotify on Offline mode, Spotify doesn’t play any songs online, though you can listen to downloaded songs only.

You can check if it’s online or offline by navigating to Spotify account, clicking on Spotify located at the top-left corner, and making sure offline mode doesn’t have a checkmark.

#12. Spotify Is Experiencing Technical Issues

At least that’s what you see if your music app isn’t working correctly. Spotify reports on Twitter that a small number of users having issues when using its service; most notably, users have complained of difficulties playing songs and loading tracks. 

This tweet from Spotify was in 2020 shows they acknowledge they are experiencing server problems, and their developers are working on a fix.

The issue seems only to affect some users right now and not all, with plenty of Spotify customers reporting no problems. 

So just make sure you keep an eye out for updates from Spotify regarding any service interruptions, as I will keep you updated here at TechBeholder.

Why is Spotify Not Playing Downloaded Songs?

If you’ve downloaded the song on Spotify for offline use, but fail to play them then the issue can happen for several causes. Here are mentioned some of the popular reasons behind this error.

Spotify Status:

To check your Spotify status travel to Twitter and search for #Spotifystatus. You can see the status of your Spotify account. 


You must have at least 200MB of free space on your device, so if your device is running out of space then you may experience this issue.

Device Limit:

You should pay close attention to the downloads. If you’ve crossed the given limit which is 10,000 songs, then you won’t be able to play.

Update The App:

It was also noticed that the outdated app brings various types of problems, and Spotify Not Playing Downloaded Songs is one of them. Ensure to update the app regularly to fix the bugs. 

How To Fix Spotify Not Playing Downloaded Songs?

This issue is also similar to the one we discussed in this guide. So there is nothing other than that, you should try. follow this guide and discussed troubleshoots to fix it. 

FAQs Of Why Is Spotify Not Working

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Wrapping Up:

Spotify is a top-leading music app that allows users to listen to millions of songs online & offline, but sometimes Spotify users experience problems while using this app, and Spotify not playing songs continuously is one of them. 

I’ve shared the top 12 fixes that will surely help to encounter this issue. I also had this earlier, but thanks to these fixes. I’ve shared methods to fix Spotify songs not playing with a complete, user-friendly guide in this detailed post. 

I believe this was informative for you; if I’ve missed out on something, don’t forget to let me know in the comment section.

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