Game Pigeon Hacks: GamePigeon Cheats & Cheat Codes for iOS | Jan 2024

These top Game Pigeon Hacks, cheats & tips that will never let you down. I don’t lose in Game Pigeon against my friends or opponents because I usually apply these Game Pigeon Cheats & Hacks.

If you are also playing these games, try some of the Game Pigeon Hacks, or Game Pigeon Cheats for iOS / iPhone and win every game you play with your friends.

So, are you excited to learn how to cheat on gamepigeon without any fear of losing or banning your account?

I’ll teach you these little tricks from scratch.

Game Pigeon comes with iOS 10 or above. Game pigeon app can be accessed by the iMessage app in iPhone in all versions of iOS; but unfortunately, officially, you can not get Game Pigeon on Android until you follow the guide.

If you fail to download Game Pigeon from the apps store, or you’re facing Game Pigeon Not Working issue then read the entire process to fix it. Game Pigeon is a set of games such as 8 Ball, 8 Ball+, Archery, Sea Battle, Checkers, and many more that you can play with your friends and family (Phone contacts). 

Before I take you to the exact position, one thing you should remember is that the procedures I’m going to elaborate below are entirely safe, secure, and free because I’ve also applied these hacks & tips. 

Remember, these are not the hacks but cool tips & tricks that means there is no risk of account ban. But unfortunately, these tricks work only in a couple of games. 

You can play 8-ball, Anagrams, and Man Paulo games, but the rest of the game didn’t allow me to crack them.

Already, talked enough. Let’s move the topic and check out the process of how to cheat on game pigeon and iMessage game hacks?

Games are something that can kill your free time effortlessly and here you’ll learn how to hack game pigeon from scratch.

iMessage Game Cheats

GamePigeon Cheat Codes

GamePigeon doesn’t have any cheat codes, because cheat codes give a player immense power to give every game, and this is not correct for any game. Apart from that, applying cheat codes in the game may lead your account to permanently ban.

This game is totally depending on your skill and some tricks discussed below. And I also don’t recommend to apply any cheat codes in the game.

Gamepigeon Tips and Tricks

This guide is all about game pigeon tips and tricks and shared with you all the possible tips and tricks which are completly safe to apply.

GamePigeon Cheats & Cheat Codes for iOS

To begin with, 8 balls, and I can assure you, the tricks work just fine in an 8 ball match. I’m sharing my personal experience, so apply the same as given. 

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8 Ball Pool – Game Pigeon Hacks | Game Pigeon Hacks 8 Ball Cheat:

8 Ball Hack – Game Pigeon Hacks


This method works if you become the first person to play, so, ensure you’re the first person when you’ve reached the final screen of the game. 

Make sure to aim the fourth ball only on your right hand, and now slide down the stick to full power and hit the ball

Once you apply the tips as mentioned earlier, two of the balls shall go into the pot. If so, now you are sure that the trick is working, Right? 

You got the benefits to win the game by following the tricks, and now you’re free to play your regular game.

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Attention: Hacks for Game Pigeon are completely safe to apply, and you keep yourself completely risk-free with the tricks are shared in this guide.


Other tips for Game Pigeon 8 Ball Pool Hack is also super cool, and I use it whenever I play shots in the 8 ball. 

For applying this game pigeon cheats 8 ball trick, you will be required to have an object such as a pencil, ruler, or any paper to make the right angle. 

The best thing about these tips is that it works in every type of shot, whether short or long. The simple trick works behind it, aim the potting ball; if you miss making the right aligned, then you’ll miss the ball as well. 

Why are you waiting? 

Just start practising it and make your angle perfect. Once you start making the right angle all the time, I can guarantee you it will become impossible for your friends to beat you, and you will enjoy more while playing 8 balls on game pigeon. 

Because who doesn’t like winning? Especially with friends.

Mancala – Game Pigeon Hacks:

Mancala Hack – Game Pigeon Hacks

Mancala is also one of the popular games to play in Game Pigeon, and you can apply my personal experience hacks into this game and surprise them with your winning streak.

To begin with, note down these [11443414121251] numbers because this is the magical number for the Mancala game. If you’re somewhere, and not possible to write down, then you can copy these either. 

I assure you have the number on the paper or the clipboard. Whenever you get a request from your friend, ask them to put the game in the “Avalanche Mode” Random or Normal. 

These numbers and tricks work fine in both modes, but make sure it has been in the “Avalanche Mode” only. 

Now ensure you’re the one person to start the game. It is hard to remember all the 14 digits, so remember the first digit only, and that is “1”

On the left side of your screen, you can notice there are from 1 to 6 bowls with small balls, and it repeats the same on the flip side of the screen. Now it is time to apply the trick by counting from the “1” located on the left bottom. 

Inception with the left bottom that is “1”. Boom!! As I mentioned in the numbers above, you’ll have to remember the only thing to tap on the bowl in sequence, as discussed above. 

Wasn’t it clear? Nothing to worry about; understand it with an example.

Let’s take a number, umm…..

For example, I take “3,” the fifth digit in the numbers list, right? 

All you have to do is start counting the bowls from the bottom of the left side and smash on the third bowl, and boom!!

You have a free turn again. 

Tips & Tricks worked? Let me know in the comment box below.

Well, I personally use this trick to win over my friends, and I must say it is tested and working. Enjoy your winnings and surprise your friends and family with this trick.

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Anagrams Game Pigeon Cheats:

Anagrams – Game Pigeon Hacks

Anagrams is also a great game to play in the list of Game Pigeons, and I apply some tricks here as well to win every game I play with my friends. 

So you can say it is also a tested and proven trick that can lead you to win. The entire process is straightforward, so even a novice can also apply it. 

The only thing required for this trick is to have an alternative iPhone; however, if you are comfortable with multitasking work, then the same device will do the rest for you. 

Visit the mentioned website [Unscramble ] using your browser. I prefer Google Chrome because it is fast and secure, so if you haven’t downloaded yet, then click here for google chrome download for PC

I assume you’re on the site now; it may ask you to sign in, do it. Once you log in, you may come across the game screen; press the “Start” button. 

It will throw 6 letter words such as “I N O P A S.” All you have to do it, copy-paste these alphabet letters on the site mentioned above, and you will get related search results that have the same alphabets. “I N O P A S.” Voila!! You’re the winner once again. 

Play Game Pigeon, enjoy this secret and shock your competitors in the game.

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Word Hunt – Game Pigeon Hacks Word Hunt:

Word Hunt - GamePigeon Cheat

So if you’re playing a Word Hunt game, you can also win every time by following the imessage games hack process. Launch the game on your iPhone. In addition, If you’re not able to Change Name Of iPhone, Bluetooth, iTunes and AirDrop, learn here with a user-friendly guide.

It will show the grid of scrambled alphabets. All you have to do is to navigate on the given website

The best thing about this website is it comes with a user-friendly interface, and no need to spend much time understanding the complete functionality of this website. 

On the home screen, you can see the website says “Enter Your Letters.” Fill all the grids with the given letters in the same manner, appearing on your screen. 

The website will display the exact pattern of given words; keep pressing the space and enter to make the precise pattern on your device screen. 

Keep enjoying the game and keep winning.

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Darts Game Pigeon Hacks:

Darts Game Cheat

Darts is a popular game to play, and everyone loves to play, isn’t it? But you know what? It can be annoying if you don’t get the desired number in the right hole. 

Well, I’ve made it easy for you and brought you GamePigeon Hacks that will help you to get out of that annoying phase.

To apply game pigeon darts hack all you need to do is go to the “Accessibility” on your iOS device, under “Settings,” and tap on the “Touch”> “Assistive Touch” and then tap on the “Create A New Gesture.” 

Now touch the screen of your iPhone and slide up without lifting your finger or thumb. It will work in the same manner as you unlock your phone or scroll up for Instagram Reels. 

Save this gesture in your iPhone as darts. 

Now let’s go back to the game screen and again to go to the settings, then “Assistive touch”> tap on the “Custom” and choose the gesture you just saved as darts. 

In case you failed to save the gesture, then create a new one and save. Once you are done, then try to throw a dart. You get 25er each time you throw the dart. That’s all for gamepigeon cheats’s chaptter.

Cup Pong GamePigeon Hacks:

Cup Pong Cheat

Beating friends on the game play is one of the pleasing things, especially for in-game pigeons. Cup Pong is a lovely game. I also play this game and beat my friends by using GamePigeon Tips and Tricks.

I believe you’ve viewed brewage pongs, so then it’s easier to understand the principles of this game. There are some basics you need to apply like throwing the ball in additional cups than your friend.

Simply follow the below-mentioned rules and hacks to win every game you play.

Cup Pong Rules

  • This game required two players at least.
  • The first player who starts the game will have the first turn.
  • The more balls you put in the cups, the higher the points you earn.
  • Players have only one attempt to put the balls in the mug, in case the player misses it out then he will have to wait for his chance.
  • The winner will be decided by the more balls put in the mug. 
  • If you want to defeat your friends then put more balls in the mug than your friends.

Cup Pong Hacks And Hacks To Win Each Game:

  • In the starting, always make sure you put the ball into cups that are placed in the middle. It’s easier to put the ball in a middle placed mug because it doesn’t require any angle.
  • Once you’re done with it, the next thing is you capture all the nearest cup first, because there is no need to aim.
  • Ensure before throwing it, you preview it, if you need to accuracy then use a ruler to aim the right pot.
  • Using these simple tricks, you’ll beat your friend in the game.

Game Pigeon Hacks Sea Battle

Game Pigeon Sea Battle is also a popular game among all, and game pigeon players love to play this game online. Here are the GamePigeon Sea Battle hacks and cheats that will win you every game against your opponent. 

Game Pigeon Hacks For Sea Battle

As we have discussed above this article is not going to provide you with any GamePigeon cheats, hacks, nor will it ask you to hack Game Pigeon by jailbreaking your device. These are the simple tricks which don’t require Game Pigeon Hacks Download. Follow the below steps to win the Sea Battle game.

  • The first thing you need to do is guess the opponent’s ship on the board. And always try to hit the target on the pattern to keep the upper hand in the battle.
  • Once you’re done with damaging your opponent’s ship, fire all the nearby areas to locate the next target.
  • This is the only option that can win you a game.

Mini Golf: Game Pigeon Hacks

To win in Mini Golf game all you need to do is collect more points than your opponent. You can follow these Mini Golf hacks to win against your opponent.


Choose the opponent wisely, because beating the newbie in the game is always easy. So choose the player according to your lever. Before you play or select your opponent, you must look at your opponent’s skill.


Planning is the key, before you play you must make a gameplay strategy to avoid losing in the game and also help you to take early advantage in the game. Apart from that, you should play your shot as quickly as possible because it will give your opponent less time to react and they may make mistakes.


absorb your opponent’s movements to understand his/her game strategy. If he/she is playing well, try to hit the ball in the same manner to earn points.


Try creative shots, to make it perfect or more creative Use a directional guide to understand angel shots and their direction.


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#2. Can I Play Game Pigeon By Myself?

#3. Does GamePigeon Cost Money?

#4. How to cheat in game pigeon?

#4. How to hack game pigeon?

Wrapping Up On Hack Game Pigeon:

Game Pigeon is one of the popular ways to play with your friends and family. Game Pigeon is loaded with fantastic games such as Darts, Mancala, 8 Ball, and others. 

It may lead to frustration while losing these games with friends. I unearthed ways that help you to win every game you play with your friends by using Game Pigeon Cheats. 

All the mentioned Game Pigeon Hacks are self-checked, safe, and free to apply. So don’t hesitate to use these tricks. 

The only requirement for these hacks is to apply them correctly while playing games. If you’re I hope this article was helpful for you in terms of how to hack game pigeon and provide your great tricks to win every game against your friends. 

If you still have any questions or suggestions regarding the same, you can leave me a comment below. Don’t forget to let me know your winning experiences in the comment sections. 

Keep Playing And Keep Winning. Cheers !!!

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