How To Fix YouTube Not Working On Fire TV Stick In 2022

One of the common causes for YouTube not working on Firestick TV is an unstable Internet connection, YouTube app is not updated, incorrect date and time, Firestick is slow, or Bugs on the Device, and in this guide, we’ll provide you the ultimate solution for the same. 

Firestick enables you to watch various types of channels on it like NFL Redzone, YouTube TV, Lenox Media Player and others, but many Fire TV users think that running YouTube on a Fire device requires jailbreaking it, but no, jailbreaking is not required for this. 

So, how many times have you tried to watch something on Youtube on your Firestick but ended up with YouTube Not Working On Firestick TV?

If your YouTube experience on Firestick has been less than ideal, it’s not you, it’s the app, or rather the version of the app that’s installed on your device right now. 

I would guess that at least 50% of all Amazon FireStick users have come across this issue at some point in time. And Amazon hasn’t addressed the issue yet, there are some things you can do to resolve it quickly and easily.

It can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you are trying to see something or learn something from YouTube but come across YouTube not working on Firestick TV! 

There are many reasons that this might happen, so we’re going to walk you through each of them and the fixes so that you can get back to watching all of your favorite shows and learning how to do new things!

The Amazon Firestick and the Fire TV series of devices are some of the most popular devices for streaming online content, but there’s one issue that seems to affect Firestick users more than anything else – YouTube not working on firestick

We’re going to take a look at the causes behind this, and how you can solve this problem once and for all, so your Firestick can be used as it was intended. Read on for our simple guide on how to fix youtube not working on firestick.

Why is YouTube Not Working on Firestick TV?

There are several reasons that may create the YouTube Not Working On Firestick issue, even the issue and solution can differ from user to user so saying the one issue won’t justify the problem. Before we move further to fix the YouTube not working on Firestick TV issue let’s have a moment to the culprits.

Unstable Internet Connection:

As you know, to run YouTube on Firestick requires a good internet connection, but if your router is unable to deliver the high-speed Internet then YouTube Not Working on Firestick problem occurs. Ensure to check if you’ve got a good internet connection.

Outdated YouTube TV App:

Outdated apps are also one of the major reasons behind YouTube not working on Firestick devices, therefore, If you haven’t updated your YouTube you may face this problem on your FireTV device. To eliminate this, ensure you’ve updated the version of your YouTube.

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Your Firestick Is Full Of Cache:

Caches are something that is automatically created in your device when you keep using it, in some cases, the cache is helpful and loads the features quickly but on the flip side if your device is full of cache it’ll begin to malfunction. The less cache your device stores, the chances of YouTube TV not working on Firestick 4k reduces.

Bugs On Your Device:

Sometimes using too many unnecessary apps on your Firestick brings the Bugs, and as a result, you face this issue. If some bugs have come to your Firestick device, you can clearly notice that the hardware starts malfunctioning.

YouTube App Installing Error:

Many users have encountered this problem, when you install the YouTube App on your Firestick it may be not installed properly and you experience this issue.

Software Problem On Firestick:

This is rare, but we can’t eliminate this because YouTube TV is not playing on the Firestick issue. When this happens we need to ensure everything, including this. If the Firestick device’s software is corrupted or outdated you may face this.

Note: These are the most common symptoms that lead to this problem, Let’s look further at How to fix the Amazon Fire Stick YouTube Problem in 2022?

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How to Fix YouTube Not Working on Firestick TV?

As of now, we’ve learned the causes behind this weird act of YouTube TV On Firestick, here are some working troubleshoots to fix the YouTube app not working on Firestick issue. Generally after installing the YouTube TV On Fire TV works smoothly, although in some circumstances YouTube stops playing videos, keeps crashing, or gets stuck on loading

This kind of YouTube behavior indicates that there are some issues you need to fix. Let’s deep dive into the topic and find out the troubleshooting methods that you need to apply to fix YouTube not working on Fire TV.

Breakdown Of Internet Connection:

Playing YouTube videos on Firestick devices requires to have a high speed and stable Internet connection. If you’re using a slow-speed internet connection you may experience YouTube taking longer to load the videos, buffering, or won’t play. 

So before moving further to the advanced troubleshoots ensure you’ve got a stable and high-speed internet connection. Furthermore, you can also disconnect other devices which are connected to your WiFi router

If the problem persists, reach out to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Aside from this, you can also check by placing your Firestick and Router closer. Enter into your router and check if any device is consuming more bandwidth and try to remove it.

Keep Your Device Idle:

Sometimes running Firestick for a longer period creates the temp files, and caches on it, and many Fire TV users have already experienced this issue. This is not a huge problem to deal with, all you need to do is, unplug the Firestick from the power socket and leave it for 2 to 3 minutes.

Now plug it in and turn on the power, and wait for a while until the device gets stable. Once your Firestick is ready to use, launch the YouTube TV App and check if the problem is fixed.

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Put Your Eyes On YouTube-Server:

It’s funny and seems less important, however, we can’t eliminate this. Sometimes we try to fix YouTube not working on Fire Stick issues with advanced troubleshoots and avoid such common factors that actually lead to the error. 

You need to check if the problem is YouTube itself or not. It’s rare but found sometimes YouTube servers are down due to heavy traffic so that YouTube fails to load on any devices. You can check it easily by navigating to the Down Detector website. 

The Down Detector website provides you with the current status and outrage issues of YouTube. If this is the cause then you can’t do anything, just wait until the YouTube server comes back online. 

Reboot Your Router to Fix YouTube Not Working On Firestick:

Rebooting the router refreshes it and unlocks the high-speed internet connection, therefore, if the above troubleshoots didn’t go in your way, and you’re still experiencing the same problem, time to reboot your router. 

If the router is the culprit then restarting it will fix the YouTube not working on Firestick problem. In order to reboot the router, simply unplug the power cable from the backside of your router, or you can disconnect the power cable from the power socket. 

Leave it for 2 to 3 and then replug in. Once your router is stable and ready to serve you Internet connection, connect your Fire TV and check if the issue has been fixed.

Reboot Firestick TV To Fix YouTube Not Working on Firestick:

Who knows if the Firestick TV itself is the one who is bringing the YouTube not playing on Firestick issue. 

Or there is a cut-off link between YouTube and Firestick that is restricting the device to recognize the app and play videos for you. Rebooting Firestick TV fixes several problems and it’s recommended by the experts to restart the device once a month to avoid unwanted glitches. Here is how to perform it.

  • First of all, grab the Firestick remote and long-press the Home button on it.
  • Now travel to the Settings page, and select My FireTV.
  • In some models, the My FireTV option is not available, in such circumstances choose System or Device.
  • Under the above option choose the Restart button and press it.
  • The device will begin restarting, during this process make sure not to turn off your device.
  • Once your Firestick device is booted up completely and stable to serve you, launch the YouTube App on it and try to stream.

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Remove YouTube TV Cache

In some terms, Caches are useful because they load the YouTube TV app quickly on Fire devices, but on the flip side they also create the problem like YouTube not working on Firestick devices, in such scenarios removing the Cache file fixes the problem dramatically. 

Clearing the cache file knocks out the YouTube loading issue. Here is how to clear YouTube Cache on Firestick.

  • Hold the Firestick remote and long-press on the Home button.
  • Navigate to the Settings page and scroll down
  • Find and click on the App or Application section.
  • Now click on the Manage Installed Application.
  • On this page, you can see all your installed applications on Fire TV.
  • Scroll down and find YouTube from it.
  • You can notice a button named Clear Cache On the right side, tap on it to clear.
  • Once it’s done, reboot your Fire device.
  • When your device is ready, launch YouTube and try to identify if the problem is fixed.

Check Date and Time On Firestick TV:

Date and time are important for any device to serve you desired content, so in case if you’ve changed the date and time, then it would be hard for the device to deliver the content you’re looking for. Changing the date and time on Amazon Firestick is straightforward, here is how to do it.

  • Long press the Home button on Amazon Fire Stick remote and navigate to the Settings page. If the Firestick remote is not working here is how to fix it
  • Under the Settings, click on Preferences.
  • Click on Time Zone and set the correct time, from this page you can also check the date (If required).
  • Click on the Save button, and exit from it.
  • Now try to access the YouTube app and check if the YouTube not working on Firestick TV stick has been fixed or not.

Make Sure To Use Updated YouTube App

YouTube regularly brings the Update version of the YouTube App to fix the bugs and add new features to it. 

Therefore if you haven’t updated your YouTube app for a while you may be a victim of YouTube not working on Firestick, lagging, crashing, not loading, and other issues. To encounter this, simply update the YouTube app. Follow the below-given steps to update the app.

  • Access the Apps (Three squares and a plus sign) section from the home screen.
  • Here you notice all the installed apps on your Firestick. 
  • Simply search for the app you want to update, in our case, it’s YouTube.
  • Now locate the button with three horizontal lines on your Fire TV remote, and press it.
  • Choose the More Info option and you can see there if any update is available.
  • If any, press the update button and leave it for a couple of seconds.
  • When the updating process is done, you’re all set to play YouTube videos on Fire Stick TV.

Uninstall The YouTube App From Fire Stick:

If the above methods didn’t help you to fix the YouTube not working on Fire TV Stick, apps keep crashing, videos not loading on your device, then reinstalling YouTube can be the best way to fix all these errors. Here is the step-by-step guide to reinstall the YouTube app on Fire TV.

  • Press the Home button, and navigate to the Settings option.
  • Choose Application then click on Manage Installed Applications.
  • Now use your FireTV remote’s down arrow to scroll down and find and select YouTube from the display list.
  • Then click on the Uninstall button and the FireTV will display a confirmation popup on your screen, so just click on Uninstall button.
  • To reinstall YouTube, simply move to the Home Screen, and click on the Search button.
  • Type YouTube using your remote and once the YouTube logo appears, click on the Download button. 
  • The downloading process will start immediately.
  • Launch the app and check if the YouTube Not Working On Firestick problem is fixed.

Factory Reset To Eliminate YouTube Not Working on Firestick

The ultimate way to get rid of YouTube not working on Firestick is to factory default your devices. Factory reset will take your device to the default mode, meaning all your personal settings, data, apps, and login details will vanish permanently. 

You’ll be required to install every app again, it was found that the factory reset the Firestick, fix the bugs and errors, and resolve many problems. Let’s learn how to factory reset Firestick TV.

  • Access the Settings from the Home screen, then scroll through and choose My Fire TV.
  • Don’t get shocked if the My Fire TV name is labeled with System or Device (In older FireTV).
  • Now under the My Fire TV find and click on Reset to Factory Default.
  • The next screen will ask you to enter the Fire Stick PIN,  type it correctly.
  • Now a pop up will display on the screen, click on the Reset button.
  • This may take several minutes to complete so wait patiently.

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How To Add YouTube TV On Amazon Fire Stick?

Adding YouTube TV on Fire TV is a straightforward process, although many users face difficulties adding it on Fire Stick devices. Here is the complete guide for the same.

  • Open Fire TV Stick and navigate to the Search bar that is located on the left sidebar.
  • Now type YouTube TV using the Fire TV remote.
  • Once the YouTube TV logo appears on your screen, click on it.
  • Now click on the Get button.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds to finish the download. (Downloading time depends on your Internet Speed).
  • Once the download and installation are completed, launch the app using the remote.
  • It’ll ask you to sign in, enter your Google Account’s login details.
  • That’s all you’re all set to watch YouTube TV on Fire Stick TV.

Why Am I Not Able To Find YouTube TV On My Fire Stick Device?

Generally, YouTube App is available on all generations of Firestick except the 1st Generation. If your Fire device belongs to the 1st Generation then you can download the YouTube TV app on it. Other than this, every generation supports YouTube. 

Why Does Fire Stick Fail To Connect With The Internet?

It may be due to either hardware or software failure. To fix the Firestick that fails to connect with the Internet make sure you’ve WiFi is turned on and working perfectly. The second thing you should restart your device and check, if the problem persists then another thing you can do is to connect your Fire TV using Ethernet cable instead of WiFi. 

Furthermore, if you’re using any VPN try to disconnect it and check with your local Internet. Nothing fixed the error, then the ultimate way to fix it is by factory resetting it. 

FAQs Of YouTube Not Working On Firestick

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Wrapping Up Of YouTube Not Working On Firestick:

Many Firestick users have encountered the Firestick YouTube not showing video problems and literally, they try everything to get rid of this but failed to fix it. In this guide, We’ve provided the ultimate causes and solutions of why YouTube not working on Firestick devices.

The common culprit for this problem is an unstable Internet connection, outdated YouTube app, Bugs on devices, and others. We’ve provided the complete solution to fix the issue easily.

We believe this article was helpful and fixed the YouTube not working on Firestick TV. For any queries or questions feel free to use the comment section below.

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