How To Turn On WiFi On LG TV [Updated 2022]

To take maximum out of your LG Smart TV, it must be connected to the Internet to stream content like ESPN+, HBO Max, HBO Go, and many more. If you’ve got an old LG TV, but unfortunately, WiFi is not turning on, LG TV WIFI turned off problem, or looking for How To Turn On WiFi on LG TV without remote then stay with this guide, all your queries will be solved.

LG Smart TV enable you to download Apps on LG Smart TV, and good thing about LG Smart TV Apps is they’re easy to download.

Well, this article will explain everything and provide you with the ultimate solution for both. Most people don’t connect their LG Smart TV with the Internet due to lack of knowledge, not being able to set it up, or they don’t find step-by-step ways to troubleshoot it. 

This detailed guide presents you with how to turn on WiFi on LG TV with a user-friendly guide. Furthermore, I also explained the possible causes behind the Can’t connect LG TV to WiFi and troubleshoots. 

Let’s begin the guide of how to turn on WiFi on LG Smart TV with extremely beginner-friendly steps…

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Why Your LG TV WiFi Is Turned Off?

This problem occurs due to low WiFi signal, or WiFi Setting is turned off. So ensure you’ve checked both of them before moving further, if these are fine, the next thing you need to concern is if TV software is up to date or not. Recently launched TVs automatically install new updates, but older LG TVs don’t. In such a case, you’ll need to update manually. 

How To Turn WiFi On LG TV | How To Turn On WiFi LG TV

The process to Turn WiFi on on LG TV is straightforward, follow below-given steps:

  1. Turn on the LG TV and then grab the TV remote.
  2. Press the “Home Button” on your LG TV remote, and travel to the “Settings” (which is located on the top right of the screen).
  3. Choose the “Network.”
  4. Choose “WiFi Connection” under the “Network.”
  5. Now select your desired WiFi network from the available Network.
  6. It’ll ask you to enter the “Security Code, or Password” enter.
  7. Now click the “Connect” button. 
  8. Your LG TV should now be connected with the desired Internet connection.

How To Fix Can’t connect LG TV to WiFi Issue?:

If you’re unable to connect your LG TV to WiFi, follow the quick tips mentioned below to fix LG tv not connecting to WiFi error effortlessly.

Unplug your LG TV:

The first thing you need to do is turn off your LG TV, unplug the power cable, leave it for the next 60 seconds, and then plug it back in. Now turn on the TV and try to connect with the WiFi network. It should fix the issue, if not follow the below-method.

Factory Reset:

If intentionally or unintentionally you’ve made some changes in your WiFi settings, then try to perform a Factory Reset LG TV by navigating to the “Settings,” then go to “General,” and then click on “Reset to Initial Settings.”

Note: If these two methods don’t work in your case, and you’re still facing connecting LG TV to WiFi, it means there are some other issues; let’s find them below.

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Turn Off Quick Start:

Quick Start is the feature that was a headache for many LG TV users; if this feature is turned on, then it could be the culprit. Also, remember that all the LG TVs are not enabled with this feature, so ensure that if your TV has it and is turned on, turn it off. Follow the below steps to turn it off.

  1. Turn on your LG TV, and go to the “Settings” using the remote.
  2. Now under “Settings,” choose “All Settings.”
  3. Scroll down using your remote arrow and find the “Quick Start” option; tap on it to turn it off.
  4. Now power off your LG TV and unplug the power cable from the wall out.
  5. Wait for 60 seconds, plugin in all the cables, and turn on the TV.
  6. Now try to reconnect to the WiFi network again.

WiFi Connection Drops In And Out:

You need to follow several things if your LG TV keeps losing WiFi connection. Apply the following tips;

  1. Make sure you keep your Wireless router near to your LG TV.
  2. Ethernet cable can be a handy way because it is more stable than a WiFi network.
  3. If any equipment decreases WiFi signals, such as Cordless phones, Microwaves, or baby monitors, remove them.
  4. Check if your WiFi network connection has exceeded.
  5. Reboot your WiFi connection.
  6. And the final thing you can do is get in touch with the Internet service provider.

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WiFi Is Turned Off Error Message:

Have you ever come across a “WiFi Is Turned Off” message? If so, it can be because of the Crimped Internet cable located inside the LG TV. Following steps to fix the “LG TV says WiFi is turned off” issue.

  1. Unplug all the connected cables from the LG TV.
  2. Keep the TV face down on a flat table, sofa, or any flat surface.
  3. You’ll need to remove the back cover of your LG TV.
  4. Find inside the TV if there is a flat silver cable going through the WiFi module at the bottom of the TV. 
  5. Pay attention if the cable is folded or bent; try to straighten it without damaging further.
  6. Now try to connect your LG TV with WiFi network.

Attention: This method may require a piece of technical knowledge; if you feel uncomfortable removing the back cover of the TV, call LG Support. SKIP IT.

Update TV Location:

Once the TV location is set to “Set Automatically,” it brings connectivity issues. Due to the same TV’s software can’t assign the location and, as a result, fails to connect with the WiFi network. Apply the following steps to update the location manually. 

  1. Go to the “Settings” then Choose “All Settings.”
  2. Navigate to the “General” and then “Location,” choose “LG Service Country.”
  3. Here you’ll have to choose any other country except your original, and the TV starts resetting once.
  4. Go to the same place as given above and choose your actual country this time, and the TV starts resetting again.
  5. Go to the location and now change the location to “Set Automatically.”
  6. Here, you’ll come across a pop-up saying “Setup WiFi Connection.”
  7. Connect your available WiFi with a security code.
  8. If everything is ok, the Internet should work perfectly now.

Check If WiFi Network Appears In The List Or Not?

You need to check if your LG Smart TV displays the WiFi network; if not, do the following steps.

  1. Ensure your WiFi router turns on.
  2. Make sure the distance between the Router and your TV is not too far.
  3. Check if there are any obstacles between the Router and LG TV, like a wall, closed door.
  4. Reboot both of your devices (Router and LG TV). Unplug the power cable, set it for 60 seconds, and plug back in. 
  5. Check if the number of users is within the limit for your Router.

WiFi Network Is Connected But Can’t Access Internet:

If your WiFi is connected successfully with the LG TV, but you’re not able to access the Internet. The best way to fix it is by connecting other devices like Mobile, Tab, laptops with the same WiFi network and check if the problem remains the same, or if other devices perform well, it means your TV has an issue. There can be DNS problems; you can set your Router on “Automatic” or contact the Internet Service Provider.

Update Your LG Smart TV:

Sometimes Can’t connect LG TV to WiFi because the LG TV software is out-of-date. For such a case, your TV needs a software update. The easy way to check if there is any update available is by navigating to the “Settings Menu,” go to “All Settings,” then travel to “General” and the About this TV, now click on the “Check for Updates.” Also, remember this will require Internet (LoL).

Don’t fret; you can skip the WiFi connection for a while and connect your TV with an Ethernet cable (RJ-45) to download the update. Once the process of downloading and installing the software completes, you can remove the ETH cable and try WiFi again. If you fail to update apps on LG TV, here is the detailed guide for How To Update LG Smart TV Apps & Firmware [All Working Methods]

Wrong or Incorrect Password:

Sometimes users input the wrong password and face this issue; make sure you’re typing the right WiFi password while connecting to the Internet. 

If you’re unsure what the actual password is. Use a laptop already connected to that WiFi, go to any browser, and type your Router’s gateway. It’ll ask you to enter the username and password of the Router, type, and click on sign in. 

Once you’re in your Router, go to “Network,” then “WiFi, then “Security Key” here, and you can see the WiFi password. Write down on a piece of paper, and then try on your LG TV. But it still does not connect contact with your Internet service provider.

Streaming device For LG TV How To Turn On WiFi

If nothing worked and you’re unable to turn on the WiFi on LG TV but still wish to access streaming apps, here is the last option you can apply. Go with any streaming devices like Roku, Firestick, Chromecast, or other portable streaming devices.

How To Connect LG TV To WiFi Without Remote?

If you’ve lost your LG TV remote for some reason and your LG TV WiFi turned off, but you still wish to connect LG TV to WiFi without a remote. Follow the below steps:

Note: You’ll need a USB mouse to perform this, plus make sure your TV USB port is working fine.

  1. I assume you’re ready with a mouse; simply connect it with your LG Smart TV through the USB Port.
  2. Now press the physical button of your TV once.
  3. Choose “Input” from the display menu.
  4. Just click on the Input option, and it will display multiple options; ignore all of them.
  5. Move the cursor of your mouse to the right side of your TV screen and click on “Live TV.”
  6. Again move the mouse cursor to the right, and select “Recommended icon.”
  7. Select the recommended icon.
  8. It’ll tell you, “You are not connected to the Internet,” ignore this and move your cursor to the right and smash on the “Yes” button.
  9. Now travel to the “Network” and click on your available WiFi.
  10. The next screen asks you to enter the “Password” of your WiFi; just type using the mouse.
  11. Click “Connect” and save everything. 

Note: Congratulations !! You’ve connected your LG TV to WiFi without a remote. 

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Turn On WiFi On LG TV:

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Wrapping Up How To Turn WiFi On LG TV:

It takes hardly 1 minute or so to turn on WiFi on LG TV. Just press the “Home” button on your TV’s remote and go to “Settings” > “All Settings” > choose “Network” > under the network select “WiFi” connection, and choose your desired WiFi network, enter the password when asked, and you’re all set.

If this simplest process doesn’t work, you need to spend some time fixing it. I’ve added several troubleshooting steps you can apply.

  1. Reset your TV by disconnecting it from power. 
  2. Factory reset your LG Smart TV.
  3. Change the LG TV location. 
  4. Check the WiFi cable properly; if it’s damaged, change it.
  5. Make sure there are no obstacles between LG TV and Router.
  6. Turn Off Quick Start option from the TV’s Settings:
  7. Check if any software update is available; if available, update it immediately using an ethernet cable.
  8. Double-check the entered password.
  9. Other streaming devices.

Any of these tips will surely help you to get rid of this; if not, then the last option is to connect your LG Smart TV with either Ethernet Cable or use any streaming device like Roku, Firestick, or any. 

That’s all in this guide on How to turn on WiFi On LG TV. Don’t forget to share your opinion on this topic, and let me know in the comment section if any of them worked for you?

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