Mirror iPhone To Firestick | Best Apps For Screen Mirroring iPhone To Firestick

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How To Screen Mirroring iPhone to Firestick: To mirror iPhone to Firestick or Fire TV is an absolutely straightforward process, let’s explore it with a simple guide.

Do you own an Amazon Fire Stick and an iPhone? If so, then you’re in luck! Mirroring your iPhone to a Fire Stick lets you play all your iPhone games and watch your iPhone videos on the big screen with ease. 

Mirroring iPhone to Firestick has become an easy and convenient way to enjoy all of your favourite television shows and movies on your television without having to rent equipment or pay expensive cable bills. 

All you need to do is connect the two devices, and they will do the rest of the work for you. However, there are some steps that you should take first in order to ensure that everything works properly, and you can easily enjoy watching your favourite shows on the big screen again!

With the Fire Stick, you can mirror your iPhone to your TV so that you can watch all of your favourite content on the big screen. 

From Showtime to Discovery Plus, HBO Max, DirecTV and others, there are thousands of apps and TV shows that you can stream onto your TV using the Fire Stick and its Alexa voice remote.

You can also use the Fire Stick to mirror your screen, allowing you to stream pictures, videos, and other content from your iPhone onto the big screen in your living room. Furthermore, if you want to connect Firestick to Wi-Fi Without Remote, this guide will help you.

Here’s how to set up screen mirroring between an iPhone and an Amazon Firestick.

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What Is Screen Mirroring & How To Mirror iPhone to Firestick 

If you’re not sure what screen mirroring is, let me explain it. It’s basically streaming your device’s screen so that it appears on another device. So if you want to view and control your phone, tablet, or computer on your TV via Amazon Fire Stick, then you will need screen mirroring. 

Screen mirroring is also commonly referred to as casting – which describes how we send our display over to a second screen (i.e. TV). A couple of apps are available that make it easy, which I will discuss below about them.

Screen Mirroring is not available for Firestick but you can also Screen Mirroring iPhone to Sony TV, and Screen Mirroring iPad To Samsung TV learn with a user-friendly guide.

To successfully cast my Apple iPhone X’s screen onto my Amazon Firestick, I connected them and used apps for screen mirroring iPhone to Firestick, and it worked.

You can also follow the steps if you want to mirror iPhone to Firestick and enjoy shows, movies, and photos on a larger screen.

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Method1: How To Screen Mirror iPhone to Firestick or Fire TV

Here is the step-by-step guide for mirror iPhones to Fire TV or Firestick.

  1. On the home screen, you can notice a magnifying glass located on the top left corner; tap on it.
  2. Type in APower Mirror in the search bar and click on the icon once displayed.
  3. Now press the OK button on your remote control to download it.
  4. Once the downloading completes, it’ll automatically install the app.
  5. Tap on the Open button, and it’ll ask you to allow media files; just click on the “Allow” button.
  6. You can see several options, so ignore them and simply click on “Phone Screen Mirroring .”Icon.
  7. Now download and install the APowerMirror tool on your iPhone; you can get it easily from the App Store.
  8. Lunch the app on your iPhone and click on the “OK” button if both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  9. Click on Continue and then tap on the “Mirror” button.
  10. Okay, the next thing you’ll need to do is swipe down on the top right corner of your iPhone.
  11. Select the “Screen Mirror” and choose the Apowermirror button, and it will start playing everything you’ll play on your iPhone.
  12. These are the entire steps to Mirror iPhone to Firestick using Apower Mirror App.

Note: Not only the video but also you’ll also get the audio from Firestick or FireTV.

Method2: How To Cast / Screen Mirror iPhone to Firestick Using Video & TV Cast Fire TV:

To perform this, you’ll require an app that you can quickly get through the Amazon App Store. Let’s explore the steps and learn the process of screen mirror iPhone to Firestick with the user-friendly guide.

Note: You’ll need to connect both of your devices with the same Wi-Fi.

  1. Go to the Amazon App Store on your Firestick, search for Video & TV Cast Fire TV, and hit the search button.
  2. Once the result displays, click on the “Download” button.
  3. It may take a few seconds to install; once the installing steps are complete, you can notice the app has been added in the app section of the Firestick Home.
  4. Now install the Video & TV Cast Fire TV App on your iPhone through the App Store.
  5. Launch the app on Firestick & iPhone.
  6. If both of your devices are connected with the same Wi-Fi network, then the app will detect your iPhone and connect automatically.
  7. Click the Web Browser on the app’s homepage and begin searching using the browser search bar.
  8. Now you’ll see the video and a message, Just Tap Here To Cast, click on it to cast the desired video.
  9. Within a second, you’ll notice a pop-up display on your screen saying (You Are Using The Free Version Of Video & TV Cast. Please Help Us To Keep The App Free By Watching An Ad To Cast This Video).
  10. If you don’t want to get interpreted with the commercials while watching your shows, then choose the “Go Premium” option, or if you can deal with the ads, then choose “Watch Ads To Cast Video.”
  11. If you go with the second option, an ad will start displaying on your iPhone’s screen. You can close the ad anytime, and the video will begin playing on your Firestick.

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Bonus Tips

The story of Mirror iPhone to Firestick or FireTV doesn’t just end in video playing, but you can do more than that with this process. If you want to cast any wedding photos or videos, this app also allows you to do so.

All you need to do is navigate to the Menu section, which is located on the sidebar, choose the desired photos or videos from the bottom of the screen. And you’ll be able for screen mirroring iPhone to Firestick TV.

Note: Freemium version only allows you to play the last three videos from the library; for more, you can subscribe to their premium packages. 

Frequently Asked Questions Fire TV Mirroring Apps:

Yes, You can do it seamlessly, but you’ll need an app to perform the task. You can get the Video & TV Cast Fire TV App through the Amazon App Store.

All the above-given apps are free to use, and you can stream any content using them. Currently, they are free to get them using the App Store and start screen mirroring iPhone to Firestick or FireTV.

I personally have tried multiple apps to mirror my iPhone to Firestick and FireTV but found useful APower Mirror and Video & TV Cast Fire TV apps. These come with a simple interface and provide the ultimate solution for Screen Mirroring iPhone Firestick or screen Mirroring iPad to Firestick.

Wrapping Up Of Screen Mirroring iPhone to Firestick:

Firtstike is the primary choice for people to streaming content; using it, you can stream your content on a larger screen; to Mirror iPhone to Firestick or FireTV was never so simple as Video & TV cast and A Power Mirror made it.

Using these tools, you can mirror iPhone to Firestick effortlessly. In this detailed guide, I’ve shared with you a couple of ways to Screen Mirroring iPhone to Firestick.

I hope this article was informative for you.

Still, if you feel I’ve missed out on something, let me know in the comment section.

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