How To Screen Mirroring iPhone To Sony TV | Screen Mirroring iPad To Any Brand TV

Have you just bought a Sony TV, and are not able to screencast, don’t go away as I’m going to provide you two workarounds for screen mirroring iPhone to Sony TV with a fully beginner-friendly guide. 

If you’re unable to turn off screen mirroring here is the complete guide How To Turn Off Screen Mirroring on iOS & Android with step-by-step guide.

One of the most challenging tasks while buying a new device is to make sure if it’s compatible with other available devices because if the new device is not compatible with the older devices, somewhere, it becomes useless, isn’t it?

Apart from Sony TV, Samsung is also a big brand, and you can also cast your iPhone and iPhone screen to any brand of TV. Here is a guide for Screen Mirroring iPad to Samsung TV which includes the top 5 methods. 

The iPhone is a smart device and is well capable of screen mirroring on multiple brand TVs, such as LG TV, Samsung TV, Learn Mirror iPhone to Samsung TV with multiple workarounds. 

For iPhone to Sony TV, you’ll get four methods to perform this, but before I take you to the depth, understand that iOS version 13 or above comes with an Airplay feature that doesn’t require any third-party app to screen mirroring iPhone to Sony TV. 

But if your iPhone is running on iOS 12 or below then you won’t have an Airplay feature there, and you’ll need to depend on screen mirroring apps. 

It doesn’t matter which iOS version you’re using on your iPhone; you’ll get a solution for both (iOS 13 or above and iOS 12 or below). This detailed post will explore every step of screen mirroring iPhone to Sony TV with a user-friendly guide.

Note: Watching your favorite show on Netflix on a bigger screen is always pleasant, but the phone screen is smaller; therefore, screen mirroring can be a handy way to cast your picture, movie, games on a larger screen.

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Method 1: Steps For Screen Mirroring iPhone to Sony TV

If your iPhone is running on iOS 13, then the AirPlay feature will do the task; for some reason, you’re not able to access Air Screen TV, then all you’ll need to do is simply download the “Screen Mirroring App” from the App Store, then follow the guide given below.

To use AIR Screen TV, follow the instructions below:

  1. I assume you’re ready with a screen mirroring app on your iPhone.
  2. Launch the app on your device, and it’ll begin scanning for the available TV (in our terms, it’s Sony TV).
  3. Once you see the Sony TV on screen, tap on it to select it.
  4. When it connects successfully, tap on the “Start Mirroring.”
  5. And finally, click on the “Mirror Sony TV.”
  6. The next screen will ask you to press “Ok” on your TV for confirmation; press it.
  7. And finally, click on the “Start Broadcast” and boom!
  8. Anything you’ll play on your iPhone will start appearing on your Sony TV Screen.

Attention: Make sure your iPhone and Sony TV connect with the same WiFi network.

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Method 2: Apple TV Device Option For Screen Mirroring iPhone To Sony TV:

Apple TV Device also enables you to screen mirroring iPhone to Sony TV effortlessly; not only is it a straightforward solution for this, but it performs in all brands of smart TV. You can easily stream content from your iPhone to any smart TV brand using this method. Let’s find out how an Apple TV device can help you in this.

  1. Firstly connect your Apple TV Device with your Sony TV by following the provided guide.
  2. Then, from the home screen of your iPhone, swipe down, and choose “Control Center.”
  3. Under the “Control Center,” choose “Screen Mirroring.”
  4. Now select the Sony TV, which is already connected to your Apple TV Device.
  5. Make sure to check all the “Check Mark” that appears on your TV.
  6. When it successfully connects, you can play any content on your iPhone, and it will start displaying on your TV (Sony).

Attention: Ensure both your devices (Sony TV and iPhone) are connected with the same WiFi.

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Method 3: HDMI Adapter For Screen Mirroring iPhone To Sony TV:

If you don’t want to make use of WiF, then the HDMI adapter is another excellent option for you to screen mirroring iPhone to Sony TV; however, it will require you to have an HDMI adapter and some technical skill to perform it. 

You can get an HDMI cable from Amazon or the local market. You can use this method when others fail, or you want to try something new, but an HDMI adapter is the most effective method to deliver desired results… 

But I would love to suggest you always go with the original HDMI cable to get the best quality of your content. Follow the steps to connect both of your devices using an HDMI cable.

  1. Bring out the HDMI adapter from the box, and plug it into your iPhone if you bring it new.
  2. Now take the HDMI cable and plug one side into the adapter.
  3. And another side of the HDMI cable will go into your Sony TV.
  4. Now navigate to the Menu of your Sony TV using the remote.
  5. Choose Input, and then choose the HDMI port where you connected the cable.
  6. First, it may ask for confirmation; just approve it by pressing the Ok button. 
  7. You’re all set; it will display on your Sony TV anything you play on your iPhone. 
  8. Note: This method will require you to purchase an additional HDMI adapter to perform this.

Method 4: Mirror your iPhone & iPad on a Sony TV Using AirBeamTV:

If you’re searching for a method that doesn’t require any hardware or cables, then AirBean is for you. AirBeam is one of the great options when it comes to screen mirroring iPhone to Sony TV. AirBeam also enables you to stream your apps and music on your Sony TV. Simply follow the below-given steps for screen mirroring iPhone to Sony TV without any cable and hardware. 

  1. Download and install the AirBeam app
  2. Launch the app, and it’ll begin searching for Sony within the same network.
  3. Sony TV might require permission to connect for the first time; press “Agree” and “Ok” using the Sony TV remote.
  4. On your phone, you’ll get the option of screen mirroring; click on it for the desired TV on your iPhone.
  5. Now agree with the display message saying Mirror Sony TV.
  6. Everything you’ll play on your mobile will display on your TV, including music. 

Bonus Tips On Screen Mirroring iPhone to Sony TV:

Mentioned methods are not only the options, but other than that, there are a couple of ways to enable you to screen mirroring iPhone to Sony TV, but these methods come with some caveats.


If you only want to stream YouTube from iPhone to Sony TV, then YouTube apps have an option named cast. You can cast only YouTube with this, as I don’t consider it a screen mirroring option but can’t ignore it also. If your only requirement is YouTube, then the cast option can be handy for you.


Using Chromecast, you can also cast your iPhone screen to Sony TV, but the problem is it comes with limitations.


Miracast is also a great way to stream your content on your Sony TV, but it doesn’t support all types of content. You can travel to the App Store and search for the app “Miracast,” and check the app details.

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Wrapping Up:

iPhone is a unique device, and users may face difficulty while screen mirroring iPhone to Sony TV; you’ll require a lot of research to get it done. In this guide, I’ve covered the entire topic of screen mirroring iPhone to Sony TV with a simple guide. 

I shared multiple ways to do so, you can go with any of them, but the HDMI method requires an extra HDMI cable. I hope this article was helpful for you and resolved your queries regarding screen mirroring. If you still have any doubts or questions, use the comment section below. 

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