How To Change The Time On My Fitbit

If you are here it means you are searching How To Change The Time On My Fitbit, Right? Don’t fret. Because, I will elaborate a step-by-step guide to change the time on Fitbit. 

Smart Wrist Watch is on the trend, and Fitbit is one of them. The Fitbit time syncs with the current time zone. 

It means if your device is present in a specific time zone then it will display the time accordingly. so if your Fitbit was displaying the wrong time it’s time to change it, but How? 

Fitbit does not allow you to change the time on Fitbit manually. This article will share a detailed guide for the same. 

There are plenty of reasons behind showing the wrong time on Fitbit, and I will cover each one. But first, understand what are the reasons behind the wrong time on Fitbit?

What Are The Reasons To Wrong Time On My Fitbit?

There can be a couple of reasons for the wrong time on Fitbit. Let’s understand each.

Dying Battery:

The battery is the key feature in Fitbit to sync the time from different time zones. So in case, your Fitbit device battery is not performing well, you may come across this error. Check the battery performance.

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Software updation also could be the culprit. You need to check if your device is up to date or not by navigating to the Settings > About section.


If Fitbit has some glitch issues then also, you come across the wrong time issues.

Note: These three are major culprits for wrong time displaying on Fitbit. Now let’s understand how to Change The Time On My Fitbit using various types of devices like Android, iOS, Windows.

How To Change The Time On My Fitbit:

Steps to change the time on Fitbit are straightforward. Begin with resetting the Fitbit time zone, thus, your Fitbit will identify where it is currently. 

The best thing about Fitbit is that you can change the time using four different methods, and Fitbit works on all leading operating systems like Windows, iOS, and Android. 

For iOS and Android, you can download the app using the app store, and for windows, you can visit Let’s find out each one.

How To Change The Time On Fitbit Using Windows:

Find the steps how to set time on Fitbit effortlessly.

  • First of all, go to
  • Login in to your account using “Login Credentials.”
  • On the dashboard, navigate to the “Account Icon” (Available on the top right corner).
  • Under the “Account Icon” find and click on the “Advanced Settings.”
  • Under the “Advanced Settings” click on the “Time Zone.”
  • Here you can see the “Auto” option is turned on, click on it to turn it off, and choose “Current Time Zone.”
  • Now sync the tracker. 
  • You are done, your Fitbit should show the right time now.

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How To Change The Time On Fitbit Using iOS:

  • You need to download the Fitbit app on your iOS device, get the Fitbit app from the App Store.
  • Login to your account using the “Username & Password.”
  • On the dashboard find “Account Icon.”
  • Under the “Account Settings” find and tap on the “Advanced Settings.”
  • You will find “Time Zone” under the “Advanced Settings”, click on the “Set Automatically” and turn it off.
  • Now click on the “Time Zone” and choose the exact time location where you are.
  • Now sync the tracker. And voila! You have changed the time on Fitbit.

How To Change The Time On Fitbit Using Android:

  • Simply download the Fitbit app from the “Google Play Store”.
  • Launch the app, and log in with your login details.
  • On the top right corner find the “Account Icon.”
  • Under the “Account Icon”, navigate to the “Advanced Settings.”
  • Automatic Time Zone should be on there, tap on it to turn it off.
  • Now select the time zone and choose the current location.
  • Now sync the tracker.

How To Change The Time On Fitbit Using Dashboard:

  • First of all, visit this link and log in using your login details.
  • On the top right corner click on your profile pic and choose “Settings.”
  • Navigate to “Personal Info”, and then “Advanced Settings.”
  • Find the “TimeZone” under “Advanced Settings” and select your local time zone.
  • Now sync the tracker device. 
  • And voila! You’re done.

How To Change To A 12 Hour Or 24 Hour Clock:

Follow the guide for how to fix time on Fitbit to 12 hours or 24 hours.

  • Launch any of your browsers and visit
  • On the top right-hand corner, you can see the profile icon, click on it.
  • Find and click on the Settings then Personal Info.
  • Here you can see Advanced Settings, click on it, and search for Clock Display Time.
  • Now you will have two options, either to display time in 12-hours or 24-hours.
  • Choose the desired one, and finally tap on the “Submit” button to save the made changes.
  • At the last Sync your device, and boom! You have done it successfully.

How Do I Sync My Fitbit:

Well, the process is straightforward. Find the step-by-step guide to how to reset time on Fitbit and sync the device.

  • Begin with turning on the Bluetooth on your device (Phone).
  • Launch the Fitbit app, on the top right corner find the three horizontal lines and click on them.
  • Now click on the device, and you can see the connected device here.
  • Under the device name, check if the “All Day Sync” is turned off or on? 
  • Make sure to turn it on and then click on the “Sync Now.”
  • Your Fitbit device will sync all day.

Note: If you want to turn on the calls and texts notification, follow below steps:

  • Go to the device, and then click on the “Call & Text Notification.”
  • On the next screen click on “Turn On Device Notifications.”
  • And then check the display box which says “Fitbit Notification Service.”
  • Now you will come across a popup saying OK or cancel. Tap on the OK button to save the changes.
  • Voila! You have turned it on.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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Conclusion Of How To Change Time On Fitbit Versa:

Fitbit is an amazing device that majors your activities and helps you to stay fit and healthy. Sometimes Fitbit shows the wrong time, and users do not find any manual option to set the time. 

In this article, I explained the step-by-step guide for How To Change The Time On My FitBit watch. There are a couple of options available to change the time on Fitbit. You can do it with your iOS, Android Phone, or Windows computer. 

All three methods are described in detail. I hope this article was helpful for you. Keep visiting us for more technical stuff. 

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this topic, you can leave us a comment below.

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