How To Connect PS4 Controller To Firestick 4K [Updated Dec 2022]

Are you a PS4 holder and looking for How to Connect PS4 Controller to Firestick? All your queries will be solved within this post. Well, Amazon Fire Stick devices are amazing and offer you a wide range of features.

Using the Fire TV Stick has different benefits, the major benefit of it is it can be controlled remotely in various manners such as using the third-party wireless control, PS4 DualShock, and mobile apps. Aside from that, you can also connect using Bluetooth to the Fire TV Stick. 

A firestick device is a physical device that solves all your problems related to video streaming. Using the Firestick you can connect it to your TV, and install various types of apps, stream videos, and play music. 

Basically, Firestick devices are made to convert your normal TV into Smart TV, but you can take more from it by Jailbreak a Firestck. Furthermore, you can use a PS4 controller on firestick as well without putting in any extra effort and jailbreaking it.

The best thing about this device is it is similar to WiFi dongle or USB storage devices like Pen drive, and you do not need any specific software to use the Firestick device, as it works on plug and plays feature. 

Well installing and streaming video content on TVs using firestick is not difficult, but how about PS4? 

Well, connecting the PS4 controller to Firestick is also not that difficult as it sounds. Let’s find out How To Connect PS4 Controller To Firestick?

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Can I use my PS4 controller on my Fire Stick?

You can use DualShock 4 Controller to command your Amazon Fire Stick TV. One of the best things about Amazon Firestick is you can remotely control them using their own remote control, third-party wireless control model, or mobile app. So, you can use the PS4 controller Firestick.

How To Connect PS4 Controller To Firestick | How to Pair PS4 Controller To FireStick Effortlessly?

Well, the entire process of how to connect ps4 controller to fire tv is pretty straightforward. In order to connect PS controller to Firestick all you need to do is follow the below-given steps:

  • Turn on the Fire TV (Stick) then navigate to the “Settings.”
  • Under the settings, find the option called “Controllers & Bluetooth Devices” and then “Game Controller.”
  • Now make sure you press the “Share and “PS” button simultaneously, and keep holding it until the LED starts to flash.
  • Once the LED starts flashing, click on the “Add New Game Controller” and choose “Wireless Controller’‘ from the display list.
  • If everything goes as mentioned above, then a pop-up should appear on the screen saying the device has been connected successfully.
  • It means steps to pair ps4 controller to firestick successfully completes.

Attention: Connecting PS4 controller to Fire TV, also known as Pair PS4 controller to Fire Stick

PS4 Controller Not Pairing With Fire Stick:

Firestick is an amazing device that solves all your problems regarding streaming and helps you to play games using your PS devices. 

It is not hard to connect Firestick with other devices, however, some users are still not able to pair, sync, or connect PS4 to Firestick

Don’t fret, I’m including and sharing some common problems and Firestick troubleshooting that will surely help you and resolve your PS4 Controller Not Pairing With Fire Stick.

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Why Won’t My PS4 Controller Pair With Firestick?

Find the common reason below.

  1. First of all, check if all the cables are connected with FireTV properly.
  2. Check your internet connection, maybe an Internet connection is the culprit.
  3. Check if the software (Firmware) of the FireTV is up to date. 

Note: These are the common reasons behind pairing issues between PS4 and Firestick. Let’s find out workarounds.

Find out the solutions for these problems.

Check Your Connection:

Ensure that the Internet connection is not lousy, or connected properly. If everything is just perfect, then make sure you are using a high-speed internet connection.

Restart the Firestick device:

If the above stuff is not working smoothly, the next thing you need to perform is to reboot your Amazon Firestick device. You can simply unplug all the cables from the device and leave it in the same conditions for a couple of minutes and then check if the problem is solved. 

Re Sync PS4 Controller to Firestick:

Syncing is the thing that connects both the devices together, so if both of your devices are not able to sync, you may come across this issue. Make sure devices are syncing perfectly. 

Keep Updated Firmware Of Your PS4:

Firmware is the software that helps your device to work smoothly, so if the firmware is not up to date, then you may face this issue. So, update your device. This is how you can connect amazon Fire stick to PS4 effortlessly.

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Note : All these workarounds will solve your PS4 pairing issue with Firestick.

What Controllers Work With Firestick?

Numerous controllers are available in the market that is fully compatible with Firestick, find some of them below;

  • Xbox Wireless Controller.
  • Mad Catz Micro Mobile Gamepad.
  • Matricom G-Pad BX Wireless Gamepad

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Wrapping Up Of How To Connect PS4 Controller To Firestick:

Amazon Firestick is an amazing device that enables you to stream content on your TV. Firestick also allows you to pair ps4 controller to Fire TV using the simple steps.

This article is all about How To Connect PS4 Controller To Firestick without using any extra device. I also share the pairing troubleshooting of Firestick not to connect with ps4.

I hope this article helped you to understand this topic in depth. If you still have any questions or suggestions regarding the fire stick ps4 controller, you can leave me a comment below.

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