How To Download Apps On LG Smart TV In 2022

LG Smart TV is a globally popular TV brand and comes with a dedicated app store which is known as LG Content Store. Utilizing the LG Content store you can download apps on LG Smart TV.

Apart from downloading, you can also updated the apps which are misbehaving without using any downloader for LG Smart TV.

To execute the steps, all you need to have is a stable WiFi On LG TV and remote control. If you’ve just purchased LG TV, it can be difficult to implement the steps for How To Download Apps On A LG Smart TV?

But this straightforward guide will help you to download the desired apps on LG Smart TV within a moment and use them right away. 

In Smart TVs some apps are already downloaded by the TV Companies, and the same story happens with LG Smart TV. LG Smart TV comes with more than 200 preinstalled apps on it, and you can add more apps as well. If you don’t know How To Install LG Smart TV Apps you can go through this post for beginner-friendly guide.

LG TV also lets us allow to download apps separately as per our requirements and needs. If you need to download the other apps on the smart TV, then how will you do it?

This article will explain a step by step process of How To Download Apps In LG Smart TV? Aside with that, this guide included the list of the most popular and downloaded LG TV apps, which will help you to figure out which apps is best suitable for you. Let’s begin how to download an app on LG Smart TV guide.

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How To Download Apps On LG Smart TV?

Extra apps may enhance your experience of watching TV and give you varieties of multimedia content. The process of download a third-party app in LG Smart TV is pretty simple but you have to follow the process. 

Below find the step-by-step process to to download apps on lg smart tv?

Process Of How To Download Apps On LG TV?

  1. Turn on the TV.
  2. Press the “HOME” button On the “TV REMOTE”
  3. You can see all the preloaded app there.
  4. Now go to the “LG Content Store or LG Smart TV apps store” by pressing the right arrow button in your TV remote.
  5. You can find lots of preloaded media like movie, shows, News, sports, etc. 
  6. Now to Go to Apps that are right on the top of the screen and wait for the load.
  7. You can “Hot”, “New”, “All” and “My Apps” on the left side of the screen. 
  8. In the “All” folder you can see the available apps on your TV.
  9. Once you choose categories you can see related apps from the same categories. 
  10. In case, don’t find your desired app then you can choose the “Magnifying Glass” button to type the name of the App. 
  11. Once the app name is shown click on the app. 
  12. You can see the “Install” button on the screen, tap on it. 
  13. And your desired app will start installing, and after a while it’ll get installed on your LG Smart TV. You can get the app in the “My App” folder.

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Note: Remember, not all categories might be accessible on your LG TV because some categories might be restricted due to the TV’s service status and region.

How To Add Disney Plus On LG Smart TV?

If you’re wondering to install specific apps, or download more apps on LG Smart TV, such as HBO Go on LG TV, Paramount+, and others. Here I’m sharing steps to add Discovery Plus To LG Smart TV. You can apply the same steps for other apps as well. Here are the steps to add apps to lg smart tv.

  1. Turn On the LG TV and grab your TV remote.
  2. Press the Home button, located on the left side of the directional pad.
  3. Now utilize the right arrow and access LG Smart TV apps store.
  4. Hit the Ok button located in the center of the remote.
  5. Choose the Up arrow button, then select the Right arrow button to access the Apps tab.
  6. Click on the magnifying glass using the Right button.
  7. Search for Disney Plus using the directional pad.
  8. Once the install button appears, click on the Install button, and the downloading process will begin.

Note: Downloading time depends on your Internet speed, so wait patiently. Once it’s done launch the Disney Plus app and watch all your desired content right away.

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Wrapping Up:

There are already more than 200 apps available on LG TV, but if you want to add your other favorite apps which aren’t included then in this article, you have been instructed a step-by-step procedure of How To Download Apps On LG Smart TV.

Follow the given steps, and you will be able to download any other apps to your LG Smart TV.  I hope this post solved all your queries about how to download apps for LG smart TV.

For any questions or suggestions related to how to install apps on LG Smart TV, feel free to let me know by commenting in the comment section below.

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