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I’ll break download Websites Like YouTube For Videos: Need a break from YouTube?

Try these top 10 Websites Like YouTube for Videos. YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, right after Google, and the day is not too far when it will take over the number one search engine Google

Because the internet got cheaper and users prefer video content instead of any other format of content. 

But that is not our concern, the thing which I’ll talk about in this post is what are the other websites like YouTube for Videos?

As YouTube is quite popular around the globe, creators upload millions of videos daily on YouTube. But what if YouTube withdraws its services?

What option could we have left?

What are video websites like YouTube without restriction? 

Nothing to panic about and try these mentioned free video sites other than youtube.

This detailed article has brought you the top 10 websites that also enable you for the same features, you get in YouTube comments on your favourite creator’s videos, like their videos and all. 

So let’s start the topic and find out the top 10 websites like YouTube for videos. 

What Is YouTube & Top 10 Video Websites Like YouTube For Videos:

Well, YouTube is a video streaming platform that allows you to access billions of videos for free. As it is one of the biggest video content platforms, you can find any type of content here for free. 

There are numerous video sites like youtube platforms available on the internet, but the best thing about which users love it. YouTube doesn’t restrict you, it means you can upload any length of video for free. 

Apart from that, creators also make money by uploading videos on their channels. When it comes to generating money from YouTube, then a creator has multiple options to earn money from YouTube. 

The first comes Google Adsense, which is free to join (You need 1k subscribers and 4,000 hours watching in the past year). 

A decent number of subscribers channels also get various types of sponsorship, if your channels have a good fan base then you can also make money through Super Chat features. With all the benefits, no one wants to leave YouTube, Right? 

But you should also keep in mind that YouTube keeps all the rights, so if someday you wake in the morning and see YouTube has revised all these guidelines then you can not do anything. 

Let’s find out the best sites like youtube without restrictions.

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Note: YouTube does not charge you a single penny to register, upload videos, and make money from those videos.

What Are Video Sharing Sites

There are plenty of Sites similar to YouTube you should definitely try. In this detailed guide we’ll talk about in this guide. Video sharing sites are something that allows you to watch videos for free. All these below-given websites come under the video sharing sites so in the replacement of YouTube you can try them.

Top 10 Video Websites Like YouTube For Videos:

I’ve personally tried all the below-given website like youtube and trust me I really enjoyed it. Here is the detailed list of the top 10 online video websites like youtube for videos.

#1. Vimeo YouTube Alternative Sites:

Websites Like YouTube For Videos

Vimeo is one of the great platforms if we talk about YouTube alternatives, it offers you many amazing features. 

They also come up with different plans which offer you different storage. Vimeo is more than just uploading videos. You can watch different types of TV series with a premium subscription. 

The interface of Vimeo is user-friendly and provides you with an easy search option. You can find your desired video easily from various categories. 

In addition, they also support 360-degree videos, which makes them one step ahead of the competitors. Vimeo is the best video websites like youtube free. The primum subscription offers you 7TB of data storage and it is recommended for filmmakers, mashup artists, cinematographers, editors, and graphic designers to post their creative video content to attract the world.

You Must Know About Vimeo

  • Started – November 2004
  • Currently users – More than 200 million
  • Best for – Mashup artists, editors, graphic designers.

Vimeo Features:

  • Offer you TV service.
  • Immensely easy interface.
  • Well categorized.

#2. IGTV YouTube Alternatives:

Instagram has a feature known as IGTV. You must have heard about it. IGTV giveing a tough competition to YouTube because it has attractive features that easily catch the consumers and because of all these feature it come at number 2 of sites similar to youtube.

The best thing about IGTV is, the interface you get is simply awesome and well designed. IGTV has become the first choice for content creators to upload their videos on IGTV. 

Similar to YouTube, you can also make money from IGTV. You do not need any other account to upload your content on IGTV, instead, you can use your Instagram account. 

There are high chances to reach your targeted audiences because people use Instagram in every corner of the world.

You Must Know About IGTV

  • Started – June 20, 2018
  • Supported languages – More than 30 languages.
  • Users – More than 1 billion-plus

IGTV Features:

  • No need to carry an extra account.
  • Upload any length of the video.
  • Great insights.
  • Widely popular.

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#3. Facebook Watch Sites Like YouTube:

The Facebook watch is a great alternative to YouTube when it comes to stream videos. Like YouTube, you can also stream various types of video content effortlessly. 

Facebook contains endless categories to watch videos. But it is also true that finding the desired videos on the Facebook watch is a bit harder than on YouTube. 

If you want to upload your videos on Facebook watch, simply create a page, and upload content. Facebook watch also enables you to monetize your page. 

They also have a certain policy for monetizing the page, but also remember you do not need any certain number of subscribers. Facebook is a worthy alternative to YouTube. If you’re looking for sites similar to youtube here Facebook Watch is a must try option.

You Must Know About Facebook Watch

  • Started – August 10, 2017
  • Users – More than 3 billion
  • Languages – Support more than 25

Facebook Watch Features:

  • Amazing analytics.
  • Monetization feature available.
  • Worldwide access.
  • No need for a spare account.
  • Free to join.

#4. Hulu Website Like YouTube For Videos:

Websites Like YouTube For Videos

Hulu is a video content platform that offers you a variety of video content such as Movies, TV Shows, and others at one stop. 

Sign up process is straightforward and available for multiple operating systems like Android, iOS, Desktop, Smart TV, and Tablet makes it sites similar to youtube. 

Hulu allows you to create up to 6 ids (profile). The best thing about Hulu is you can stream video content with any commercials. 

It also enables users to download thousands of videos, and those videos can be played offline as well. 

More than 65 channels are already listed to watch, and the list keeps growing. With all these features Hulu comes on the top when we talk about websites similar to youtube.

You Must Know About Hulu

  • Started – March 12, 2008
  • Users – More than 45.3 million

Hulu Features:

  • Available on multiple devices.
  • Allows you to download content to watch later without the internet.
  • Content is ads-free.
  • Wide range of videos in the library.

#5. Twitch YouTube Alternatives:

The article is incomplete if I do not include Twitch in the list of websites like YouTube for video, as Twitch also offers you various category’s videos to dig in. 

Twitch also could be a great option for sites like YouTube to stream endless videos. Twitch is basically known for gaming videos, where professional gamers from all around the world do live-stream. 

Twitch also has the option to watch your favourite gamer’s gameplay, or create or own and start live-streaming. Twitch also participates in the gaming events such as ESWC (E-Sports World Convention) and WCG (World Cyber Games). 

Viewers also can cheer up the streamer by typing their comments, and follow for further videos. Twitch is a premium service that is mainly for gamers. 

Twitch is also a great choice for many gamers in video sharing platforms like youtube. So if you also belong to the gaming industry you should try Twitch. If you have taken Twitch prime subscription and want to cancel it, read here How To Cancel Twitch Prime Subscription

You Must Know About Twitch

Started – June 6, 2011

Active users – 15 million daily active users

Twitch Features:

  • Best for gamers.
  • Wide range of gaming videos.
  • Participate in the events.
  • Super chat option enabled.

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#6 DTube Website Like YouTube For Videos:

DTube is another best platform that holds the number sixth position in the list of websites like YouTube without restrictions. 

The interface of the DTube is similar to YouTube and provides you all the features that YouTube offers you. 

DTube’s design is the same as YouTube, however, the working method is completely different from YouTube, as it works on cryptocurrency. 

A gamer or any kind of video content creator uploads their videos, and the total number of views the creator gets on a particular video, he earns STEEM CRYPTOCURRENCY. 

Which can be transferred in any of your crypto wallets, once the creator has the currency in the wallet, he has the option to sell it for cash on the crypto exchange.

DTube Features:

  • Enable you to earn STEEM CRYPTO.
  • You can transfer into your crypto wallet or cash out.
  • The interface of the site is similar to YouTube.
  • Great analytics.

#7. Dailymotion Websites Like YouTube For Videos:

Dailymotion is also a great competitor of YouTube and our next platform in the list of sites like YouTube. 

Just like YouTube, you can upload any type of video and mainly organize them by dividing them into categories. 

Dailymotion is a great name for video content. Apart from uploading videos or watching videos, you can read the news as well that is published by other authors. 

This platform offers you different category videos such as music, sports, news, entertainment, and others. You can also find real-time trending topics around the globe. Dailymotion should be in your list of videos websites like youtube free.

You Must Know About Dailymotion

  • Started – 15 March 2005
  • Users – 300 million around the globe

Dailymotion Features:

  • Wide range of video, audio, and text content.
  • Dailymotion supports voice commands which increase the exploring experience.
  • HTML5 video player integrated to stream.
  • You can store your favorite videos or news in a separate library.
  • iOS and Android compatible.
  • Dailymotion also supports Apple TV, Samsung devices, Android TV, Google Chromecast.

#8. TikTok:

Who hasn’t heard about TikTok? Well, Tiktok is also a tough competitor of YouTube, which offers you a wide selection of filters, effects, stickers, and other useful tools to make your video more attractive. 

However, TikTok doesn’t support longer videos like youtube, it has a limitation of video length to upload. 

It allows you to create your video within the app using filters and other useful tools, but that should be a maximum of 15 seconds long only. 

If you want to upload longer than that, then you need to record using your phone camera and then upload. Recently TikTok was banned in a couple of countries but still, you can access it in many parts of the world. 

Tiktok doesn’t have any feature to monetize your profile, but you can earn from affiliate marketing and sponsorship. So add TikTok to your queue list of videos websites like youtube.

You Must Know About TikTok

Started – September 2016

Users – $4.6 billion (2021)

Age demographics – Under 18 (28)

TikTok Features:

  • Various types of content. 
  • Support shorter videos.
  • Integrated with a lot of features and tools to improve your video quality.
  • Great sound collection.

#9. Veoh Websites Like YouTube For Videos:

Our next platform is Veoh, which is known as a video content platform and offers you decent features to upload your content. 

It has social features that enable creators to share their videos with family and friends effortlessly. Like the earlier one, it doesn’t restrict you to upload video files, you are free to upload any length of the file.

Veoh already has millions of videos that attract users to come and watch them online. You can also download the video for later watch. 

The interface of the website is simply awesome, and the search button helps you to find your targeted queries. Try Veoh to get video streaming services like youtube.

Veoh Features:

  • Easy to understand dashboard.
  • Full control over your channel.
  • Detailed analytics.
  • No limitations for video length.

#10 Netflix Websites Like YouTube For Videos:

Websites Like YouTube For Videos

Our last on the list of Websites Like YouTube is Netflix. Netflix is an on-demand video content platform that serves you endless tv shows and films. 

However, Netflix is a premium platform and you can use it for free. People prefer to spend time on Netflix because of the video quality it has. 

Netflix is in a hurry to capture the market, and according to the experts, by the end of 2023 Netflix will hit the 300 million users milestone. 

Using the premium service allows you to download the web series, movies, and tv shows for offline watch. Netflix can be accessed on any type of devices like Android, iOS, Windows, or any other. 

You can also stream in on your smartphone. Netflix offers you various types of picture quality to choose from. 

It also performs in the same manner, as youtube does. Simply use the search button to find the desired result. These are the other sites like youtube you can try them in replace of YouTube without restrictions.

You Must Know About Netflix

Started – August 29, 1997

Users – 18.2 million

Netflix Features:

  • The best platform to stream web series, movies, tv shows.
  • Support all major operating systems.
  • A wide range of video content is available.
  • Enable you to download the content to watch offline.
  • Amazing picture quality.

FAQs Of Websites Like YouTube For Videos:

#1. What are the video streaming websites?

#2. What is a free alternative to YouTube?

#3. Who is YouTube biggest competitor?

#4. Is YouTube dying or growing?

#5. Is Vimeo better than YouTube?


This is all in the list of Websites Like YouTube For Videos, and we came to know the top 10 best alternatives of YouTube. 

In this detailed post, I have covered video sites other than youtube that you should definitely give a try. Most of them are quite popular, and a few provide you high-quality service but not so popular. 

I hope this article helped you to understand what are websites like youtube are. I elaborate on the several other options you have in terms of sites like youtube. 

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the same you can leave me a comment below. 

Do not forget to let me know your opinion about these youtube alternative websites. Share it with your friends and family to know about them as well.

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