How To Get GamePigeon On Android? [Updated May 2023]

How To Get GamePigeon on Android? GamePigeon is basically built for iOS 10 or above only, it accumulated a lot more popularity in recent years; so, as an Android user, you may think can you get game pigeon on android or does game pigeon work on Android so you can play it on your android device?

Well, the short answer is YES YOU CAN!!!

This article will teach you How to Get Game Pigeon on Android.

If you’re an Android user and keen to play GamePigeon on your Android smartphone, stay tuned with this post because I’ll share steps to get GamePigeon On Android smartphone with a user-friendly guide. 

The method to get Game Pigeon on Android is little tricky, so you’ll have to be careful. Let’s find out how to get iMessage games for Android?

Quick Answer:

There are no Android versions of the iMessage app or the GamePigeon extension available to download. To access game pigeon on android, you need to download Java Development Kit 9 & Wemessageapp.

Quick Guide For Gamepigeon For Android: In order to get Game Pigeon on Android, first you need to create iMessage for a friend, once it’s done, click on App Store Icon. Here you can see all the installed apps, choose GamePigeom from the list.

What Is GamePigeon?

GamePigeon is a gaming app available for iOS devices that can be accessed through the iMessage app; Vitalii Zlotskii designed it for iOS users (Support iOS 10 or above) on September 13, 2016; enable iOS users to play several games such as Sea Battle, 8 ball pool, and others, but how about Android users? 

Can Android users get GamePigeon On Android?

Well, the straightforward answer is Yes, Android users can get game pigeon on their Android phones. However, you need to apply the approach I’ll discuss below. If you are an iOS user and searching for Why Can’t I Download Game Pigeon click to get the greatest solution.

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Can Android Users Play Game Pigeon? | How To Get Gamepigeon On Android?

Is game pigeon on android? Or I can Play it On Android? Yes, of course being an android user, you can play the game on your Android devices, but we can’t eliminate the fact this game is not officially launched for Android devices, as its exclusive for iOS only, but if the game pigeon not working on iOS, fix it in 2 minutes. Let’s learn the steps to get iMessage games on Android.

How to Download and Install Game Pigeon on Android?

Begin an Android user you may think is there a way to get game pigeon on Android?

Well, the GamePigeon app is not officially released for Android devices, so you can’t download it from Google Play Store as there is no game pigeon android APK available. 

However, there are a couple of ways to run it on Android, but the primary problem with these methods is that your phone is always at the corner risk.

Therefore, I’ve found a workaround that will enable you to download and install GamePigeon safely.

How to Get Game Pigeon App on Android Device?

Here is the steps to download game pigeon on Android for free.

To get GamePigeon on Android
  • Now get the Java Development Kit 9 from this website.
  • Download the macOS file from here.
get java development kit 9
  • Now go to the browser and run the command, and you can download macOS files.
  • You have to let the SETTINGS run macros files.
  • It will ask you to give permission for running the terminal command, simply allow.
  • Once you allow it, it will ask you to enter the same login credentials you have used in your macOS.
  • Now connect your Android device with MacOS.
  • Once you’re connected, again it will ask you to enter the login details. Type ID and Password again.
  • That’s it. Devices are connected to your screen. 
  • Also, there is a way to check if everything is fine by entering the text from an iOS device to an Android device.
  • It generally takes 2 to 3 minutes to show the message on an Android device.
  • This is how can you download game pigeon on Android.

Note: The most important thing in this procedure is to enable the terminal command. So don’t skip, or else it won’t work.

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How To Get Gamepigeon On Android To Work?

Android devices also have all the features to get and run game pigeon; still, keep in mind there are a few simple steps you need to follow before proceeding to get pigeon app for Android. 

  1. To begin with, to create an “iMessage” for a friend. 
  2. Tap on the “App Store” icon (Which is located on the right side).
  3. Under the “App Store,” you get four “Grey Dots” click on them.
  4. You will come across all the installed apps; click on the desired app (In your case, it’s GamePigeon) tap on it.
  5. This is how to play iMessage game on Android.

What Types Of Games Android and iPhone Users Can Play Together?

It’s a myth that Android and iOS users can play all the games together; only the below-listed games enable them to play together with iOS and Android phone users. If you hate to lose in the GamePigeon then you must apply these Game Pigeon Hacks to win every game you play with your friends.

  • Real Racing.
  • Spaceteam.
  • Muffin Knight.
  • Super Stickman Golf 2.
  • Real Racing.
  • Pokémon GO.
  • Draw Something.
  • Modern Combat 6.
  • Minecraft Pocket Edition.
  • iMessage Games Pool

Is It Possible To Play Game Pigeon From Android Phone With iPhone Users?

Let’s be honest, and keep it simple: the iOS operating system works on “Game Center” to download and install the game; on the other hand, Android OS depends on Google Play Store

In this case, it is not possible for iOS and Android users to play together. Who knows if the privacy changes in the future, then may change the scenario, and Android and iOS users can play together. We can’t do anything about current situations except pray and hope.

What Are The Best Alternates of Game Pigeon App:

You don’t need to worry if you don’t want to play it anymore, or want to delete game pigeon game, or why to limit yourself to Game Pigeon only I’ve game pigeon alternatives that you should try on your Android or iOS device. 

#1. Facebook:

The first game pigeon android alternative is Facebook. Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms, but maybe you don’t know it also provides you with a vast range of games to play online. The best thing is to play Facebook games, you don’t need to download those games on your Android or iOS device, in fact all the games are included in the Facebook App only. To access Facebook games, simply login to your Facebook account, find the Search Bar on the top left side, type Games and you’ll have multiple games to play.

#2. Telegram X:

Another one in the list is Telegram X, TelegramX is available for both iOS and Android, and it is slightly different from Facebook. In this you’ll have to download games before playing, but trust the collection of games Telegram X has is incredible. Once you’ve the app on your smartphone, you can play it with your iOS friends as well.

#3.  Hago:

Hago is a popular gaming platform that has all the potential to become the top alternatives of Game Pigeon. There are more than hundreds of games to play online. The best thing about Hago is it’s available for both Android and iOS devices.

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When Will Game Pigeon Come To Android?

Many Android users wonder when is game pigeon coming to android? Well, as you know Game Pigeon is exclusively for iOS version only, and not available for Android devices. In fact, the company is also not looking to release this game for Android.

Currently, there is no official news to launch Game Pigeon for Android device, but stay tuned wherever any update comes, I’ll let you know, till then you can enjoy methods to get this on your Android device.

Frequently Asked Question About How To Get Gamepigeon On Android:

#1. Can Android Play iMessage games?

#2. Is there a GamePigeon for Android and Apple?

#3. Is GamePigeon only for Apple?

4. Is there a GamePigeon for Android Samsung?

Wrapping Up:

Gamepigeon is a popular game for iOS devices, but when it comes to getting gamepigeon for Androids, you do not get it on Google Play Store

This detailed article showed you a step-by-step process for How To Get GamePigeon On Android. Apart from that, there is also a shared download button for game pigeon for Android. 

I hope this article was helpful for you and provided you enough information. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding How To Get GamePigeon On Android Device, you can leave us a comment below.

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