How to Mirror iPhone to Roku without AirPlay and Wi-Fi? [Solved Feb 2023]

Do you’ve got An iPhone and Roku device and you want to mirror iPhone to Roku without using the Wi-Fi or AirPlay, but not finding the proper way? Don’t fret, this article will explain and show you the steps for How to mirror iPhone to Roku TV without WiFi with a user-friendly guide. 

Well, Roku is a widely popular video streaming device, Roku enables you to stream TV shows, movies, sports, and many other video content on Roku. In order to take advantage of all these streams, you’ll be required to connect your iPhone to Roku with a WiFi network. 

Also, a cable connection is always recommended to stream videos because a cable connection is faster compared to WiFi. But we can’t ignore the benefits of WiFi either because WiFi connection removes the restriction and allows you to stream from anywhere. But you’ve to choose the correct device, If you’ve multiple Roku device and you’re unable to identify their name, here is the guide to change the roku name easily.

Setting up the process of Mirror iPhone to Roku TV without WiFi can be tricky. Don’t panic, I’ve described it thoroughly, all you’ve to do is follow the guide as described. The good thing is in this guide we’ll learn both the steps about How to screen mirror iPhone to Roku TV without WiFi and via WiFi. Before we learn the steps here is a quick brief about Roku.

What Does Roku Mean & What Does Roku Used For & How to Mirror iPhone to Roku without WiFi & AirPlay?

Roku is the online streaming platform that allows you to access and stream tons of movies, shows, series, sports, live news, and many more [Free and Paid] using the Internet. 

Roku is available in two ways, the first one is a hardware box that looks like Firestick, and the other one is a mobile app. On a Roku device, you can easily download and watch Hulu, ESPN+, Discovery Plus, HBO Max, Xfinity On Roku, IPTV On Rok, uand many other channels. 

What Is The Use Of Screen Mirroring On Roku Device/TV

You can understand Screen mirroring works in a similar way to AirPlay Mirroring. Using the screen mirroring on Roku you can stream your iPhone’s content on Roku TV. 

However, to screen a mirror iPhone to Roku TV is pretty straightforward if you do it via WiFi, but the case is different when it comes to How to Mirror iPhone to Roku TV Without WiFi. I’ll break down the steps below for both.

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Does Roku Need WiFi To Screen Mirroring?

It’s not mandatory to use WiFi to screen mirroring on Roku, you can use a Lightning to HDMI adapter. The steps are simple to set up Lightning to your Roku TV. 

However, if you’ve WiFi it is best but not necessary. Apart from that, you can also use a wired connection to screen mirroring on your Roku device.

Can I Stream From iPhone To Roku?

Yes, why not. It’s a pretty simple process, Apple provides you with an AirPlay feature using which you can watch, control the content, and share the content through the iPhone, Mac, and iPad to your Roku device. Using your iPhone and AirPlay you can watch movies, shows, news, sports, and share apps on your Roku device easily.

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How To Mirror iPhone To Roku TV Without WiFi?

To mirror movies, shows, or apps from your iPhone’s screen to Roku TV without WiFi is required to have a little bit of technical skills. 

Apart from technical skills, you’ll also need a Lightning to HDMI adapter. Once you’ve got the Lightning to HDMI adapter, apply the following steps to mirror iPhone to Roku without using WiFi.

Get A Lightning To HDMI Adapter:

The first thing you need to do is get a Lightning to HDMI Adapter, it’s not possible to connect both devices with the same network in such terms HDMI adapter can be a handy way. You can purchase the Apple’s Lightning Digital AV Adapter.

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Connect Lightning to HDMI Adapter:

Now connect the Lightning adapter’s one end to the iPhone charging socket. And the other side of the adapter to the HDMI Port on your Roku TV. 

Setup The Devices:

Once the Lightning adapter is connected with both devices, grab the Roku TV Remote and press the Home Button once, and it should take you to the Roku Home Screen. Choose the Correct HDMI port on your TV’s home screen. 

For example, choose the same port you plugged into. That’s all, you’ve successfully mirrored your iPhone to your Roku TV without WiFi.

Attention: Unable to find the right HDMI port on the Home Screen, here are the quick steps to fix this issue.

  1. On the Home screen, you can find Settings, tap on it. 
  2. Go to TV inputs, and choose HDMI input, located under the Inputs Not Used section. 
  3. Choose Set Up Input. And you can notice a new title of HDMI Input has been added to your Roku TV screen. 

How to connect your iPhone to Roku Using Wi-Fi

Here is a quick guide to connecting an iPhone to Roku Via WiFi. 

  1. To begin with, turn on your iPhone, Roku TV, and WiFi.
  2. Click on the Settings button on your iPhone, navigate to the WiFi section, and turn it on. (Ensure it’s connected to the WiFi).
  3. Once the connection gets stable, access the App Store on your iPhone, and on the top right side, you can see a search bar. 
  4. Click on the search bar and type Roku and hit the Search button. 
  5. Once the Roku logo appears on the iPhone screen, tap on the Get next to Roku Channel.
  6. Now choose the Roku Channels Free option, and click on the Install button. 
  7. The downloading and installing time depends on your Internet speed so wait patiently. 
  8. Once the app gets installed on your iPhone, travel to the Main Screen of the App Store again.
  9. Find and click on the Roku icon, and here you go, you can access the Roku Channel from the App Store.
  10. On the next screen, click on the Add Account section, and it’ll ask you to enter your login details.
  11. Enter the login credentials and hit the Sign in button.
  12. That’s it, now you’ve full control of it and you can stream music and videos on Roku effortlessly.

Step-By-Step Guide To Configure AirPlay Settings on Roku

The following steps enable you to change the Settings on Roku, using these steps you can update your Roku settings like Quality, Settings, Sounds, Password Change, and many others. 

  1. First of all, you’ll need to login into your Roku account using the login credentials.
  2. Once you’ve logged in, head to the My Account Section, located in the top right corner.
  3. Choose Settings from the drop-down menu.
  4. Under the settings page, find and click on System, and then choose the AirPlay option.
  5. Here all the settings are saved, simply change them according to your need and preferences.

FAQs Of To Mirror iPhone To Roku TV Without WiFi & With WiFi

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Wrapping Up Of How To Mirror iPhone To Roku Without WiFi

Roku TV is an amazing service that enables you to watch various types of content easily. Using Roku you can stream content like Latest Movies, Shows, Sports, Live Events, News, and many others. However, for streaming on Roku you will need a stable Internet connection. 

The best part about Roku TV is it allows users to mirror streaming apps from various devices. In today’s guide, we learned how to mirror iPhone to Roku TV without WiFi and with WiFi. 

I believe this article was informative and provided you with a complete guide. If you’ve any questions feel free to comment below.

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