How To Play PUBG Like a Pro | PUBG Tricks and Tips 2023

PUBG, or Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds, is a multiplayer battle royale and an action-adventure game. It drops players into competitive survival battles where they must engage in a thrilling fight. Only one player must survive as the last man to win the game. That’s why you must learn to play PUBG like a pro immediately.

There are some tricks and tips you can adopt to achieve that. These tips will enhance your gaming experience and help you improve your gameplay. On the other hand, you can easily visit Battlelog for tools to win all matches and unlock weapons in PUBG.

Meanwhile, find the tips and tricks to play PUBG like a pro below.

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How to Play PUBG Like a Pro: Tips and Tricks

Attack the Target from Cover

Aim at your target from a distance and attack from your cover. It’s not professional to fire or attack an enemy when most parts of your body are visible to others. If you want to take an enemy by surprise and have an excellent opportunity to serve him a clean shot, be a ghost.

You can move from cover to cover and kill as you move. However, you must first master your aiming skills for precise shots. Even if your gunfire attracts the enemy’s team members, they need help spotting you.

Be careful and furious. 

Explore the game and engage in gunfights carefully. If you eventually go head-to-head with an enemy and there’s no escape route, attack furiously. Refrain from doubting your expertise; otherwise, the enemy wins.

Fire rapidly as possible, moving from side to side until the enemy is down. As you move side to side, the enemy will find it difficult to kill you. If you’ve got some smoke grenades, this situation can be the right time to detonate one. It’ll allow you to escape or confuse the enemy.

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Take advantage of the shrinking map.

At the ending phase of the PUBG game, the map begins to shrink, forcing the remaining players into close combat. Any player outside the circles of the map will keep losing health as they struggle. Now is your chance to finish them while looking for enemies in the ring (safe zone).

Also, walking towards the map’s center (safe zone) from the edge of the circles is advisable. You won’t have to worry about enemies attacking from behind because they’ll die quickly. You have to focus on what comes in front of you.

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Think tactically and fast.

One tactical idea you can adopt is the pinching trick. It works well when you’re with a teammate. To pinch an enemy, get your teammate to approach the enemy directly while you flank him. Not only will you take him by surprise, but you will also serve him a fatal death.

You can pinch as many enemies as you and your teammate can before the game ends. However, you must ensure that your target doesn’t have partners hiding nearby. Remember, some can lay out baits to lure other players. So, it would be best to think fast before moving.

Use smoke bombs wisely.

Equip your character with smoke explosives, as you could get into a sticky situation with no way out but your smoke. For instance, if your teammate is down, don’t rush in to revive him because a sniper could also prey and blank you. 

In such a situation, drop the smoke bomb to cover the area. It would allow you to heal your downed mate. On the other hand, you can use your smoke bomb to buy time while healing yourself, reloading, and repositioning for the battle.

Give no breathing space.

It is a two-part trick. First, if you’re taking cover in a hut or building and notice an enemy’s movement, attack them immediately, as they won’t be able to avoid the surprise. Secondly, if you’re outside and approaching a building, cover structure, or hut, use explosives to clear these buildings first. You don’t want a surprise attack from an enemy inside.

Another helpful tip to topple enemies is to attack at their reloading point. If you are fast enough, you can take down many enemies while they are trying to reload their guns. It gives you more kills and wins in gun fights.


PUBG is competitive and heart-racing at the same time. But you can make the most of your gameplay if you know and apply the tricks and tips correctly. Whether you’re playing PUBG mobile, console, or PC version, these tips will give you a pro-like playstyle and experience.

So, always target from cover, be furious and careful. Take advantage of the shrinking circle, and always think fast before you move. Use your smoke bombs wisely and leave no breathing spaces for the enemies.

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