How To Keep Safe Your iPhone or iPad?

The iPhone is known as a mobile device that is more durable against malware and viruses. However, if you always thought your iPhone was invulnerable and secure, think again.

Yes, many people always say that Apple devices are somewhat more protected against viruses and malware, which is logical since they’ve been using their own programmatic system that’s less used by most people. 

The thing is, although these devices are considered safe, there are always some risks lingering on every corner.

And as iPhone users, they have to be always careful.

How To Keep Safe Your iPhone or iPad?

There are few easy steps you can consider to Keep Safe Your iPhone or iPad, Let’s find out below.

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Can iPhone Get Viruses?

According to the data provided by Reader’s Digest, it’s concluded that iPhones and iPad can be infected by viruses and malware, although during specific occasions.

According to security expert Robert Siciliano, the possibility of everyday iPhone users being exposed to viruses is indeed very small. This is because the design of the iPhone operating system does not facilitate viruses like the Windows operating system or the Android operating system.

However, that doesn’t make it perfectly clear that Apple’s system is unbreachable. And note that most of the hacking and virus attacks are coming due to the user’s own behavior. If you tend to download apps from questionable sites, surely the risks will rise.

These suspicious applications are able to inject the malware directly into your device, resulting in personal data stealing that could result in reputation, technical, and financial losts.

Knowing that the risks are still there, it’s definitely recommended that anyone download the apps directly from Apple’s Official Store, there’s no other way around it. If you want to be safer when using the device, make a good habit of avoiding those suspicious websites. Remember to download the apps from the Official Store. You could look for a third party if only the app has been deleted from the list.

The risks are minimized thanks to Apple’s sandbox system, which could enhance device security to a greater level.

Then, if an iPhone that already has all this protection is still vulnerable to viruses? This can still happen if the user jailbreaks their iPhone, they have a much greater risk of getting the iPhone device infected with malware.

This happens because users are using devices that have been jailbroken and are free to download applications from various other application stores, not only from Apple’s official App Store. Apps downloaded from unofficial app stores are not necessarily checked for safety and are often loaded with malware on purpose.

How to Keep Your Devices Secured? 

For most people, the iPhone is considered more secure than the Android because it is immune to hacker cyber threats such as malware and viruses. A survey from Beyond Identity involving 1,003 Americans, shows that more iPhone users feel safe than those who use Android.

In fact, 49% of Android users are considering switching to iPhone “because of the perceived superior security and privacy of Apple’s operating system”.

Even though the level of security possessed by the iPhone is better than Android, users of Apple’s devices must also implement good habits that can keep their iPhone devices safe from hackers.

Furthermore, for you iPhone users, here InfoKomputer will share tips on keeping iPhone data safe from hackers.

1. Remove Unused Applications

Now, it’s time to check the apps on your phone. See whether there are certain apps that you rarely use or do not use at all. If you find one, delete it. Doing so will ensure that your data is not sent to the app developer. This is to avoid unwanted things, such as your data in application developers which may leak at any time.

In addition, deleting unused applications will make storage space on the iPhone more spacious.

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2. Use a VPN to Keep Safe Your iPhone

It’s not a new thing to say that VPN may save you from greater risks of malicious cyberattacks. And it’s pretty clear that even Apple devices should at least have this private connection.

If your phone is connected to the internet, that basically means that it’s also accessible to hackers. So, connecting your phone through a safer, private connection may benefit you from getting tracked by someone you don’t know. So, do not take risks to get your iPhone hacked!

Remember to only pick reputable services that are worth the price and effort.

3. Always update your iPhone

Regular system and security updates offered by Apple ensure iPhone users stay safe from hacking attempts. Always have your devices, whether it’s an iPhone or iPad, stay updated. Also consider checking iPhone age to check how old is your device.

Furthermore, you should also update Safari Browser on iPad or iPhone. The updates usually bring the newer version of security firmware, which is the better version from before. You can occasionally check the update in the Settings menu.

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4. Create a Strong Password

Create Strong Password To Keep Safe Your iPhone or iPad

It’s common that people tend to make a simple password to make everything easier to access. However, these easy passwords may lead to a greater risk of a breached account if your phone gets hacked by somebody. So, start using stronger passwords from now on.

Enter the ‘Settings’ menu, find Touch ID & Passcode, and then set your password with a special combination.

5. Review Your Privacy Settings

The Privacy menu located in the ‘Settings menu allows you to track all applications that have permission to access your data. Check the application list from time to time to ensure that no unwanted application has unattended access to your sensitive information.

Checking this list will also help you remove unused apps from your iPhone device.

Conclusion of How to Keep Safe Your iPhone or iPad?

To keep your iPhone or iPad, it is necessary to take care of it. In this guide of How To Keep Safe Your iPhone or iPad? We have discussed some of the important factors that you must apply to secure your iPhone or iPad device.

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